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MOE Registered Centre

Secondary 1-5 Math Tuition: Improve Rapidly With Our START Method, Which Helped 1628+ Students Jump By At Least 2-3 Grades, In 3 Months Or Less.

Some even improved from F9 to A1 in just a few months.

[Important Note For Parents:

We have resumed all onsite classes so that students can get the most out of their learning once again.
Covid-19 precautions are put in place for safety of everyone. You may refer to FAQ below for full information.]

After having taught more than 1682 students, I realised that for those who are already scoring between 40-60 marks, they can easily solve questions that are testing 1 concept only.

Here’s an example of a simple question that’s testing on the concept of Pythagoras Theorem:

Triangle XYZ is a right angled at angle XZY with XY=17 cm and XZ= 8 cm. Find the length of YZ.

However, when 2 or more topics are combined into one question, many students aren’t able to correctly recognise all the concepts being tested and the exact requirements.

This error is then brought forward when they write out the workings. When this happens, it’s common to see them lose 10-20 marks easily.

Here’s an example of a question that’s testing more than 2 concepts at once:

But why are they facing this challenge?

Due to the limited time in school and the large class size, teachers tend to either share the final answers or briefly go through the workings on how to arrive at the answer.

As a result, it’s common for students to not understand the reasons and logic behind why a question is solved a certain way.

Because of this, whenever students face a multi-concept question, they tend to get stuck, even if there are only slight changes.

This is why I created a step by step method to help students decode any question in the exam correctly and execute the 5 steps immediately after seeing any question.

With this method, your child will always know what to do, ensuring that he doesn’t look precious time and marks in the exam.

The result?

Many of my students can quickly jump 2 to 3 grades in 3 months or less, even if they have been scoring C/D consistently.

As a matter of fact, this method has helped students make a jump from as low as F9 to a Distinction, even if they’re in the bottom percentile of their cohort.

Some Of Our Students’ Transformations:

From F9 (Bottom 9% Of Cohort) To A2 For A. Maths & B4 To A1 For E. Maths
(Mohamad Arman, Mayflower Secondary School)

From B4 To A1 For A. Maths
(Xin Ying, Holy Innocents' High School)

From F9 To A2 For A. Maths
(Shreyas Bharadwaj, School Of Science And Technology)

The Secret Behind How Our Students Have Been Able To Jump Up To 2-3 Grades Or More Rapidly & Consistently

When I realised the common patterns among students who were scoring between 40-60 marks, I started to think of how to create a systematic system that would be easy to learn and apply to any Math question.

That was when I tapped on my experience as an MOE teacher and a Certified Skilful Teacher from MOE’s Skilful Teaching & Mentoring Programme.

The main purpose of this programme is to equip teachers (who have been specially selected) with a specific set of strategies that help students to overcome individual challenges.

Instead of using a one-size-fits-all method that most teachers are using in school, we customise the solution based on the needs of the students.

Combined with my knowledge of the 5 main steps to problem solving, I developed…

The START Framework

Using this framework, your child will be able to understand the requirements of the question and identify the correct topics/concepts being tested immediately and correctly.

This method even works for long and complex questions that are testing multiple concepts at once.

It helps to guide your child on the thinking process and the exacts steps required to solve problem sums successfully.

This means no more being stuck and staring blankly at the exam paper, wasting precious time… only to misinterpret the questions and answering them wrongly.

This step by step method will remove any need for guesswork, setting your child on the right path to solving the question.

It’s like having a Math teacher in their head guiding them along, which gives them an unfair advantage, especially during the exams.

The best part?

This can be used by any student to get a minimum 2-3 grade jump, regardless of what grade he is scoring now, even if it has been C/D/fail consistently.

Watch what our students have to say:

Who Am I

Hi, I’m Zheying, co-founder and Math Specialist of Good School Learning Hub. I am an NIE-trained, ex-MOE teacher with more than 15 years of experience in helping students jump a minimum 2-3 grades in 3 months or less.

I was also among the pioneer batch of teachers certified under the Skilful Teaching & Mentoring Programme by MOE.

Only a small group of teachers, across the whole of Singapore, was selected for the pioneer batch that received this certification from Dr Jonathan Saphier in 2011.

Why Choose Good School?

MOE lesson plan

Our curriculum is meticulously planned by ex-MOE teachers who have taught in schools for many years. We follow the syllabus used in the national exams closely, to ensure that our content coverage is complete.

24/7 Support

Our tutors are always available, even after class, to address any doubts that students may have. We also encourage our students to WhatsApp us in the event they have questions outside of our centre, as we really want students to maximise their learning with us.

Conducive Environment

Our students have full access to our study area, pantry and available classrooms during our operating hours daily, which they can use for a more focused self-revision or group discussions. This helps to support both self-directed and collaborative learning.

Our Iron Clad Guarantee

If your child does not see at least a 2 grade improvement in the next 3 months,your child can attend extra classes in the same week for other timings at no additional cost.

If he needs even more guidance, we’re also open to scheduling a free 1-on-1 consultation at certain timings to address the specific challenges he’s facing.

This means there is absolutely no risk on your part. We take all the risk to ensure that your child does well!

In fact, the START framework is so effective that I'm confident that your child will see at least a 1 grade jump in just 1 hour at the Free Diagnostic Consultation.

Who We Help

Upper Primary

Lower Secondary

Upper Secondary

Stop Struggling To Score For Math. With Our Help, Your Child Can Be The Next Success Story

Samuel Toh – E8/F9 To A2

Emily Than – D7 To B3

Nick Seah – F9 To A2


What Covid-19 precautionary measure do you have in place at your centres?

Are your lessons planned according to MOE syllabus?

How big is the class size?

What if my child can’t make it for the lesson?

Are your tuition fees expensive?

How fast can I see results?

Do you have any alternative arrangements for classes in light of the COVID-19 situation?

Hear from more of our students:

From F9 To A2 In 3 Months By O Levels
(Javier Chan, Xinmin Secondary School)

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From D7 To A2 For A. Maths
(Shirley Loh, Greendale Secondary School)

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Rather than doing the same thing again and blindly practicing paper after paper without knowing where he went wrong,

Bring your child down to our centre, so he can finally have some clarity on how to improve and feel less lost and less demoralised when studying for Maths.

During the Private Diagnostic Consultation, I will:

  • Look through your child's recent Maths paper like how a Cambridge marker would.
  • Highlight all the criteria that your child is missing, based on the official Cambridge rubrics.
  • Let your child try out a sample question on the spot and observe how he answers to give immediate feedback on how to improve.
  • Teach your child how to apply our proven START method. See his face light up from having an aha moment.
  • Share tips that your child can implement immediately to score better in the next exam.

Book your fully sponsored Private Diagnostic Consultation (while there are still slots available) by filling up the form below now.

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[Note: In view of the Covid-19 situation, you can opt for an online or onsite diagnostic consultation.]

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