Online 1-To-1 IGCSE Maths Tuition:

On-Site Tuition is now a thing of the past – no longer settle for a large class size or suffer from negligence

Discover How Your Child Can Instantly Receive Effective 1-To-1 Personalised Support And Achieve Up To A 4 Grade Jump For IGCSE Maths

Dear parents and IGCSE Math students,

Have you ever wondered why so many international students score poorly for Math – even though they have fun learning it (especially during this period)?

Well, here is a newspaper article from CNA:

You see, with Home-Based Learning (HBL) becoming the default learning method, many students suffer from negligence, failure to adapt, and perhaps even their laziness.

The worst part?

Their math foundation will only worsen as more complex concepts get introduced, and they start interlinking with one another.

It’s no wonder so many IGCSE Math students struggle and score poorly for Math!

Yet, on-site classes and schools can be risky as the number of cases in Singapore rises.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to end like this…

With 1-to-1 online personalised support from an experienced and proven IGCSE teacher, the lack of practice, discipline and concept understanding can be IMMEDIATELY rectified.

In fact, we’re proud to say that with over 200+ experienced tutors under us and 10,000+ online lessons being taught, our students have achieved up to 4 grades jump – with some doing so in just a few months.

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Introducing Tutopiya Tuition Centre’s

Online IGCSE Maths Tuition

How We Quickly Improve Your Child’s Grades

Step 1

Laying Out A Customised Plan To Ensure Focus

The truth is, every student has a different pace of learning, concept gaps and even time left to the final IGCSE.

It’s important to lay out a personalised, structured timeline to fully optimised their learning time.

Before tuition commences, each student’s weaknesses and strengths will be assessed as part of the customised plan.

Step 2

Personalised Attention Anywhere And Anytime

On Our CRM To Clarify Concepts

There’s no other way to put it.

In a large class size in school, the attention that a teacher can give to your child is very limited.

Hence, some students (especially the shy ones) may be neglected, causing their concept gap to widen.

At Tutopiya, our 1-to-1 approach means that your child will always be able to clarify concepts on-the-spot and the teaching can be tailored to your child’s learning style.

The best part? Since our teacher is always available online, your child can conveniently access him/her anytime and anywhere. 

Step 3

IGCSE Cambridge Assessment & Practice

To Quickly Lock-In Learning

Practice makes perfect. This is nothing new.

Tutopiya teachers use a Cambridge IGCSE-oriented framework, so students are familiar with the IGCSE Math scoring system and level of difficulty.

How we do this is via the practice of both simple IGCSE Math questions and multi-concept questions to lock in your child’s learning.

Before every lesson ends, we will also assess your child via an online test. This helps address any remaining concept gaps, which can be closed by instantly clarifying with our teacher.

Even better? Our CRM contains question banks for your child to further practise. 

A Sneak Peek Into One Of Your Lessons

Don’t Take Our Word For It,

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Why Choose Us

200+ Tutors With Proven Track Record, 

Including ex-MOE Teachers

Not sure why your child is scoring only 2 out of 6 marks for their questions?

Well, let us help your child do the breakdown and more importantly, master and take advantage of the marking system.

At Tutopiya, our 200+ tutors are highly specialised and experienced with the Cambridge IGCSE Maths marking scheme.

So, rest assured that our 1-to-1 online teaching is not only fun, but properly and effectively trains your child to maximise their marks in the upcoming IGSCE tests and exams. 

Our Unique Second Tutor System

In school, there is little to no when it comes to the choice of teacher.

Sometimes, teachers may also be absent due to personal reasons, causing disruption to your child’s learning.

On the other hand, Tutopiya online tuition assigns a second tutor to your child.

If there is an unforeseen disruption or your child wants an alternate tutor, the second tutor is available to be booked for subsequent tuitions. 

Performance Tracking, On-Demand

You don’t have to be kept in the dark about your child’s progress.

We give separate login to track your child’s performance throughout the Tutopiya journey.

This includes the test results from each lesson and a record of all assessment scores on the CRM platform.

Feel free to speak to our teachers online via our CRM too! (it’s directly integrated with WhatsApp) 

Highly Affordable Rate

And of course, we understand that for some parents, the cost is a major factor.

Compared to other tuition, our tuition fees are actually highly competitive.

Fees are based on an hourly rate and because you make the booking directly online, you get to control the cost as well. 

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Our Certification & Awards

About Us

Nuha Ghouse

Co-Founder & CEO

  • BSc. Hons. (First Class) Math & Finance, Imperial College, London
  • Experienced Math Tutor - tutored students attending leading UK private schools and International Schools in Singapore
  • Chartered Tax Advisor & Financial Consultant for KPMG UK

Buddhika Jayawardena

Co-Founder & CTO

  • BSc. Hons. Computer Science & Engineering, University of Moratuwa
  • Experienced in Real-time Communication Systems, Agile Software development/management and startup environments

Theje Gunatilake

General Manager

  • MBA - Business Administration and Management, General
  • Experienced in scaling up startup businesses, specialist in business operations
  • Spearheaded the startup of one of the first Ed-Tech tutor centers with more than 1000 tutors as of now

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child be able to learn on Tutopiya effectively?

Yes, our system is tested and proven.
At Tutopiya, a 1-to-1 personalised approach with an experienced teacher means that your child will always be able to clarify concepts on-the-spot and teaching can be tailored according to your child’s learning style.
The best part? Since the teacher is always available online, your child can conveniently access him/her almost anytime and anywhere. 

How fast can I see improvement in my child’s results?

It will depend on your child’s learning pace and style. However, some can already see improvement by their next school test.
Plus, you can always monitor their performance on your CRM throughout the Tutopiya learning journey. 

How big is the size of the class?

We currently only offer 1-to-1 personalised tuition.

Are your fees expensive?

We understand that for some parents, cost is a major factor.
Compared to other tuition, rest assured that our tuition fees are actually highly competitive.
It is based on an hourly rate and because you make the booking directly online, you get to control the cost as well. 

Do you offer on-site lessons?

We currently only offer 1-to-1 personalised online tuition.

A 1-to-1 Personalised Online Tuition Is The Fastest And Most Effective Way

As you can see, our 200+ teachers at Tutopiya have the resources and track records to deliver up to 4 Grades Jump, even if your child has been failing Maths.

In fact, you may not know if Tutopiya Tuition Centre’s Online IGCSE Maths Tuition is suitable for your child until your child really tries it out for himself/herself!

In fact, feel free to take advantage of our Limited-Time “1-Hour Diagnostic Consultation” with our teacher while you can.

That’s right!

Simply sign up for a FREE DIAGNOSTIC CONSULTATION and FREE TRIAL CLASS below and we will:

  • Assess your child's concept gaps according to IGCSE Cambridge Math standard
  • Discover your child’s weaknesses and strengths
  • Provide actionable steps in order to improve
  • Share practical tips that your child can use immediately to improve grades in the next exam

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