Think and Behave Like a Data Scientist in 4 - 6 Weeks Through Up Level's Project-Based Learning Course

Work with real data sets. Provide actionable insights. Solve real world problems. These’ll certainly fit well in your data science portfolio.

For the ones who’ve been thinking about embarking on your data science quest either to develop your data senses or spruce up your portfolio, there really hasn’t been a better time than now, in the middle of this Covid-19 crisis, to begin.

Times like this are when the exemplary set themselves apart from the typical, especially when it comes to our fast-paced field, where keeping one’s skills relevant and updated is a must.

And when it comes to data science, we at UpLevel believe that there’s no more efficient way to go about it than by working on an actual project.

Only by dealing with real-life data sets (not those squeaky clean ones!), deriving actionable insights from them and communicating them to your team members will you develop the skills important in the workforce and ultimately be chiseled into a gem that companies highly seek after.

*Courses are running as usual - our Project-Based Learning Course is conducted entirely online so you'll still be able to participle in light of the current crisis.

Level Up These Essential Hard and Soft Skills That

Are a Must for Data Scientists

Pick up these five highly underrated and often inadequately covered hard skills:
  • Calling APIs to get data
  • Web scraping to collect data which you seek to analyse
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data cleaning
  • Machine learning modelling and model assessment
Gain these highly valued soft skills that schools aren't teaching:
  • Learn to think about business problems and solve them using data science techniques.
  • Learn to carry out industry research and derive meaningful insights.
  • Learn to be able to intuitively come up with hypotheses independently and test them.

A Neat Addition to Your CV

Actions speak louder than words. And projects are a series of actions intertwined together.

Others will only be able to verbalise that they know this and that.

With a completed project in your hands, you’ll be able to show hiring managers your ability to execute a project from start to finish, be it in collecting data, to coming up with actionable insights, to data modelling and visualisation.

This course is especially for

students in university or coders currently in the workforce who are already fairly proficient in Python but are looking to go take their data science skills to a next level with a real-life data science project.


  • Want to improve your coding skills so you can keep up to date in this fast-moving field
  • Understand the importance companies place on having portfolio pieces and are looking to spruce up your CV but aren’t really sure where to begin
  • Have grasped the theory side of things and now seek to put them to test in real-world projects so you may learn the necessary skills that’ll help you excel in your career. 

We’re Official Partners of

Past Project Our Datanauts Have Completed

Project Yishun

You've seen the memes—Yishun is the...

You've seen the memes—Yishun is the Florida of Singapore, where the wildest crimes occur. But does Yishun really deserve her reputation of being a hotbed for crime?

In this project, our datanaut, Alex Ang, used Python and data analytics to block out the sensationalist news articles, relying instead on solid crime statistics data.

It turned out that the myth of Yishun was untrue but in disproving so, it brought forth another area into the spotlight...

Predicting Property Prices

A perfect example of using data science for...

A perfect example of using data science for real-world business problems and turning data insights into profits.

In this project, UpLevel datanauts Deborah and Josiah trained several machine learning models such as DecisionTree, RandomForest, GradientMachineBoost and XGBoost and tapped on the data from HDB data as well as URA to predict the resale prices of private property and HDB apartments.

Analysing 500+ Data Scientists and Analysts Linkedin Profiles in Singapore

What better way to prepare for his future job search by...

What better way to prepare for his future job search by using data analytics techniques to derive insights from the data science job market itself was what must've gone through UpLevel datanaut Bryan Tan’s mind.

Tapping on data from Linkedin, he managed to discover the overlapping traits of Singapore’s data science job holders. For example, he learnt about their main overall stack, the different skill sets of data analysts and scientists as well as which online course he should sign up for next (Neural Networks and Deep Learning by coursera!).

More Why’s About Our Project-Based Learning Course

  • It'll keep you stoked – when it comes to acquiring new skills, motivation is often the biggest obstacle. With that project idea you’re so passionate about or that particular data set that piques your curiosity, you'll have no trouble keeping it going.
  • We'll ensure you pick up good programming habits – our pairs of keen eyes will constantly be on the look-out to correct any bad programming habits you exhibit, ensuring your code is clean and that you learn only the best practices.
  • We'll be a text away – be it in the form of constructive critique that’ll help you gain awareness of your shortcomings or praise and evaluation that serves as a positive feedback loop, our instructors will be there throughout to guide you from start to finish.

