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They Laughed When I Walked Onto The Stage, Until I Started To Sing!

Discover How You Can Finally Sing Powerfully & Express Yourself Confidently – Even If You’re Shy, Have ‘No Talent’, Or Is A Total Beginner!

Special Promo: Trial @ $38 (U.P $45) only!
Class slots are limited.

What You Can Expect From Trial:

  • See improvement in your singing on-the-spot via breath control with our professional vocal coach
  • Uncover the reasons behind your vocal obstacles
  • Focused attention with class size of less than 3
  • Safe and stress-free environment
  • Having FUN learning, laughing and making new friends!
  • Mask Shield Provided

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At a loss of how you can improve your vocals to the point of wowing a crowd? (be it an aspiring pro singer or a complete beginner)

Or perhaps you want to FINALLY free yourself from the fear of singing while meeting new friends and having FUN?

If that’s you, we may have just the thing you’re looking for!


Studio 72’s Vocal Group Class Trial!

Witness Real

 Improvement In

Your Voice

When it comes to singing, many people assume you either have it or don’t.

Fortunately, this is simply a myth! (even world-famous singers like Ed Sheeran self-admitted that he started out bad)

At Studio 72, our vocal coaches tailor the lesson to suit your need, voice type and skill level, thereby raising your upper range.

This is followed by a focus on strong fundamentals and proper breathing to bring out a more emotive voice without
straining the throat.



& Charisma

Always wanted to overcome the challenge of singing and performing in public?

Well, you’re not alone!

Other than improving your singing, we develop our students’ confidence so they can express themselves freely without stress or anxiety (even if you’re super shy).

Yup! You get the opportunity to perform during class and outside of class with our coaches help.

Specially For Both

Adult Beginners &

 Aspiring Pro Singers

We welcome all adult beginners or even aspiring singers with greater ambitions.

Yes, our exercises are so effective and simple to understand that you do not need any prior training to benefit from our class.

Now, before you think it’s too easy, do note that like any other skills out there, it does require practice. Especially if you’re preparing for a theatrical production or a wedding song.

Fortunately, you can rest assured that our coaches of >5 years’ experience are always there to shorten the learning process!

Loads Of Fun,

Hype And


What’s more important than singing beautifully? To us, that’s having FUN with friends, new friends and family.

At Studio 72, we seek to inspire and encourage our students in a safe environment (rather than ‘pushing’ them to perform).

In fact, we allow students to sing their own favourite songs or help pick one that matches the student.

As much as possible, we also try to group people with common interests and singing genres together.

As a result, many told us that they actually ended their workday on a high note!

Why Sing At Studio 72

Professional & Certified Coaches

If you’re looking for qualified professional coaches, you’ve come to the right place.

From Mediacorp artist to award nominee to certification, rest assured that our coaches are highly knowledgeable about the different genres of music and styles of singing.

You can also expect clear and quality instruction on how to improve, patience, and honest feedback on your progress/expectations.

Become A Part Of Our Active, Social Community

We strongly believe in creating a friendly, welcoming environment to grow, feel confident and improve your singing talent.

Be it social gatherings, public performances, or even small group classes, it’s always interesting, challenging and fun!

Clean, Neat, Fully Equipped Studio

Our studio is specially designed to be super cool and yet cozy enough to unleash your creativity.

We’ve full sets of instruments like drums, keyboards, guitars, ukulele and stereo system to support your musical journey.

And oh before we forget, we've an expanded Mezzanine floor and outdoor patio for outdoor jams as well!

Convenient Location & Time

Feeling tired at work or just simply have no time?

Not to worry!

Our studio is conveniently located near Clarke Quay (5 min walk from MRT) and Raffles Place (7 min walk from MRT).

Each lesson also lasts not >1 hour. But feel free to stay longer if you wish!

This Could Be You!

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Our Coaches’ Credentials

(To Be Added Later)

Emma Dawson


Peter Steel

Office Manager

Liz Stanley

Creative Director

Our Media Features

Be Part Of Our Creative & Inspiring Community. Don’t Wait Any Longer!

A snippet of how our vocal lessons are conducted. Here's some warm-ups to kick off the lesson. Call us for a trial lesson at 9322 7272 now! LEARN . PLAY . PERFORM

Posted by STUDIO 72 on Friday, May 24, 2019

About Us

Studio72 exists to inspire and galvanise aspiring musicians. A beacon for the uninitiated but also avidly interested, a guiding light shining the way forward for aspiring musicians and all inquisitive minds. To help dreams come alive, to help bring music back to life.

Studio72 inspires with a unique music academy experience in a stylish upscale environment, strategically located along the iconic Boat Quay. Learn and master your favourite instruments, or simply hone your rockstar skills, with an eye to performing live on stage (if you are game enough).

Professional, well crafted music lessons by veteran musicians and qualified mentors. Flexible sessions orchestrated to suit busy schedules and tailored to various skill level and ambitions. A complete sensory experience to transform dreams into reality.

Come on a journey of discovery.

Come on a journey to live your dreams.

Come re-discover rock.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the trial class?

The Trial Class costs $35 (U.P $45) only!

Should you decide to continue after the trial, we’ll use this $35 to waive off your initial registration fee ($35) for all the lessons.

When is the trial class?

You may choose to come on:

Wednesdays – 7.30pm / 8.30pm
Fridays – 6.30pm / 7.30pm / 8.30pm
Sundays – 3pm / 5.30pm / 6.30pm

How long is the class?

Each Trial class lasts 1 hour.

Do I need to bring or buy anything extra?

You do not have to bring or buy anything extra!

Need prior experience in singing?

Nope. Our lessons are beginner friendly.

I like to continue! What happens next after the trial class?

For those who are interested in even greater fun and long-lasting improvement in their vocals and performance, we offer a further 1-Month Group Class (4 lessons) at $180 only!

If you attended our Group Trial, your initial registration/setup fee of $35 will be waived as well!  

1-To-1 Vocal Class is also available for students looking for private lessons.   

Laughing, Singing, Bonding, Learning – All In One Place.

As you can see, Studio 72’s Vocal Group Class is an EFFECTIVE and FUN way to transform your singing and confidence.

But don’t take our word for it.

Try it out (with our limited time promo) and hear the difference for yourself!

Locate Us

24B Circular Rd, Singapore 049380