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Go Beyond Just Being ‘Book-Smart’

Tutors from:

Tutors from:

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Hi Parents,

We all want to raise kids who are self-motivated, adaptable problem solvers—especially in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (V.U.C.A) 21st-century world.

Where changes big and small are becoming unpredictable and different groups and ideas are becoming increasingly polarised. You’ve probably seen this unfolding as you scroll through your social media news feed.

The last thing we want for our children is to have their attention and thoughts be controlled by others because they lack the knowledge and thought process to make informed choices.

Imagine the consequences of them growing up to become ‘yes’ men—forming beliefs simply based on face value or the opinion of others.

Don’t worry though, what if there’s a way to empower your child to...

Think critically

Know how to process information, think from multiple perspectives and rigorously question ideas and assumptions rather than accepting them at face value.

Think on their feet

Able to think outside the box under pressure and deal with whatever situation life throws at them.

Have an expanded wordview

Know what’s happening in the world and be exposed to diverse viewpoints that are usually not discussed in schools or at home.

Understand their core values early

Become consciously aware of what is important to them, understand how to make decisions and understand what drives their behaviours.

And many more! These are just some of the positives behind learning how to debate. At See Change’s Debate & Public Speaking Programme, our whole purpose is to arm students with the skills, competence and confidence that will benefit them for life.

Debating & Public Speaking Sounds Boring? Think Again.

Here’s How We Do Things Differently


Make Learning a Game

Your child won’t just be staring at the teacher or whiteboard all the time. Guided by their teachers, children do more of the talking and engage in interactive games and activities that focus on honing the foundations of debate. For example, lower primary students would be prompted to pick an object they see and persuade the rest of the class to buy it. Curriculum is crafted specially for each level to help students progress smoothly without finding classes a chore.


Online Global Classroom

Classes are conducted online with international students from around the world. Learning in a global classroom offers students the opportunity to increase their awareness and understanding of other cultures, promotes critical thinking, and helps to develop an appreciation for other points of view. While literature and videos are great ways to learn about new cultures, there’s no replacement for interacting with someone who is actually from a different country.


Tutors from Top Ivy League Schools

Your child will be mentored by top scholars from Harvard, Columbia, Yale and Princeton University—many of whom have competed and won prestigious international competition in debate and public speaking. Not only is your child taught by tutors who know how to perform at the top of their field, but also gain a positive role model.


Perform on the Big Stage

Debate and public speaking are skills which require practice. This is why we conduct a debate competition officiated by American Parliamentary Debate Association (USA) once a year to encourage students to challenge themselves on the big stage. Unlike the debate competitions held in schools where students are required to research over a topic and come prepared, we reveal the topics on-the-spot to challenge students to think on their feet.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It, Read What Students Are Saying About Our Programme

Student, Primary 3,Carol Lee, Independent Schools Foundation

Classes are really fun. I love joining the classes and chatting with my teacher and friends. I feel like we get to play together a lot.

Student, Primary 5, Independent Schools Foundation

The teachers taught me a lot and the topics are interesting and challenging. We discussed whether it’s worth the cost to develop space travel, shall we ban nuclear rockets, and many more topics that made me think hard. It was great to hear other people’s perspectives and learn to crossfire and rebuttals.

Student, Secondary 2, St. Joseph's College, Savio, Debate

Overall, I think this course is fun and enjoyable. The teacher is engaging and taught us well. My favourite part of this course is the large amount of interaction between classmates. There are a lot of group activities, such as mock debates, public speaking exercises, and more. This makes the course fun and entertaining.

Meet Some of Our Tutors

Arianna Pahlavan

Position: DPSI Curriculum Leader

Columbia University: Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering

Key Qualification:

Winner of 2019 North and South American Google Science Fair
4that the International Science & Engineering Fair
Speaker at 2018 International Cardiovascular Disease Conference
Top 2% at Worldwide American International Math Exam
Top 15 at United States Computing Olympiad (Gold)


  • A rising Sophomore at Columbia University, Arianna Pahlavan began her debate career in elementary school. Building her skill set for public speaking at a young age taught Arianna to fight for her dreams, have confidence in herself, and think critically. She carried these skills throughout her academic career and started to become passionate about science and technology, specifically modeling the heart on computers.
  • Already having mastered the art of public speaking, Arianna communicated her excitement about her research to judges excellently at competitions and won the 2019 Google Science Fair (for the North & South American region), 4th in the world at the International Science & Engineering Fair, Regeneron STS Scholar, Simons Fellow, and was invited to present at the 2018 International Cardiovascular Disease Conference in Los Angeles. She went on to place top 2% worldwide in the American International Math Exam and top 15 at the 2019 United States Computing Olympiad (Gold Division).

