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Discover how you can purify your scalp and walk out with luscious hair confidently with our Scalp Detoxification Treatment for only $128 (U.P. $270)

  • Pre-Scalp Consultation 
  • Scalp Detoxification
  • FREE Hair Styling
  • Post-Scalp Analysis

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With our medical expertise & luxurious ambience, you'll get the results AND a rejuvenating, indulgent experience.

Wellkin Hair & Scalp Clinique offers customised treatment programmes for those with dandruff, itchy, troubled, dry and sensitive scalps to deeply cleanse, hydrate, soothe, nourish the scalp and ultimately achieve luscious & healthy hair.


Wellkin’s Scalp Detoxification Treatment

The Scalp Detoxification Treatment is the base treatment before we prescribe any Hair Care or Scalp Care Program to our customers - based on their needs and concerns.

Our therapists will detoxify the scalp and hair follicles, using our medical-grade equipment and ingredients to draw out clogged buildups and also nourish the scalp.

Even better? Enjoy our rejuvenating massages in our super relaxing and luxurious ambience.


internal causes

- Relieve stress

- Massage to relieve tight muscles (Support the muscles need for oxygen and nutrients)


external causes

- Draw impurities clogging hair follicles

- Provide nutrition deep down to papilia

In our Scalp Detoxification Treatment Trial, this is what you’ll experience:


Our therapists will take you through and examine the health of your scalp. They will analyse the condition of your scalp and recommend to you the treatments and hair care products which are suitable to you.

Scalp Detoxification Treatment

Energy Point


Our therapists will start the session with a 5-minute massage to relax your scalp.

Secret Clear


Our Secret Clear Oil helps to effectively dissolve build-up of impurities clogging the hair follicles.



A heating still is used to massage your neck - to help with your blood circulation and detoxify your lymphatic system.


Then, our therapists will steam your scalp - to loosen the dead skin on your scalp.

Stick Scaling

Our therapists will exfoliate the dead skin impurities one the surface of the scalp. This also helps to reduce the scalp’s oiliness.

Jade Meridian

Scraping Therapy

This technique helps to gently stimulate circulation to promote new hair growth. It massages the scalp - so beneficial hair ingredients can be absorbed better.


Using our effective in-house hair products, our therapist will deeply cleanse the impurities on the scalp and moisturise your scalp at the same time - with no irritation.

LPP + Rinse


Treatment helps to condition and nourish the hair - by supplying moisture and nutrients to dry and weak hair.
Once rinsed, your hair will feel silky smooth and soft to the touch.

Booster + O2

Oxygen is supplied to the scalp, ensuring sufficient moisture and nutrients so that hair cells can generate in their optimal condition.


Massage Therapy

What better way to conclude the treatment with our Signature Massage Therapy. Our therapists will help you.

Styling (Bonus)

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We’ll throw in a FREE hairstyling - so you can exude confidence in your new do to go anywhere you want!

Post Analysis

Discover the results of the treatment. Should you require advanced treatments for your hair and scalp, we will recommend to you accordingly. Be rest assured that there will be no hard-selling.

Before & After Treatment

Read what our satisfied customers have to say!

Lee Wei Song - customer

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Lee Si Song - Customer

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Why You Should Choose Us

Trained & Certified


Our therapists have gone through 4 months of intense training by our parent company from Korea. Not only are they certified, our therapists need to have at least five years of experience in this beauty industry - so that you’re in great, professional hands.

Luxurious & Exclusive


Our classy and luxurious hotel-like space will leave you feeling pampered and exclusive - like a superstar.

Here, you can wind down and relax completely while you get your scalp and hair treated professionally.

Highly Active &

 Effective Ingredients

Our products were developed with over 20 years of research for scalp cosmetics under our parent company.

We use highly-active, all-natural ingredients, with no harsh chemicals - tacking scalp & hair problems effectively.

Advanced Medical-

Grade Equipments

We use smart digital systems, equipments & tools, which are exclusively developed and made in Korea for Wellkin Clinique scalp treatments. Using Korea’s advanced technology contributes to our customers’ visible results.

