How Would You Like To Earn Money 

 & E-Vouchers 

 How Would You   Like To Earn   Money 

 & E-Vouchers 

– Simply By Taking Online Surveys?

Let Your Voices Be Heard

Ever wondered how you can make better use of your free time – to earn some additional money and vouchers?

Whether you’re catching a break from work, commuting home or just resting on the bed, imagine if you could just take a few minutes to complete a survey, and exchange the points you receive into vouchers or cash to buy those wants and needs of yours?

In addition, what if your responses can help to make a difference to improve on the businesses and services that you enjoy using? Would that excite you to play a part to contribute?

One might be thinking:

What are the rewards?

You’ll be able to earn cash or e-vouchers that are usable in most merchants.

How fast does it take to see the rewards?

Many of our members are able to cash out rewards within the first month of signing up and attempting surveys!

How much effort does it take to complete the surveys?

Each survey can take you from 1 to 20 minutes to complete. The longer the length of the survey, the more points you’ll earn.

Will Rakuten Insight collect and use my data?

Rest assured, our team will never share any of your personal information with our survey partners. Only the survey results will be collected.

You might be wondering, how can I earn money?

For every survey you complete, you will earn points that can be redeemed for these vouchers below.

$5 of:

Grab Transport

Dairy Farm Group e-vouchers
(Usable at Giant, Cold Storage, MarketPlace, Guardian)

How to get started?


Sign up for free

Fill out a few quick questions about yourself


Take surveys

Take online surveys and earn points for completion


Get rewards

Exchange points for cash or vouchers

Don’t take our word for it.

Hear from others who have already cashed out on their points:

You don’t have to keep waiting for new surveys.

We will be constantly refreshing new surveys every week. Just look out for our surveys sent through emails or android application notifications.

In A Glance


Rakuten Insight

Other survey platform

Surveys received every month on average

10 to 30 surveys*

8 to 15 surveys


PayPal Cash & voucher

Voucher only

Screened out in a survey

Get minimum 1 point

Get nothing

Payout processing time



Google App rating



*It varies by member profile.
**It varies by item.

Why join Rakuten Insight?


Real surveys and real rewards


More than 20 years in market research industry

Global Network

More than 2 million members worldwide

Easily access

Answer surveys from Mobile phone or App

Attractive rewards

Cash and various choices of vouchers

Privacy protected

Abide by PDPA and GDPR

We’re also on

Take a look at what our members said

"I have received many vouchers after doing surveys from Rakuten Insight. If it isn't true, then I don't know what is."


"You should defnitely give it a try! Rakuten Insight is generous with the points given. The best survey platform with great rewards ever."


"I have been with Rakuten Insight for 2 years and got extra pocket money every month. I'm very happy doing it."


"Rakuten Insight gives amazing rewards when you answer their surveys. It offers more surveys and appreciate our opinions and make our voices heard."


Why waste your free time doing nothing when you can be paid for just by giving your honest opinion?

With Rakuten Insight points, you can:

  • Redeem e-vouchers for your grocery shopping
  • Rake up grab travel vouchers for commute
  • Or simply just cash it out through Paypal!

Now if you’re ready to start earning points and rewards, you’d be glad that we’re currently having two promotional lucky draws:

New Member Lucky Draw

After signing up and upon completing at least 2 surveys, you will automatically be included in our new member lucky draw campaign.

*New member campaign will last for three months, you'll have 3X chances!

Prizes: Up to 300 points (worth S$20) for 20 lucky winners!

Active Member Lucky Draw

ALL active members (including new sign-ups) are automatically included in our MONTHLY lucky draw.

*Past winners can win again!

Winners will be awarded points directly each month!

Prizes: From 60 points (varies by campaign type each month)


How does it work?

By signing up a free account in Rakuten Insight, you will receive survey invitation from us.
You can earn points by completing the surveys, and you can choose to exchange the rewards you like such as PayPal cash (most popular!), Grab voucher or Dairy Farm Group voucher (can be used in Giant, 7-11, MarketPlace, Guardian stores).

What company owns this survey platform? Can you trust it?

This online survey platform is operated by Rakuten Insight Global Inc.

It is one of the subsidiary companies under Rakuten Group Inc, the Japanese conglomerate which offers a variety of services in e-commerce, fintech, digital content and communications to many users all over the world.

Established since 1997, Rakuten Insight Global serves business organizations, universities, and entities from all over the world, sharing responses and opinions from our millions of members worldwide to provide key insights that help shape the development of new products and policies, while paying our members with real rewards for taking online surveys.

Do you really get paid from surveys?

Yes, definitely!

You can check out our Facebook Page or YouTube channel, there are many reviews from our members sharing about their experience and how much they have earned by taking our surveys.

How do you get paid from surveys?

You will earn points after completing surveys. Some surveys may have fewer points, but some surveys can help you accumulate points faster. There are many of our members have successfully exchanged for rewards in their 1st month of joining.

Is there an iOS app for Rakuten Insight surveys?

Currently, we’re only available in the Google Play store. That said, our team may expand to the Apple Store in the near future.

Why do surveys sometimes end abruptly?

Each survey has a target number of responses from users who fit different characteristics.
When that number is reached, the survey will be cut short for any respondent who matches the same target characteristic.

In such cases you will generally only be asked a couple of questions before the survey ends, and will only be eligible to receive the minimum reward.

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