How can I own a 3-bedroom condo, get married with two kids by 35, and be financially independent by 55?

You've probably heard this quote a million times "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Most of us know this to be good advice (especially when it's our livelihood we’re talking about), but it can be a challenging task.

What if you had a time machine? It allows you to go back in time and change your plans in the past. What would you do?

Maybe you'd tell yourself to buy some Google stock the day they went public? Perhaps you'd tell yourself to travel more and see the world before you step into adulthood? Or be an "influencer" before the word even came about.

No matter the case, there's probably a world of things you'd want to tell yourself—and in doing so, you could impact your current life in a million positive ways.

Too bad time machines don't exist...UNTIL NOW.

That's right. We've been hard at work constructing an advanced system, which allows you to know exactly what you can do to realise your future goals.

How We Help?

Create Additional Income

You probably already know that, when it comes to private banking and investment advisory, most financial institutions cater to the ultra high net-worth individuals. In Unicorn, we cater to your commitment to your own financial success. We help you to strategise for your wealth accumulation based on your unique financial situation.

Our investing approach follows the value investing principle – developed by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet’s mentor. Backed by a team of experienced and seasoned researchers, our Investing Committee currently advises assets of nearly $300 million.  

Emotion-proof Investments

As guardian and shepherd of your finances, we create a system or portfolio that helps you overcome your emotions regardless of the market situation. This allows you to benefit from market fluctuation and profit from folly, rather than participate in it. On top of that, we continue to research diligently into various investment opportunities, asset classes and strategies to minimise the exposure to risks.

These moments do not come easily though, as our investing commitee fiercely debates each and every one of their recommendations before setting them out for you. We do so because these investments will be the exact ones that we ourselves use in our own portfolios.

Stop Paying More Than You Should

Are you overpaying for your insurance? Many clients come to us to check if their insurance coverage is sufficient, overlapping or still valid. We help to review their insurance portfolio to make sure it is efficient and properly serving their wealth protection needs.

With access to more than 100 insurance products (across different companies and areas), our insurance selection committee extensively studies and researches each one, so that we can help to choose the plan that best suits you.

Over 7,000 People Have Benefited


My Unicorn Advisor is knowledgeable, passionate and professional. He is a good listener and takes genuine interest in understanding my financial needs. My Unicorn Advisor takes pride in his work and gives carefully thought out advice. He takes pains to explain any product he recommends and patiently answers any questions I may have from time to time. As someone with a busy lifestyle, I have always needed a financial advisor I can trust and depend on. I am usually wary of placing my trust in financial agents, but I can only say I am grateful that I found a trustworthy advisor in Unicorn.

Cheow Jing Xuan Legal Counsel


My Unicorn Advisor has been with us for more than 6 years. My wife was first introduced to her by one of our good friends. She shows her sincerity when communicating with us that we decided to let her manage our financial portfolio.

Since then, we set our goals together and she helped us to plan for our wedding as well as getting our own flat. We managed our wedding banquet and new house without much burden because of the financial education she provides all this while. She is now not just our financial advisor but our good friend that we meet regularly to enjoy food together. She always reminds us to stay humble and pursue only what we need. I am sure she will be able to help us live our life well and achieve our dreams.

I joined a few Unicorn activities and I like their culture a lot. All the financial planners are friendly and helpful. We strongly recommend Unicorn as we believe Unicorn can help all of us to achieve our financial goals. Thank you Unicorn! 

Kong Hui Chong - Sales Application Manager
Phua Cheng Li -
Finance Analyst


“The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.” - Epitectus, Greek philosopher

My Unicorn Advisor has been with me for many years and if there is one word that I can use to describe his service, that is “uplifting”, that is you will be a better person after meeting him. He has helped me in managing my financial assets, ensuring that my hard-earned money works harder than myself and is not squandered away as I often do. Now, he is also managing my family assets, ensuring that we are well protected and prepared for financial independence.

Having been in the financial industry myself, I am well aware of the perception out there that bankers/agents are only interested in churning as much money as possible from your assets and some of them actually do. However, I can say with confidence that My Unicorn Advisor is part of a unique breed of financial planner that truly cares for you in the long term and the results in my financial account speaks for itself.

There is a saying the truly rich people are not those with a lot of money but are those with time to do what they really want in life.

