Enjoy 1.3 to 5% interest, the lowest rate ever in the last 20 years*:

Find out the true amount you can borrow for your business now (it is usually more than you think)

*TradingEconomics lending rate Singapore(2000-2020)

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You go to a bank, provide all the required financials and you are told that you can borrow 100k.

End of story, or is that it?

Do you know that all the following (and more) will affect how much loan amount you can get: 

  • The bank you go with
  • Financials you choose to declare/omit(within requirements),
  • The way you answer the questions
  • Even the experience level of the banker whom you deal with

Do you really want to leave the financial fate of your company to luck?

Let’s not forget the fact that you can borrow from multiple banks to achieve the amount you want to get.

Most business owners shortchange themselves when they just take whatever amount was given to them by the banks or do nothing about their rejected application.

Why use our Loan Amount Assessor

Risk-free assessment

Once you submit your financial documents to the bank and get rejected, you have to wait for another 6months to 1 year before you can apply for loans again. The worst part is that you do not even know the rejection reason and probably can’t get it right the next round. Why take the risk? You can simply fill in the form to avail yourself of our loan assessment to find out your loan quantum quickly.

True amount assessment

Didn’t make a profit this year? Or have negative networth? Business loan financing goes beyond looking at P&L or balance sheet. Many factors determine how much a financial institution can lend you, including their own risk appetite. Assess your loan amount without having to commit to any loan at all. Completely risk-free.

Best deal, guaranteed

Do you know that 2 businesses with largely similar financials can end up getting very different deals(including fees, interest rate, loan amount) for their loan package? Business loan financing in Singapore is very much a black box. We do not receive any commission from the banks, thereby enabling us to represent your best interests by comparing over 30 partner financial institutions to give you the best deal.

Who are we

Our founding team comprises of ex-bankers who hail from both local and overseas banks in Singapore with combined experience spanning 2 decades. Over the years, we had easily processed thousands of bank loan applications and (sadly) rejected a good 70-80% of them for the slightest reason one can imagine. Sensing a market gap, we decided to create ThinkSME to leverage our years of experience as insiders to help SMEs maximize their chance of getting a bank loan with the highest amount possible and zero hassle.

Why is now the best time to borrow?

Government support 

Due to COVID-19 difficulties, the government is shouldering 90% of the risk of default of your business loan during this critical period so that SMEs can gain access to funds much more easily.

Easier approval

As a result of the 90/10 risk-share, banks are lending more money to SMEs at a faster rate than ever, which is why approval rate of loans is higher and interest rate is at an all-time low.

Low-cost funds

By April 2021, the risk-share will drop to only 70% and loan quantum & interest rate will definitely become less attractive, so it is only strategic to secure your funds now.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I have to pay you?

Loan amount assessment is entirely free. After that, if you would like to engage our loan application service, we would do a comparison to show you how much processing fee you can save by going through us instead of banks. To put simply, our service pays for itself.

What do I get from the free loan amount assessment?

You will find out:

  • Your loan amount
  • Your interest rate payable
  • Any other fees involved 
  • Free bank insider advice

If the loan amount is not what you are looking for, you do not need to proceed with the loan application at all.

What are some of the reasons that a bank may reject my loan application or grant me a lower amount than what a similar business can get?

  • Being assigned a new banker who is uncertain/unsure about the criteria and jeopardized your business loan application
  • The bank you approached happens to be tightening their criteria in view of their own cash position (wrong timing with the wrong bank)
  • Declaring more (unfavorable) financial information than required by the banks
  • Etc

Why shouldn’t I DIY my business loan and approach the bank directly?

Sure, you can do that. You can then compare the loan package we can get for you, not to mention that we save you the effort of submitting loan application with 30 banks and financial institutions.

Nah, the whole loan process is too tedious

Absolutely. Business loan application can be tedious when you do it yourself. If you have someone from our team helping you, you can focus on your business operations while having a peace of mind that we are settling all your paperwork and getting the best deal for you.

Nah, I have enough funds

Any person in finance would agree that 1.3% interest is absolutely a steal (it is even lower than HDB interest rate of 2.6%) . If you are not facing a cash crunch, that is great. You can use the extra funds to plan for expansion. What better time to expand when the competition is weak at this point? Afterall, the best time to borrow is when you don’t need it.

I have already borrowed and also tapped on Temporary Bridging Loan

You are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. We have helped many SMEs borrow from more than 3-4 banks at the same time to achieve the loan amount they require for their financial needs.

How fast can I get the funds?

Within 1-2weeks upon submission of application, the funds can be disbursed to you. We help you expedite it through our preferential channel.

No matter how much revenue you have in your books, all businesspeople understand this: the game is over when cash runs dry. Horror stories abound of startups and SMEs that reached the end of the runway despite the fact that the business has huge potential.

It never tires to repeat the mantra that “Cash flow is king”. Do a free check on the cash flow that you can get for your business today, even if you have been rejected by banks before. 

Use our free loan amount assessor and find out the following information

  • Your loan amount eligible
  • Your interest rate payable
  • Any other fees involved
  • Free bank insider advice
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