Elisa Gonzalez

Position: DPSI Tutor

Harvard University: Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Key Qualification:

Winner of Public Forum Debate - Peninsula Invitational: Individual (2018)
Winner of Public Forum Debate - Chuck Ballinger Invitational: Individual (2018)
Finalist at Public Forum Debate - Yale Invitational: Team (2018)
Top 5% at Public Forum Debate - Jack Howe Invitational: Individual (2018)
Top 10% at Public Forum Debate - Yale University Invitational: Individual (2018)


  • Elisa Gonzalez is a rising sophomore at Harvard College studying Applied Mathematics with a focus on Computer Science and Economics. She has been a passionate debater for seven years and a dedicated instructor for the past four. As an instructor, she manages students ranging from 8-14 years old to nurture and developed the foundational concepts and skill behind all higher-level debate. Her teaching method includes interactive games and activities that would focus on honing the ability of students to structure arguments.
  • As a debate coach, Elisa works with schools to prepare teams for national level competition by providing research, speech feedback and casing seminars on geopolitical affairs, cutting-edge research, and controversial issues. During the summer, Elisa interned at Victory Briefs Institute as a debate instructor and worked with a lab of 12 high school students to improve framework, speeches and rebuttals, judge adaptation, and narrative casing. Elisa is a lifelong and accomplished debater with a strong passion to teach others the excitement of debating.


Position: DPSI Tutor
Yale University: Bachelor of Economic & Ethnicity, Race, and Migration

Key Qualification:

US Team at World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship
Vice-President of High School Model UN Team
Runner-Up at National High School Ethics Bowl Tournament


  • As a junior in Yale College Bajicompetes with the Yale Mock Trial Association, coaches with the Advanced Debate Institute, and conducts health economics research.
  • In high school at Choate Rosemary Hall, he served as the co-captain of the school’s debate team and vice president of the Model UN team. This efforts led him to represent the USA at the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship (WIDPSC) in Cape Town, South Africa and to the final stage of the National High School Ethics Bowl Tournament.
  • He believes that debate education should expand far outside of the activity itself and prepare students to speak confidently and passionately on issues that matter to them.

Thomas Song

Position: DPSI Tutor
University of Chicago: Bachelor of Political Science

Key Qualification:

Winner of Debating Association of New England Independent School
Winner of National Speech and Debate Association Leagues


  • Thomas attended high school at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts and is currently a sophomore at the University of Chicago. He found his passion for public speaking and debate in middle school, TASIS England, where he was an active member of his school’s debate team and went on to compete at the World Scholar’s Cup in Singapore.
  • Thomas has experience of both Parliamentary-Extemporaneous and Public Form debate styles and won several first place individual and team awards in both the Debating Association of New England Independent Schools and National Speech and Debate Association leagues.

Watch A Preview Of Our Class

Which Level Should My Child Join?


(Age 5 to 6)

Your child understands more words than he can say, and is learning as many as 5-10 new words each day. Vocabulary growth is so rapid at this age that your child’s brain often thinks faster than he can say what’s on his mind. This class is perfect to introduce the concepts of public speaking in early childhood education. Your child will develop verbal fluency and confidence to use English regularly through interactive games and oral exercise

Lower Primary

(Age 6 to 9)

Children this age are exploring their community and world, developing social relationships, learning to read, and beginning to process information to solve problems. This entry level debate class introduces the fundamental skills and rules of debating to beginners. Through implementing curriculum designed by debaters from Ivy League universities and current or former national champions, your child will begin to think critically and logically.

Upper Primary

(Age 10 to 11)

Budding public speakers and debater are nurtured into a confident and capable orator and debater. Your child will be guided through mock debate, peer brainstorming, and technical exercises. Our coaches will train students with analytical exercise and provide constant feedbacks, to develop a sharp reasoning that enable them to delve into complex local and global issues.

Lower Secondary

(Age 12+)

Aspiring public speakers and debater are developed into an impactful and persuasive orator. Your child will experience mock debate, collaborate with their team independently, and undergo intermediate level technical exercise under our coach’s supervision. Our coaches will hone student’s ability to think critically, research thoroughly, speak persuasively in local and global issues that are nuanced and seemingly abstract and disconnected.