Meet Your Trainer

Jackie Tan

“In our UpLevel projects, we encourage our learners to think through their projects like a data scientist, and we foster a strong sense of independence and confidence in turning data into insights.

I’m very much into project-based learning as I believe it gives my students practical experience. It’s like learning a new (spoken) language. The theory learnt in classroom-based lessons will only bring one so far. Project-based learning is akin to having a language exchange buddy, who will actually practice conversing with you.”

  • Ex-Chief Academic Officer of UpCode Academy
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia
  • Designed a P2P algorithm for the unbanked population in SEA
  • Has taught over 300 students in Python and Data Science as an instructor
  • Co-founded deep learning Insurtech start up fundMyLife
  • Written articles for platforms such as e27 and Tech in Asia

Tired of Hearing Us Toot Our Own Horns?

Bryan Tan

Telematics Major

Project Linkedin Analysis

“I had a great experience doing this project! I understand data science a little more now and picked up some new tricks and tools such as Matplotlib and scikit-learn, along the way. Even though I’m doing deep-learning for my internship now, I’ve not actually touched either one of those libraries. So now I know how to visualise data and do some basic statistics-based machine learning (SVM).

Jackie was very helpful and always ready to answer my questions. In fact, I’ve been so inspired and motivated by this project that I’ve started my own analysis on Singapore transportation!

My greatest takeaway from this project, however, is actually how to think like a data analyst. I realised it’s so much easier to generate insights by first thinking about the kinds of questions you want to answer.”

Eddie Choo

Research Associate

Project G20 Journalism

“The aim of the project was to pick up skills related to working with APIs, data cleaning, data visualisation and data analysis through sentiment analysis. The project focused on working with Python 3, Pandas and the Natural Language Toolkit.

Alton and I split up the work and learnt from each other, picking up good programming habits and the importance of documenting code. Jackie was extremely helpful in providing us with tips and pointing us towards resources.

Although there is undoubtedly much more to learn, Jackie’s assistance was catalytic in helping us move forward with the project throughout the different stages, pointing out our coding errors and encouraging us on. Thanks Jackie!”

Lee Joon Jie

Project Reddit vs. EDMW

“Working on the forum project with Jackie was a worthwhile and gratifying experience. I learnt how to code with Python at [a coding school] but did not really know what to do with that knowledge.

This was my first real project using the coding skills I had learnt previously. I think it is a great way to bridge the gap between knowing how to code and actually doing something with it, because there is a scope given to us to guide us. I now have a clearer idea of how real data analysis projects might be in the workplace.

Jackie was also a great mentor. He was very knowledgeable, guiding us along the way and providing assistance whenever we reached a roadblock.”

Course Outline

  • Students will take part in fully-scoped projects in groups of 2 – 3s (we'll assign you to other participants who we think best match you) over the course of 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Classes will be conducted exclusively online through Telegram and Google Colab.
  • Each week, we’ll hold a discussion with soft project milestones and deadlines for different tasks to help you stay on track.
  • Currently, we’re running a $25 discount in light of the current crisis, bringing our course’s cost to an affordable $275.

Be A Part of Our UpLevel Community

When the current Covid-19 crisis comes to an end, will you be the same coder you were before or will you be part of the enterprising group of people who’ll have seized this opportunity to upgrade themselves?

Take action today. Talk to us and find out more about how our Data Science Project-Based Learning can help you reach your goal of being a Proficient Data Scientist.

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Is this course still available in light of the covid-19 crisis?

Yup it is. This course will take place entirely through Telegram & Google Colab. 

I’m a complete beginner. Can I sign up for this?

Kudos to you for wanting to embark on your data science journey. Sadly, we only work with coders who already are proficient in Python with the goal of transforming them from good to great.

What preparations should I make for this course?

While it’s a fully-scoped project (we’ll be handling most of the planning, saving you prep time and allowing you to focus on what matters - the execution), ensure you free up your schedule in the next 4 - 6 weeks so you can productively work on the project.