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An Outdoor blind that looks Atas, can be converted into an indoor space while resisting heat, rain, wind, and even insects?

If you’ve an outdoor patio, or balcony, you probably already know the vibes it gives you.expand You
But of course, having such area comes with it’s problem as well… problems like

  • UV Light, and overall humidity at home
  • Rain that dirty your floor and
  • Breeding of mosquito, or
  • Damaged furnishes

This shouldn’t be the case.

What if there’s a way that we can have the flexibility of converting outdoor to indoor space, and prevent sunlight, rain and even insects with just a click?

It’s possible… Only this zipscreen – a easy to maintain outdoor blinds which shelters you from occasion while having the flexibility of converting them into outdoor spaces!

Introducing Zipscreen

Transform your outdoor

 space into indoor with just one click

Yep, having a outdoor area or balcony is good. But you know what’s better?

The flexibility to transforming them into indoor spaces an instant… and switching it back to outdoor.

Now, you can be sure to have ample of spaces from your friend visit, without worrying about cleaning up the house or any impression

Do you find yourself experiencing post work issues? Such as rusting,

It’s not uncommon for outdoor blinds to have that rust, considering that

If you’re ever had common outdoor blinds, you’ve probably experience the rust and wrinkle

Safety secure the blinds

 with our smart lock


What happens when you’re outside and it started to rain? Well, we have a censor outdoor, in an event that there’s rain, the zipscreen can automatically close by its own.

Now, you can rest assured that there is almost no rain leakage during the thunderstorm or

Transform your outdoor into indoor with just 1 simple step

Pain x pleasure

No more

damaged furnishing

and mosquito


There are times where the outdoor spaces are not only dirty from the rain, but also from insects and breeding of mosquito.

While superior in protecting from UV light and temperature.

It’s also effective in closing

The combination to rain and scorching hot sun kinda damaged our outdoor furnishing.

Let’s not forget the moisture

See some of our customer’s Before and After

Here’s why Zipscreen is so durable and effective for outdoor blinds

Patented z-LOCK Technology

Sub benefit B

Sub benefit C




Experience Installer and good workmanship

As we’re have an exclusive partnership with Zipscreen Australia, our team of technician go through training directly in the headquarter Australia to learn everything about zipscreen, it’s technology and the right way to install.

All of them have a minimum experience of 7 years in installing zipscreen blinds – what’s worse than letting a high quality product goes to waste because of bad installation?

You can be assured that our team is equipped with the knowledge and know-how of outdoor blinds and installation processes.

Don’t take our word for it; see what our customer has to say…


As an exclusive distributor of Zipscreen in Singapore, all our zipscreen products are backed with 5 years warranty. In an event where there is anything wrong with the system, simply contact us and we’ll be more than willing to help you to fix the issue.
As an exclusive distributor, we’re going to make you this promise – in an event if there’s anything wrong with the system, you’re backed by our 5-year warranty

About Us

VB Blinds is the main distributor of Zipscreen outdoor blinds. With 30 years to intense testing, trial and error, zipscreen has successfully seem itself as the main-player with quality products that can withstand heat, rain and
Going through multiple vigorous testing as Australia’s winds are more intense, common outdoor blinds rusting and damages are a commonplace, and Zipscreen has successfully change the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the warranty?

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Can’t other blinds sustain from thunderstorm and strong winds?

While most other blinds can do so, just take note that they’re not as durable and also might cause leakage of rainwater into the balcony. If you’re looking for a blind that is tested on harsh weather in Australia, and has been proven to resist Sun, rain and

Zipscreen might just be what you’re looking for, but don’t worry though, you can get quotation and get all your questions answered and get an estimated pricing before making any decision.

What I want minimal privacy?

There are instance that our customer prefer to have a thinner fabric to allow some light to. Yes, we have different opening factor (5% ) that can be adjusted accordingly based on your preference, but of course. We would strongly encouraged you to sign up for the quotation and get all your questions answered before making any decision.

What are the colour choices?

While we have multiple colour choices, just take note that we need to meet the requirements of some area. Example: Certain condos can only use white colour blinds, while for some, they want it grey or black.

Is Zipscreen easy to maintain?

Yes! You do not need oil or lubricant. Instead, you can clean the blinds using vacuum or towel.

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– Ice Cube

As you can probably see how Zipscreen outdoor blinds can transform and expand your space, protect you from Singapore’s scorching hot sun and even rain.

But after all, these are decision that still need time to decide yet. So we’re offering a free quotation where you can sign up and

Get the latest promotion available on our zipscreen blinds

Understand more about the function and how it can make your life easier

Get rough estimate on the quotation based on your balcony sizes

Find out why is the zipscreen more durable and superior compared to most outdoor blinds in the market


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