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Learn the Science of Wellbeing
Empower yourself and others toward fulfilling, flourishing lives

Learn more about our Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology

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Learn the Science of Well-Being
Empower yourself and others toward fulfilling, flourishing lives

If you asked ten people what they sought in life, nine would probably tell you they want to be happy.

Ask them “how?” and you will find that majority, if not all, do not have an answer.

It’s no surprise then that many of us spend our lives wrongfully chasing after fancy cars, ‘good’ jobs and posh condominiums which we think will bring us satisfaction – except they don’t.

We have the tendency to pay too much attention to our weaknesses while neglecting our strengths. Sometimes, it feels like we are fish trying to walk on land.

It’s hard to fault us – after all, growing up in Singapore where survival instincts are foremost, we were never taught otherwise.

But things have changed.

There is an emerging field of evidence-based science named Positive Psychology that seeks to understand the science of our wellbeing through scientific studies.

Its goal is to study the factors that allow us to thrive, and more excitingly, it provides us with tools and interventions we can take to increase our wellbeing, empower the ones around us and live fulfilling lives that we can look back to and say – “we lived well”.  

Why Learn Positive Psychology

Empower the people around you

Positive psychology can be described as a science of enablement.

 You will learn a wide range of positive psychology interventions, tools and strategies like the 24 Character Strengths Assessment Tool which you can use immediately to empower others towards becoming the best version of themselves.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery

This field of study requires you to closely examine your own life – your thought patterns, your strengths, your relationships, and will deepen your perspectives on how you view people, situations, environments, and life as a whole, nurturing you into a more empathetic, optimistic and resilient person.

Live a fulfilling, flourishing life

Positive psychology will equip you with the knowledge and tools on how you can steer your life in a way that enhances the number of positive emotions you experience and lead you towards a fulfilling and flourishing life which you can look back upon and say - "I lived well."

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Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology

Lead your community towards a state of flourishing

In our six month part-time graduate diploma, you will learn intermediate positive psychology skills that will enable you to empower your communities, embark on a journey of self-discovery and transform professionally.

Designed with an emphasis on practicality, students will be equipped with evidence-based tools that they can use to increase the wellbeing and build resilience in the people around them.

This course is for people who care deeply about their communities and seek to transform into change agents who are able to lead both themselves and their communities towards a state of flourishing.

Common groups of students we receive: 

Educators, Coaches, Business Leaders, HR Managers, Parents

Meet Tara Schofield:  Once our student, now our lecturer

As a student you will

  • Graduate in Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology is recognised by the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA)
  • Undergo professional transformation as you become a positive psychology practitioner who is able to apply positive psychology interventions in your both work and personal life, nurturing yourself for director, training and managerial roles
  • Learn the key research studies of Positive Psychology and study real-life examples of how Positive Psychology interventions have made measurable changes in both the lives of people and institutions.

Our Positive Psychology Lecturers

Professor Ilona Boniwell

Positive Psychologist, Programme Leader for the first Masters degree
in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) in Europe

Jana Dawson

Programme Leader, Positive Psychology Practitioner/

Tara Schofield

Programme Leader, Positive Psychology Practitioner/

Deborah Thurley

Positive Psychology Practitioner, Mindfulness Trainer

We have three intakes each year: January, May, September

Receive a brochure on our diploma programme too!

Building thriving communities, one person at a time

Why Journey with Us?

Why Journey with Us?

We specialize in Psychology and only Psychology

Founded in 2007, The School of Positive Psychology is the only school in Singapore that is dedicated to the study of Positive Psychology. All our students are eligible to register as members of the IPPA and we have international branches in Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia.

Receive a world-class education

Each year, we invite renowned professors who lead the field of Positive Psychology over so our students can experience a world-class education.

One such lecturer is Professor Ilona Boniwell who founded both the European Network of Positive Psychology as well as the first Masters in Applied Positive Psychology in Europe.

A curriculum that emphasises practicality

While theory is important, putting what is learned into action is what makes the difference in people’s lives.

Our course is designed to impart our students with not only concepts that deepen their knowledge of Positive Psychology but also equip them with scientifically-backed interventions that they can use to bring about measurable change.