Discover More From Our Customers’ Experience

Laura - customer

“I've had really flaky scalp and problems with dandruff for the longest time. My hair was dull and lifeless due to the excessive amounts of oil generated at the roots after using poor quality shampoo. My friend recommended me to Wellkin and now I’m seeing visible results in just a few sessions. My typical asian oily hair really responded well to their products and treatments. Especially enjoyed their deep cleanse detox treatments that made sure impurities were washed away before supplements were applied to my head to improve hair growth. The oil and dirt clogging up my hair follicles were removed. My scalp stopped flaking after several treatments. The products and treatment really work!!”

Daniel - Customer

“Experienced, friendly and non-judgemental staff. Therapists were patient, and accurate in their diagnosis.”

Michelle - Customer

“I love both the in-house and take-home products that were gentle on the scalp. It was really light, comfortable and the massages were absolutely therapeutic!”

More Satisfied Customers

Steffi - customer

I loved the treatment at Wellkin! Felt like a really good cleanse. Very thorough. I chose the oxygen punch treatment. He started with a massage then applied a formula that turned to bubble on my scalp. A little heating later, he used a cooling spray jet to my scalp. Interestingly the tools he used were very small but it felt like he was tackling every inch of my head; very detailed and intricate. I felt like my head was getting fertilised and on the verge of blooming with flowers again! Haha best of all, the cooling sensation literally lifted my head from all that oily, grimy feel. The consultant gave a very accurate diagnosis of my condition through it all picking out lifestyle habits like my lack of drinking water and sleep just by interacting with my scalp. Especially enjoyed the massage that successfully removed the strain in my neck. Haven't felt this sense of relief in a long time.

Celina - Customer

“Awesome ambience within the space. Felt like I was ushered into my own space when I sat in my seat as the curtains “separated” me from the rest of the salon. Comfortable vibes overall; the salon is situated within a garden which was perfect for a relaxed day out for some self-care. My therapists were excellent with their services, approachable and professional. I felt right at home!”

About Wellkin

Wellkin’s first outlet was opened in Korea in 2007, aimed to provide effective scalp and hair care treatments to customers in Korea and later worldwide. By 2019, Wellkin has 51 outlets in Korea and has branched to Japan, China and Singapore through its master franchise program.

Wellkin Hair & Scalp Clinique was then established in Singapore in 2019 by Frances Wellness Company, which houses other professional beauty, wellness and healthcare services like Frances Beauty Clinic, Frances Medical & Aesthetic Clinic and Skin Health Centre - with over 40 years of professional experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any up-selling?

Our consultants will recommend further treatments, if your scalp/hair conditions require them. There will absolutely be no hard-selling so you can feel at peace. Our customers’ comfort and well-being is our utmost priority.

How long will the session be?

This whole trial treatment will last for at least 120 minutes. It is a thorough consultation & treatment, so you can get the most value for the price that you pay.

Is it true that I can see results in just one treatment?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend to our customers to go through our Scalp Care Programme for optimal results. This depends on your scalp & hair conditions which our consultants will analyse during the session.

Why do I need to get detoxification treatment for my scalp when I can just purchase your hair care products?

Using hair care products alone is not sufficient to see effective results on your scalp. The detoxification treatment is 5x as effective than using hair care products alone. Our professional therapists are also here to provide you with the best experience that can’t be attained at home.

I have a balding head. Can you recommend a treatment suited for me?

Treating the scalp is the basis of all other hair treatments. Besides the Scalp Care Programme, we also provide a Hair Loss Program for individuals who are experiencing hair thinning & hair loss. Talk to our consultant and we will assess your situation accordingly.

My scalp is scaly and sometimes wounded. Why should I seek Welkin's care when I should go seek medical help?

Good news for you! We are experienced in treating a variety of scalp conditions. We also have in-house doctors who are able to provide their medical expertise for more severe cases. Wellkin provides a holistic range of scalp care services - so you can get the medical help that you need AND enjoy a relaxing, luxurious care at the same time.

What else can I expect beyond this trial scalp treatment?

Our Scalp Detoxification Trial Treatment is a portion of what you can expect for our Wellkin’s Scalp Care Programme. For best results, we recommend for our customers to go through the whole programme. Talk to us to learn more!