My Unicorn Advisor certainly plays a part in making me richer, not just in terms of finance but also in personal growth and appreciation of what truly matters.  Thank you My Unicorn Advisor for your uplifting service!

Andy Nugroho Soetikno Assistant Vice President (Banking and Finance)

Who Are We?

Unicorn Financial Solutions was established in 2011 with the clear purpose to provide clients with authentic, personalized, holistic financial plans. This team continues to steer the company today with exactly the same clear purpose that each one of our clients requires dedicated, unique and individual care, because each and every one of them is a treasured member of the Unicorn family.

"Financial Planning is not about long term planning. It is about understanding the future consequences of today's decision."
- Unicorn Financial Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for the first consultation?

No, we want to make sure the plan (crafted together with you) adds value to you first. If you find it unsatisfactory, there is no need to commit to it. Not only do you risk nothing, but also you go home with a better understanding of your finances.

What is the first consultation about? Will there be any hard-selling?

It is a non-obligatory session for us to understand your needs and subsequently develop strategies to achieve your financial goals. Please be rest assured that there will be no hard-selling involved. We will not show you any product brochures or information, nor will we advise you to take any action before the fact-finding process is complete. We will not reveal your private information without your consent and will not contact you if you do not wish to engage our services.

I'm looking for short term investment opportunities with very high returns, is this for me?

Our priority is to help clients achieve their long term financial independence and we strongly believe that it could be realised by intelligent investing that is integral to authentic financial planning.

In order to have the freedom for you to pursue your dreams and live your live with financial independence, we seek to generate investment returns in excess of inflation through capital appreciation and dividends.

What are the investment services you provide?

The Unicorn investing practice covers unit trusts and other managed funds, direct investments in various different types of securities, including ETFs, shares and bonds.

In keeping with our commitment to provide unique solutions for each unique client, Unicorn offers different types of investing opportunities to different clients.

Do I have to cancel all my existing insurance policies to engage your services?

No, we will not advise you to take any action before an analysis of your finances is completed. We will not encourage you to change your insurance policies or agent when it is not necessary or when you are not willing to do so.

Are you an insurance agent of any particular insurance company?

No, we are an independently owned financial solutions provider and are not tied to any particular insurance company. We work with you to craft out a financial plan to reach your goals. Part of that plan includes insurance products to make sure you are fully covered. With over 100 insurance products from AIA, Aviva, AXA, Manulife, NTUC Income etc, we are able to help you make comparisons and provide an objective view on the ones that suit you best. 

Hear More From Those We Have Helped


I would like to give a great shoutout to My Unicorn Advisor. He has provided me with a comprehensive breakdown of my financial planning and goals to achieve what I want at the end. The breakdown consist of analytical breakdown and explanation to help understand the approach to this solution that he has come up with. I would like to recommend him to anyone who wishes to grow and manage their financial portfolio.

Tan Chien Yeow Undergraduate of Local University


I have known My Unicorn Advisor for years and she is a very trustworthy, caring professional who truly listens to her client's needs. She is a very reliable friend who listens to my situation patiently and offers solutions for me. She helps me to see a clearer financial goal and shows me how to achieve it. I trust her for her passion to provide her client professional wealth management service. I would highly recommend her to a friend who needs financial advice.

Pei Ying Mother of 2, Business Owner

Are You.....

A fresh graduate who just started working? Thinking about how to have a systematic savings and investment strategy to grow your wealth instead of just putting it in the bank?

A newly engaged couple with plans to buy your dream home and start a family? Perhaps you'd like a clear picture of your financial future and what you can do now to avoid any financial shocks in the long term.

A senior who is nearing your retirement and wanting to enjoy your desired lifestyle without worrying about your finances?

A beginner in financial planning? Interested to start your investment but struggling to find time to study investing? Do you wish you had expert insights, advice and research at your finger tips?

Most people do not understand how numbers like inflation rates, interest rates, expected rates of returns and volatility will impact their lifestyle as they age. Financial planning and forming investment strategies over a period of years can be a treacherous task if it is done on your own. Why not let professionals help you? Let's meet over coffee while we plan out a strategy to best suit your needs.

Fill in the form for a COMPLIMENTARY Strategy Session and see how your money can work much harder for you than before.

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