Skip the calling - Know where your vehicles are even when your drivers are asleep

24/7 live vehicle tracking around Singapore

We all have that one friend who says that he or she is reaching in 5 minutes but is, in fact, still in the shower. It's frustrating. You waste precious time waiting for hours and have no idea where the hell he or she is.

While this scenario is harmless in our daily lives, it can translate to huge losses when it comes to business.

It might be your drivers saying that they are en route to customers' places, but who, in fact, are still queuing for their favourite Punggol Nasi Lemak. When things don't arrive on time (or at all), you get different stories from both clients and employees. Tensions rise, arguments intensify, and by the time you get to the root of the problem the damage (to your reputation) has been done. The worst part is this vicious cycle tend to repeat itself time after time. 

Relax, you don't have to go through any of that anymore: it's just not worth it.

Imagine a world where you know where ALL your vehicles are and have the option of relaying your drivers’ estimated arrival timings directly to your customers. But wait, that's not all. Skyfy's fleet management can do much more than just tracking your vehicles, it can help your business save costs and improve productivity tremendously in many other ways.

How you can avoid losing at least $1200 per year and more

Do you use an accounting software or tool to track how your business is doing financially and make better business decisions? If you're nodding your head in agreement, you probably know that numbers don't lie.

Similarly, do you know that you can track ALL your vehicles' locations, fuel consumption, route and driver behaviours? Tracking these statistics can then help you save more than 20% on fuel. With one vehicle, you can save between $1.2K to $1.5K in a year. With 3 vehicles, you can save up to $4.5K and that is equivalent to a 3-month salary of one driver.

Here is an example of one client who saved close to $3000 in a year: 

Skyfy's route optimization feature lets you plan the shortest route for every job, reducing time and costs significantly. On top of that, you can analyse and rectify any bad habits your drivers have through trip reports. Drivers will be more conscious of their bad driving habits and avoid fuel wastage caused by aggressive driving, speeding, excessive braking and unnecessary engine idling.

Claim Your Cost Under The SPRING'S ICV Grant

The best part of all this?

You can claim the cost of the fleet management system under the SPRING Singapore’ Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) Scheme. The Singapore government is now providing grants for all SMEs to try out the fleet management system. The reason being, the fleet management system is in line with Singapore's Smart Nation initiative - to optimize road usage in land-scarce Singapore using technology. 

Under the ICV Scheme, you can claim up to $5000 and might end up paying less than $50 or nothing, plus save over $1200 in a year! What's the catch? You can only apply for ICV through one of SPRING’s pre-approved vendors. We happen to be 1 of the 10 vendors in the whole of Singapore that can provide you with the necessary support you need when applying for the ICV.

You can stick to your old ways of calling your drivers but why? Start knowing their locations, track the performance of their vehicles and ultimately, save costs for your business. With the ICV grant provided, you can easily offset the cost of implementing fleet management system for your vehicles.

How We Help?

No more calling

Our live tracking lets you know your vehicle’s location 24/7. No more phone calls to track your drivers down. You are also more answerable to your customers on your drivers’ estimated arrival timings.

Save over $1200 a year

Don’t underestimate the power of tracking your vehicles. You can optimize delivery routes, reduce idle time, and minimize unauthorized usage. All these add up to more than 20% savings on fuels.


Route optimization not only saves on fuel, but also allows drivers to take on more trips. Knowing the locations of your vehicles make job delegation easier and increases productivity by at least 40%.

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Why Choose Skyfy?


We are 1 of SPRING’s 10 pre-approved vendors for fleet management system in the whole of Singapore. You can apply for SPRING’s Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) and Capability Development Grant (CDG) through us and get heavily subsidized for increasing your company’s capability.

Focus on SMEs

We have over 1000+ SMEs currently using Skyfy Technology to check and manage their vehicles around the island. The number continues to grow as the demand for SMEs to stay efficient increases.  We want to help SMEs improve – by cutting logistical costs, improving productivity, and ensuring their day-to-day smooth operation.


Our team is working with SIMTech under A*STAR to improve our Operation and Technology Roadmapping (OTR) and is also liaising with Republic Polytechnic to integrate critical logistic software into our system. Our upcoming plans include building a Skyfy integrated system 2.0 and developing warehouse management and live dispatch services to be the future of fleet management.

Key Features of Skyfy Technology

24/7 live tracking

Locate your vehicle anytime of the day with speed, ignition and mileage status

Vehicle Tracking Portal

Monitor your vehicle anywhere – on the go, in your office and even overseas

Route optimization

Plan your routes ahead to save time and fuel, and even re-route in the event of traffic jam


Like a punch card for your vehicle – know when it enters and leaves an area


Kill the ignition of any vehicle safely in the event of unauthorized use or theft

Reports & Analytics

Keep track of your vehicle’s performance to ultimately save cost for your business

How Our Technology Works

Our industry-leading GPS system, assembled in Sweden, will first be installed inside your vehicle. Real time information will then be collected and stored within our system. Access your vehicle’s location, engine status, speed and mileage of using the Skyfy’s Vehicle Tracking Portal. You can also plan routes or geofence an area using the portal.

Access the Vehicle Tracking Portal on both Desktop and Mobile

Who is Skyfy Technology for?

  • Business owners who want to track the locations of their vehicles
  • Business owners who want to cut cost and save on fuel, car servicing & maintenance
  • Business owners who want to collect evidence & claim insurance in the event of an accident
  • Business owners who wants to scale their business with a fleet management system in place


We're so confident in our money-saving fuel efficiency, We offer a 1-Year Fuel Saving Guarantee

*T&Cs apply

Companies That Are Using Skyfy Technology

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Supplier
  • F & B
  • Retail
  • Services

Hear From Satisfied Business Owners

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need IT support to run and maintain this system?

Why should I track my own driver in the first place? I trust them wholeheartedly. 

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Is my company eligible for the ICV grant? 

Do I have to handle the grant application and paperwork myself? 

How is Skyfy Technology different from other GPS tracking devices out there? 

About Us

We started out in 2015 with the idea of bringing fleet management system to every commercial car in Singapore. We are now a team of 42 people that continuously invests in research to improve on our own technology, with the vision of creating a seamless fleet management system in Singapore.

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Stay ahead of the curve

As you may already know, Singapore is heading towards becoming a Smart Nation using technology. In 2020, just 2 years from now, the Singapore government will roll out a next-generation ERP system that uses satellite navigation technology. This new technology enables LTA to implement distance-charging, which could mean significantly higher ERP charges for road-users. This also means businesses that consistently clock high mileages could potentially incur higher logistical costs.

As businesses, the only way to stay competitive and avoid excessive charges is to start tracking the performance of your vehicles. Tracking enables optimization of delivery routes to find the shortest possible route, thus reducing cost for your business. Skyfy Technology does just that, providing you with the convenience of knowing where your vehicles are 24/7.

So start tracking the performance of your vehicles today! Since the government is providing ICV grant for fleet management now, it won’t be long before it becomes mandatory to track all your vehicles and optimize their performances. Now is your best opportunity to tap on the extra financial help and implement vehicle tracking to stay ahead of your competitors.

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