Say Goodbye To Hormonal Imbalance & Achieve Shiok Relief To Your Back in 65 Mins 

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  • Visibly rejuvenated back
  • Released toxins and yang qi flow
  • Strengthened blood circulation

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As ladies, we often experience hormonal imbalance regularly (especially before or after menstruation, during pregnancy and even after menopause).

Before you know it, you may find yourself experiencing:


Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Frequent headache or migraine

Long-term shoulder or neck soreness

Sudden weight gain and loss

This happens because hormonal imbalance affects our back’s meridian points. These acupressure points around the body enable the “qi” to flow and gather. Hormonal imbalance causes a blockage at these points and results in body pain, aches and stiffness.

The problem is many women tell themselves that this is normal and continue to tolerate the pain, resulting in more bloating, weight gain, fatigue, mood swings and emotional distress. And that ultimately affects your comfort, focus, work performance and health.

While we cannot prevent hormonal imbalances, we can take measures to treat and balance your meridian points to alleviate the pain.

ALL WITH absolutely no redness, swelling or downtime post treatment.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear from our customers themselves:

Indulge yourself with our Ox Horn Bojin Body Therapy –
The Ancient Chinese Secret To Balancing Your Hormones

10x more effective than Tuina and Guasha!

Shiok Experience
Targeted Meridian
 Points Treatment

This will be the most shiok, tension-relief treatment experience that you’ll ever get.

Unlike other Bojin wellness salons that follows standard-operating-procedure of brute hard force, our specialists will analyse your back’s condition first and apply the most optimal force needed depending on the condition, eg. water retention/edema or clogged lymphatic system.

No discomfort
Remove Toxins In
Your Body

Our ox horn tool works on your body’s 12 meridian points, releasing your body’s tension and toxins. This includes your stomach, spleen, lung, kidney and liver meridians and water retention where the Qi flows.

Through aromatic essential oils and pulling techniques starting from the back, it only takes 30 mins to let the toxins and moisture in your body to be released and let your body relax.

In fact, doing a tendon stretching is equivalent to doing ten ordinary massages!

No downtime
Remove ‘Qi’ & Water
 Retention with Moxibustion

As Chinese practitioners often say, if the heat does not enter, the cold will not come out.

Our moxibustion treatment uses the natural medicinal mugwort(艾草)herb together with our steam machine to heat your acupuncture points and stimulate your body’s ability to self-heal and clear your blocked lymphatic nodes.

100% Back Tension Relief

Unlike Guasha, which uses flat tools to scrape across the skin to enhance qi and blood flow but causes redness on the body, Bojin offers both the effects of Guasha but also targets deeper layers to release your tight ligaments and tendons.

Many of our customers have told us that they were able to sleep better at night and reduced tension on their back!

How The Key Ingredients Help To Balance Your Hormones

Chasteberry (Vitex)

This pure natural plant extract treats irregularities in your menstrual cycles, premenstrual complaints and breast pain. Also effective for menopausal disorders &PMS.


Reduces blood sugar and treats menstrual period, lower abdomen pain, liver and kidney toxins and hernia caused by cold Qi.

Dioscorea (Wild Yam)

Used as a precursor for manufacturing progesterone and estrogen. It is used to help ease dysmenorrhea and cramps.

Grape Seed Extract

Supports collagen synthesis and stabilisation

Geranium Oil

Keeps the skin supple and opens it to allow better absorption. Effectively relieves anxiety, stress, pressure and improve shoulder and waist pain.

Bojin treatment helps in:

During menstruation, you may experience dysmenorrhea, less menstrual flow, memory loss, emotional fluctuations, dry skin, dehydration, looseness, eye bags and fine lines, etc.

Using the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicinal herbs and treatment methods, our Bojin is further elevated by the best of both worlds:

Traditional Chinese pulling to release your tensions and toxins through meridian points + Western equipment to give you fast results with no downtime.

Moxibustion helps in:


Warming 温: Using fire to tackle evil, dispel cold, dissipate stagnation and promote blood circulation.


Flow 通: Clear the meridians and improve blood supply to the heart and brain.


Adjustment 调: Balance the six internal organs; liver, heart, stomach, lungs, spleen, gallbladder, and kidney to regulate menstruation.


Replenish 补: Nourish and strengthens the body’s immunity system.

How Would You Like…
A FREE Healthy Herbal Tea/Dessert After Your Treatment? 😃

Post-treatment, enjoy a free home-brewed herbal tea/dessert on us to replenish the water loss in your body. Our therapists will also teach you the best-recommended drinks or herbal desserts to help with weight loss or balance your hormonal imbalance.