High School

(14 years +)

Our students will be graduate into a strong and versatile orator and debater, through regular mock debates, independent collaboration with their peers, and advanced technical exercise. Our coaches will develop the student’s ability to analyse and breakdown any topic swiftly, research efficiently, craft strong and innovative arguments, and produce quick and sharp counterarguments in a formal debate.

What Parents Are Saying

Parent, Primary 6, St. Paul's College Primary School

My son said the setting encouraged him to speak more. Through impromptu exercises, he learned to be more instanteous and responsive, and quick to think on his feet which was different from the course he attended in (the top leading centers in Hong Kong where the topic was given one week in advance). He enjoyed speaking more here at DPSI at See Change because topics are diverse and interesting, such as “should we continue online teaching for the rest of 2020” and “do we as citizens have a responsibility to protect the environment.” My son used to be quite shy but I am glad to see him enjoy speaking proactively in class now.

Parent, Form 1, German Adrian Lui, Swiss International School

My son has never expressed any interest in debate after trying multiple debate courses. However, he recently joined See Change's summer debate course and, at the end of the course, he proactively asked to sign up for their regular term debate class. He especially found the topics interesting and different from the typical topics offered in an introductory debate course. The instructor was approachable and very experienced as well. I'm very happy that my son now has a positive and keen interest in debate. Thank you See Change!

Parent, Primary 5, ISF, Carol Chan, Debate

When I asked my daughter how was the class on a scale of 1 to 10, she gave it a score of "14" I think that says it all!

Founder’s Message

Rita Pang

Founder & Principal Tutor
Bachelor of Economics, Harvard University
Juris Doctor (J.D), Law, Duke University School of Law 

Education unleashes freedom of the mind. At See Change, we are committed to bringing world-class education curriculum and programs to students across the world.

Our aim is to provide a positive environment in which future generations can learn through exploration, gain access to the best global resources for personalized needs, interact with learners across geographic areas with diverse perspectives, and find their true selves.

We aspire to build a community of leaders, where future world-changers can appreciate the value of collaboration and develop a guiding moral compass with a strong sense of responsibility towards the community and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the online classes effective?

We’ve been conducting our classes online from the start and have the infrastructure and teaching methods in place to ensure the best experience for your child. But don’t take our word for it. Sit in for the free trial class to experience the engaging lessons for yourself.

Would going for See Change Debate & Public Speaking Programme give my child extra workload?

Our classes only take up 1 hour of your child’s time every week. What’s more, we encourage on-the-spot thinking and discussions so students won’t have to do in-depth research or homework before classes.

Will my child be able to keep up with the classes?

Class size is kept to a maximum of 8 students to ensure each student receive optimal attention. What’s more, every student will get the opportunity to explain their views, clarify any doubts and build up their confidence. By speaking and explaining, students learn to identify their knowledge gap and process what they learn more deeply.

What is the best time for a child to start learning?

It has been scientifically proven that between the ages of 3 to 14, our brain is at its peak of its development. We recommend any child within the age of 5 to 14 to try out this programme to stimulate their brains and pick up critical life skills.

Aspiring debaters with background are also welcomed to join our competitive level to sharpen their skills and get the opportunity to compete —and excel—at regional and national competitions.


Are there any awards and validation for the debate competitions you hold?

Yes, International Public Debate Association for Circuit (USA) and American Parliamentary Debate Association (USA) are our official officiating & award certification body. Rest assure the awards won are nationally (USA) recognised

Are the programme fees expensive?

Our programme fees are affordable and highly competitive compared to other debate programmes. What’s more, we’re able to reduce our fees as lessons are conducted online and accessible to students globally without compromising on quality.

Studies have found that debate improves reading ability, grades, school attendance, self-esteem, and interest in school (Duffin, Frank, Latitudes in Learning). 

A stunning 98.58% of debate students go on to attend college, and debate participation increases the chances of being offered college scholarships (Billman, J. & Christiensen, H. 2008).

More importantly, the invaluable life skills that are applicable in school will stick with your child for the rest of his life. Start to see your child take ownership over their own intellectual development and take on whatever life chooses to throw at them with confidence.

Free 1 Hour Trial Class With Ivy League Tutor

  • See the difference in our teaching methods and how we make learning engaging & relevant
  • Learn how our programme can improve your child’s critical thinking
  • Receive a checklist of activities your child can do at home to become a better debater 
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