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While Resisting Heat, Rain, Wind and Even Insects!

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To Homeowners With Outdoor Space:

You probably already know how hard it is to maintain outdoor space - One has to clean up consistently to prevent algae growth, mosquito breeding, bird feces or even damaged furnishings.

When it gets too hot, the sunlight brings heat and humidity into our home, especially in the afternoon.

Even if you have some sorts of blinds, or shades to help mitigate the issues mentioned above, you probably already noticed that it cannot fully prevent the rain as there are gaps at the corner of each blinds.

Not to mention the constant clattering sound of the blinds when it gets windy...

This shouldn’t be the case.

If you’re looking for a high quality outdoor blinds that are build to last, can be fully enclosed into a indoor area for additional spaces while withstanding the weather in Singapore.

ZipScreen outdoor blinds might just check all the boxes you’re looking for.

Introducing ZipScreen - Invented in Australia

Transform Your Outdoor

 Space into Indoor With

 Just a Click

Imagine having the flexibility to transform the balcony into an enclosed area in an instant.

Guests coming over? Want to hang your clothes? Or perhaps you just needed more storage space?

It's possible. This is why ZipScreen's is aesthetically built and designed to look like an enclosed space once it's closed!

Tested and Proven to

Resist Rain, Sunlight and

 Even Insects!

No, you do not have to settle for flimsy or wrinkly blinds with "gaps" that cannot fully prevent rain from coming in.

Our patented z-LOCK™ function ensures that there is no gap between the fabric screen and the side channels, as well as a secure guided movement that will not blow out in the wind.

And yes, they're tested in Australia to withstand aggressive thunderstorm or windy weather.

Now you don't have to clean up consistently or even worry about outdoor furniture being damaged anymore!

No, You Don't Have

To Worry About

Birds Anymore

It's not uncommon for birds or even monkeys (if you're staying in a landed location) to intrude your outdoor space, stealing food, making a mess, or even staining your floor with their feces.

If you've ever had a situation like this in your outdoor area, our fully enclosed ZipScreen outdoor blind might be just what you're looking for.

Don’t take our word for it; see what our customers has to say…

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Here’s why ZipScreen is so Durable and Sleek Looking

Patented z-LOCK Technology

Our fabrics are directly concealed within the channels by the patented z-LOCK technology, providing a strong and wrinkle-free streamline finish.

Furthermore, the integration ensures that there are no gaps within each corner, allowing ZipScreen blinds to protect the entire space from rain, sunlight, and even insects!

High Quality Reducer 

 You may or may not have noticed that your outdoor blind start to get wrinkly after after using it just for a few months or even a year.

This is why all ZipScreen's Blind are not only long lasting, but they also have a reducer to prevent excessive wrinkling for long-term maintenance and to uphold the blinds' aesthetic!

Not to forget.. Our Workmanship Standard

As the sole distributor for ZipScreen, our technicians and installers are specially trained to troubleshoot and install all ZipScreen products.

We've even visited ZipScreen's headquarters in Australia to learn everything we could about the company's patented technology and installation process.

Furthermore, our team has 7 years of installation experience, and we also following our company internal guidelines like: cleaning up after any installation and not leaving items behind.

Our Fuss-Free Process

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Zipscreen Installation

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5 Year Warranty


In fact, we're so confident in ZipScreen's outdoor blinds and their durability - We offer a 5-year warranty after installation. If anything goes wrong with the system or mechanism, simply give us a call and we'll be there to fix it.

No questions asked.

About Us

With over 16 years of experience, VB Blind has been in the windows solution market since 2006. With the increase in demand for high quality outdoor blinds have led us to expand into this market.

Our extensive research led us to ZipScreen, one of the company who religiously focus on product research and development for the past 30 years in order to provide aesthetically pleasing, high-quality outdoor blinds that would last for our customers. We are delighted to be able to represent ZipScreen as an exclusive distributor in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the warranty?

We have a 5-year warranty for all mechanism or system issues.

During the quotation, our ZipScreen expert will also give you recommendation and get all your warranty questions answered in detailed. 

Can’t other blinds sustain from thunderstorm and strong winds?

While other blinds can help to mitigate, perhaps you have experience with the clattering sound from strong winds, or the rain may still find its way onto your balcony due to the gaps between the blinds.

ZipScreen's blind has been tested in Australia due to the harsh weather and has proven to reduce sun, rain, wind and insects significantly. 

But all these are made possible with the combination of high quality material and our patented z-LOCK technology which conceals the small gaps.

But don't take our word for it, get estimated quotation and your questions answered in detailed so that you can be educated before making any decision!

What If I want minimal privacy?

It's possible! Some of our customers prefer to have more transparency on their blinds.

Depending on which you prefer, we have do have different opening factor for you to choose from.

This is why we would strongly encourage you to get an estimated quote from us and all your questions answered before making any purchase decision.

Is ZipScreen easy to maintain?

We recommend regular cleaning (at least every 3 months) to ensure surfaces are free from dirt, dust and grime. Use a soft brush to clean the blind, paying particular attention along the side channels to prevent dust and dirt build.

For the Aluminium parts, it can be cleaned with a soft cloth or mild detergent if needed. There is no need to use any silicone or oil-based spray!

What are the difference mechanical system for Zipscreen?

You can choose between 3 key systems:

  • Crank system
  • Spring boosted system
  • Motorized system (controller)

Can ZipScreen's Blind moderate heat at home?

Yes, It reduces undesired heat and blocks out 99% of UV Rays.

As you can probably see how ZipScreen outdoor blinds can transform and expand your space while protecting you from Singapore’s scorching hot sun, rain and insects.

But it’s understandable that one might still have their doubts and concerns on whether if the ZipScreen's Outdoor Blind might be right for them or their home's design.

This is why we're offering a "free non-obligatory quotation" where you can:  

  • Get an estimated quote based on your outdoor size
  • Understand more about ZipScreen's function and how it can make your life easier
  • Be Entitled to our Free Installation and 5-year warranty
  • Get a free on - site measurement and inspection (optional)


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