This is a FULL 65-Min Trial,
Not A Simple Lite/Introductory Treatment

Unlike regular massages or other bojin treatments that offer you a basic trial with limited treatments only to ask you to top-up for additional services, you’ll get to experience for yourself the whole treatment:












Why Customers Prefer Us

Expert Therapists

Our therapists are trained in the traditional Chinese bojin method of left-to-right pulling, from down left and then to up right. This is the same original method used by TCM practitioners for over ten decades to push out the Yang qi to balance the Yin qi, reducing dizziness.

Proven Medical Grade
 Tech Machine

Our machines are used after countless R&D and sourcing different equipment from Taiwan and Switzerland to work for our wellness programs. We’ve developed a product that’s not only specially catered for ladies with hormonal imbalances but also perfect for ladies with sensitive skin.

No Hard Selling

It has come to our attention that many wellness salons out there still use pressure tactics to make customers buy.

We believe that our skills and treatments speak for themselves, and there is no obligation to make any other purchase. Our therapists will only recommend products and treatments which your body needs.

About Us

Founded by our master TCM practitioner, Dr Guo Yan, from Taiwan. With over two decades of studying and practising the art, U-Me Aesthetics was established to alleviate recovery and body immunity strengthening using Western and Chinese medical methods.

As an innovator and leader in technology, we are always at the forefront. We integrate the essence of the East and the West to regulate the five phases of Yin and Yang; Liver/Gallbladder, Heart, Lungs, Spleen and Kidney.

Our tendon-pulling technology originates in Taiwan and is recognised as the third-largest medical science in Taiwan.

Our salon is:

  • Member of the original tendon-pulling international technical education institution
  • Awarded the professional certificate of the Meridian and Tendon Holistic Health Association of the Republic of China
  • Trained in muscle pulling, health, beauty and health, and fourteen meridian fascia conditioning

In 2016 – 2018, we were invited to the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, sharing professional and technical knowledge on Chinese Medicine Health Management and providing our customers' health care and health consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this TCM Bojin treatment for?

This treatment is especially effective for people experiencing insomnia, irregular menstrual cycles, headaches or migraines, sudden weight loss and gain due to hormonal imbalance, or people with stiff back pain. It pushes the yang qi in your body to regulate yin qi flow through your meridian points.

If you’re a frequent Guasha or Tuina-goer, you’d be delighted to know that Bojin has no redness or swelling post-treatment.

What’s the difference between your Bojin and other competitors?

Unlike other bojin therapists that use a standard operating procedure (SOP) of brute hard force, we believe that pain is not necessarily the solution. In fact, if your body is unable to take the pain, excessive force will further hurt or bruise you.

This is why our therapists use our developed left-to-right method that our TCM Master teaches to adjust the pain level according to your body’s type or stiffness. Together with our ox-horn tool, our treatment is 10x more effective than regular body massage!

How often should I come for this treatment?

This really depends on your preference and how much tension you accumulate on a day-to-day basis.

For some women living a high-stress lifestyle, they come in every week! Our customers love how efficient and effective this is in relieving back tension and helping them get deeper, higher-quality sleep.

moxibustion has this smoky smell that I'm uncomfortable. Do you have it?

While regular moxibustion treatments tradtionally have this smoky smell due to burning of the mugwort herb, our specialised machine is able to heat up the mugwort without having any uncomfortable smell for you.

Will the treatment be very painful?

Not to worry, instead of using brute force, our TCM-trained therapists are able to adjust their strength according to your body, together with our ox-horn, to target specific acupuncture points. You will not feel any sharp pain during this treatment.

You will feel pressure during the treatment, especially in very stiff and tense areas. Our customers keep coming back because they find it highly relaxing and love the release after.

Do you do any hard selling? Please be very honest.

We believe in letting our results speak for themselves. There is no obligation to make purchases or sign up for anything else unless you want to.

Our therapists’ recommendations are strictly based on professional analysis.

Do you also do Bojin for other parts of the body, eg. Face, tummy shaping?

Our back body treatment is only a portion of what you can expect from our Bojin programs, but the first that we always recommend.

This is because the back holds the 12 meridian points that are connected to the rest of your body. Hence, doing Bojin to free up the clogged lymphatic nodes will help balance the flow of Qi in your body!

After which, we also offer face, tummy shaping and leg bojin!

We also offer hair fall control, hair regrowth, and rejuvenate of dead skin cell treatments. Talk to us to learn more!

All It Takes Is 65 Shiok, Soothing Minutes to Have Your Tensions Relieved

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