Don't Risk Getting Skin Tears & Ingrown Hairs During Your Brazilian Wax

Our luxurious skincare waxes from Europe protects your skin while removing every strand of hair

Limited offer only – Enjoy one session of our Almost Painless Brazilian Wax at just $49.90 (U.P. $68)!

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(We have 15 waxing salons islandwide!)

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*Valid for Singaporeans/PRs, aged 21yrs and above. If you’re below 21, a parent/guardian has to accompany you during the appointment.
*Prior booking is required.
*T&Cs apply

Singapore – Korea – Japan – United Kingdom – Philippines - Malaysia – India – China – Taiwan – Thailand – Denmark – Norway

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The cleanest Brazilian wax you'll experience

When it comes to Brazilian waxing, the quality of the waxes used is one of the biggest factor in how smoothly the session goes.

At WaxXXX, we believe there's no point in removing our hairs, only to leave behind ingrown hairs or worse, skin tears.

Our luxurious skincare waxes are made with only the finest grades of Rosin available - thanks to a long-standing agreement we have with our farmers based in Europe.

This gives our skincare wax the perfect blend of stickiness and smoothness, allowing it to glide easily onto your skin and grip firmly on only your hairs.

The result is a quick, almost painless Brazilian wax experience  that’ll leave you with baby smooth skin for up to 6 weeks - with no ingrown hairs, redness, stubbles and minimal irritation!

Four different types of waxes for all hairs

A one-size-fits-all hair removal wax is a recipe for trauma-inducing pain, hair breakage and ingrown hairs.

At WaxXXX, we have carefully formulated four different types of waxes for all different types of hairs. Only after our therapists assess your skin and hair type will they select a wax (or two and even three!) that is most suitable for you.

This way you can rest assured, knowing you won't leave our salons with a Brazilian wax horror story to tell.

Perfect Blue

for the ones with longer, coarse hair

Rose Perfect Pink

for the ones with short, coarse hair

Perfect Scent

for the ones who’ve been waxing regularly

Rice Wax

for the ones with sensitive skin with fine, long hair

Our promise to you

Clean and silky smooth skin for up to 6 weeks

By lifting your hairs by their roots, it resets your hair growth cycle. The result is silky smooth skin for up to 6 weeks – without having to shave at all. 

No ingrown hairs, bumps, stubbles & redness

Infused with a generous dose of Lanolin, a special ingredient that serves to protect your skin, you can expect to enjoy supple, smooth skin that feels simply fabulous.

Never go “Ouch,  bloody hot!” ever again

Our wax melts at just 38°C – almost the same temperature as your body. No longer do you have to bear with the trauma of having hot molten lava wax being poured onto your precious parts!

How we ensure you achieve clean, silky smooth skin

Skin analysis

Our therapists will take a careful look at your skin, understanding the nature of the hair present – long, short, coarse, fine. She or he will then select one of the four waxes accordingly.


A layer of Jasmine Oil and Lavender lotion will be applied. The former forms a protective barrier on your skin, while the latter clears all bacteria, oils, and residue, ensuring a clean and fresh surface, minimising waxing trauma or shock to your skin.

It's Brazilian time!

Depending on your hair type, our therapists will then carefully apply the wax and lift it off with the techniques that will result in least pain.

Post-wax care

A soothing gel and a moisturising lotion made of natural ingredients and plant-based extracts will then be applied to keep your skin hydrated, soothe your skin's redness and minimises ingrown hairs and irritations.

No double-dipping

Our partnering salons strictly adhere to a no double-dipping policy to ensure utmost hygiene standards.

What past customers say about us

For a first timer like me, I was scared of the pain. I thought I will be hearing
myself screaming inside the salon. But unexpectedly, it was not as pain as I thought it would be. 

Now, I’m back for the 3rd time. I will come back here again and again.”

Sally Y.


“This divine wax removes easily without any sticky residue and minimizes hair breakage as it provides a very strong hold on hair.

Before being introduced to WaxXXX, we were looking for a premium wax that specially caters to clients who do regular waxing and WaxXXX certainly enabled us to provide a higher standard of service – in terms of comfort and quality."

