For Parents With Kids Aged 6 – 12:

Why Can’t My Child Focus And Complete The Task On Time, Just Like The Other Kids?

Discover How You Can Increase Your Child’s Attention Span, With Clinical Director & Psychotherapist, Winston Tay.

Hi parents,

Have the teacher ever given feedback that your child cannot sit still, and lacks focus?

Or perhaps you notice that your child likes to daydream, and cannot complete the task?

A lack of attention span can be worrying, as this may affect the child’s future development and studies.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

In this upcoming workshop, you can now take action to improve your child’s attention span,

And better prepare him or her for the life ahead.


‘Improving Your Child’s Focus’ 90 Minutes Workshop

Highlights From This Workshop

Cutting Down Distractions

According to The Straits Times, NUH was receiving more referrals for problems such as short attention span during the pandemic in 2021, as a result of excessive screen time.

In this workshop, we will be sharing with you on what you can do to reduce your child’s screen time.

Boosting Concentration

Harvard University revealed that heavy media multitaskers are more likely to have increased attention lapses and, consequently, poorer memory.

We will be sharing on how you can keep your child focused on the present task.

Meet The Expert

Not sure why your child’s attention span isn’t improving, even though you’ve tried everything? Well, you don’t have to assume anymore.

We have invited renowned psychotherapist, Winston Tay, to share with you exclusive insights AND proven methods for greater attention span.

Hear From Clinical Director & Psychotherapist,
Winston Tay


I'm  Winston Tay

  • >15 years of providing counselling and psychotherapy
  • Clinical Director
  • Consultant
  • Psychotherapist & Bowen Therapy Practitioner
  • Member of Singapore Association for Counselling
  • Member of American Counselling Association
  • Mental Health Consultant at United Nations (UNFPA Bangladesh)
  • Approved Mental Health consultant & Trainer with HPB & MOE
  • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist (USA)

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More Benefits From This Exciting Workshop

Receive proven tips and tricks from an expert, you can use immediately with your child

Identify signs of low attention span or ADHD in your child

Understand which parts of your child’s brain are responsible for attention span

Revealing myths and misconceptions that reduce your child’s focus

Uncover healthy practices you can use to combat distractions at home

Try out exciting technologies proven to boost children’s attention span at our partner’s show booth

1-For-1 Special
(Worth $500 $10)

You may bring along another parent with you, to the workshop (refreshments provided).

Upcoming Date: 15th October 2022, Saturday, 10 am (morning session) / 1 pm (afternoon session)

Upcoming Date: 15th October 2022, Saturday, 10 am (morning session) / 1 pm (afternoon session)

Venue: 37 Jalan Pemimpin, MAPEX, #04-01, 577177 (2 Minute Walk From Marymount MRT)

Venue: 37 Jalan Pemimpin, MAPEX, #04-01, 577177 (2 Minute Walk From Marymount MRT)

Welcome Gift:

Each pair of parents will receive 1 Welcome Gift (worth $8), which includes 1 box of MyLO Mosquito Patch (10s) and 2 packets of RICO Signature Wet Wipes (5s)!

Who Should Attend?

Parent with K1 – K2 kids

Parent with P1 – P6 kids

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the ticket to the workshop?

The ticket to the workshop currently costs $10 (worth $500). Since we are having a 1-for-1, you may also bring along another parent.

How long is the workshop?

The duration is 90 minutes.

Can you help to diagnose my child for ADHD or lack of focus?

A medical diagnosis can only be made according to strict medical guidelines and protocols in Singapore. You may consult Clinical Director, Winston Tay for external arrangements.

Can I bring my child to the workshop?

While we understand parents’ need to look after their children, we do not encourage parents to bring their children, so that the parents can be fully present during the workshop.

You No Longer Have To Leave Your Child’s Development To Chance

Simply fill in the form below and learn how you can improve your child’s attention span.

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