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Who Am I?

Mr Toh founded Economics at Tuitiongenius in 2007. He originally began tutoring students in Economics on a 1-1 basis in 2007.

But within a year, he gained a significant following and moved on to do group tutoring due to overwhelming demand.

Since then, the ETG family has grown sizeably, with him tutoring around 200 students on an annual basis.

His students generally do well in Economics with at least 6 months of tutoring, with most going on to place >90th percentile in school examinations.

But beyond just exam-readiness, Mr Toh strives to help students learn the value and relevance of Economics - to help them make use of Economics in understanding their world and experiences better.

Aside from tutoring Economics, Mr Toh manages a group of education businesses in various different areas, and is the dedicated father of 3 boys - Edison, Elon & Elias.

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