Grace Tay

Skin Boutique owner

“I’ve never expected myself to finish a full Brazilian waxing much less making my next appointment before leaving!

With WaxXXX, it was not as painful as I thought it would be.”



All the styles you fancy

Everything goes in the full Brazilian -  you’ll find yourself bare and silky smooth from the top, sides and front of your bikini area to your labia and butt crack.

Fancy something special? Simply share it with our therapists and they'll get it done according to your wishes.

Certified therapists only

Before our therapists are allowed to attend to you, they have to undergo a rigorous waxing course in our WaxXXX academy.

There, they have learnt various techniques which they'll employ depending on your hair type, length as well as area of skin concerned.

With this bespoke approach, you can be sure you will be able to achieve flawless, smooth skin - with minimal pain and hair breakage.

The WaxXXX’s 100% Money-Back Happiness Guarantee

We’ve made some bold promises to you and we’ve no plans on breaking them.

In the rare event where you find your waxing experience unsatisfactory – be it in terms of unbearable pain, poor customer service, burnt skin or skin tear caused by waxing, we’ll waive the cost of the entire treatment for you – no questions asked.

(We’d appreciate if you could let us know how we can improve though!)

Try one session of our Brazilian skincare wax today

Visit a salon that treats you right.

If you'd like to achieve clean, hair-free skin while not having to spend 30 minutes feeling as if your labia is about to be ripped out, we'd like to invite you to try one session of our Brazilian wax.

With us, we promise that you'll experience minimal pain, and none of them ingrown hairs, skin tears or bumps. 

So, what do you say? Shall we achieve clean, silky smooth hair that feels simply fabulous today?

Limited offer only – Enjoy one session of our Almost Painless Brazilian Wax at just $49.90 (U.P. $68)!

Find a salon near you that uses our specially formulated waxes now:
(We have 15 waxing salons islandwide!)

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*Valid for Singaporeans/PRs, aged 21yrs and above. If you’re below 21, a parent/guardian has to accompany you during the appointment.
*Prior booking is required.
*T&Cs apply

Who we are

Since 2006, WaxXXX has been taking waxing very seriously.

In fact, we have our own lab in Europe where we spend countless hours developing highest grade waxes as well as have an academy dedicated to training therapists on the best waxing practices.

Our goal is simple – to allow as many clients to achieve silky smooth, hair-free skin without the trauma commonly associated with waxing.



Frequently Asked Questions

It’s my first time - what do I need to prepare in advance?

A: While it’s recommended to grow out your hair for at least 2 weeks before your session, our extra sticky and smooth waxes are able to lift off even the shortest of hairs.

Concerned that your hair might be too long? Worry not as our therapists are able to trim it for you at no extra cost.


What’s the difference between waxing and shaving?

A: A Boyzilian removes your hair by its roots so it takes up to 6 weeks for the hairs to regrow. Shaving only crops off hair on the skin’s surface, so your hair will grow out in just 12 hours. Not to mention it’ll be stubbier as well as might result in discoloration of the skin – it simply isn’t worth it!

How long is one session?

On average, the entire process takes a quick 30 to 45 minutes depending on the amount of hair you have - saving you many hours if you were to spend shaving instead!


How long will I stay hair-free?

A: It depends on your hair regrowth rate, really. But based on our experiences, we find that most clients experience up to 6 weeks of clean, silky smooth skin that feels simply fabulous.


Will there be any hard selling?

A: Absolutely not. At WaxXXX, our focus is on having you experience the most comfortable Brazilian in your life. This way, you’d naturally return to our salons – unless you’re the rare one who enjoys pain…

Will I feel uncomfortable after the wax?

A: First-timers will probably will feel a little sensitive after their session. But with our natural and plant-based lotions and soothing gels, combined with the careful techniques of our therapists, we make sure the discomfort is minimal.

Will it be an awkward experience…?

A: Shy not! Our therapists have done many Brazilians and have seen it all. Their job is to make you look and feel better, not to judge you!


Find us

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