Enrol for a Diploma, graduate with a family

Learn alongside students from diverse backgrounds brought together by their desire to positively impact their communities.

You will broaden your perspectives as you take part in the deep discussions that take place on a daily basis. Moreover, you and your peers will serve to encourage one another to bring Positive Psychology interventions back to your communities.

Majority of our students, if not all, forge life-long friendships. A couple even go onto collaborate on projects after graduation!

Receive a brochure on our diploma programme too!

Some of Our Clients

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Hear from Our Graduates

The School of Positive Psychology has been an inspirational trail blazer in addressing topicsand interests whichare relevant to our contemporary framework. I wish it success as it continues to spread the gift of knowledge andinquiry into the art and science of happiness to many more people so that they can lead fuller, happier lives!

- Amy Lin

The Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology programme at TSPP introduced me to positive psychology-based works like Appreciative inquiry and Martin Seilgman's positive psychology concepts.

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I learned about how it could be used to impact the clients and organisations I work with in my leadership coaching and development practice.

My work involves partnering client organisations in developing the skills and mindset of their leaders to be able to drive change, deliver results and develop teams. I do this through designing and facilitating learning and development interventions tailored to organisational needs.

With my clients, I was able to apply positive psychology-based concepts like Appreciative Inquiry, Growth Mindsets and add on new tools I was exposed to, such as Solutions-Focused coaching, and Resilience.

Working as a coach changed after taking lessons at TSPP, as I developed my own growth mindset towards coaching. I also encourage my coaches and clients to embrace growth and to get out of their comfort zone, as they problem-solve and develop themselves in their leadership journeys.


- Edwin Sim, Leadership Coach

Attending the course at TSPP changed my life–it changed the way I view things, the way I manage life, and even changed the mood and attitude I choose to have.

The classes were small, so students were close-knit. Everyone was very encouraging and looked at each other’s strengths – the things that we often overlook ourselves.

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After undergoing lessons at TSPP, I find myself being a very different person from many I know in the working world. I slowly became able to spot out people’s strengths wherever I go.

I am able to look at the positive side of things, discover the meaning of doing the work I do, and really look at the little details of what makes life and work meaningful.

I'm also more capable of looking at others’ and own wellbeing. I prioritise the wellbeing of people I work with while thriving to work hard to meet goals instead of just running endlessly on the treadmill to meet expectations.

To apply what I learnt in class to the workplace, I used my strengths to tackle difficulties, practiced and expressed gratitude to people I work with, which changed the entire mood and vibe at work.

My experience of working as an educator changed after taking lessons at TSPP, and I became much happier.

I was able to see what drives people, and could alter the way I work with them. Since I was able to know what makes people happy, it's easier to communicate and connect with them, and they would also make sense out ofmy perspectives. Thus, they were more willing to try my suggestions.

Positive Psychology can help you become happier and more aware of things around you. And when you are happier, evreything you say and do just speaks and breathes joy.

Being an educator in Singapore can be a very mentally and physically stressful job. Having knowledge of positive psychology, and being a happier person overall has brought my job as an educator to a whole new level.

Having positive psychology knowledge taught me to be more aware and mindful, knowing when to prioritise self-care, and ways to use effective strategies to help myself cope with the stress that I sometimes face at work.

Now, I bounce back quickly from setbacks, and I’m also able to stay more focused on challenges ahead and I no longer get bogged down by work stress for too long. Learning about positive psychology definitely benefitted me.

Caroline Lim. Early Years Educator

Let’s Build Thriving Communities, One Person at a Time

So far it’s only been us talking to you.

By now you are aware of how positive psychology can empower you and the people around you to tap on your strengths and lead fulfilling, flourishing lives.

But enrolling for a graduate diploma is not a simple decision - especially with your work and family responsibilities.

We’d love to have a conversation with you to know more about the goals you wish to achieve, the issues you are facing as well as any concerns you may have.

Simply fill in the form and one of our education consultants will contact you shortly.

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In light of Covid-19, are your lessons conducted online or live?

Currently, we have shifted our classes online. Our current plan is to resume lessons in September but we will react accordingly as the situation plays out.

What happens if I am unable to complete the Diploma in 6 months?

While the standard duration of GDAPP is 6 months, students have up to 3 years to complete their Diplomas.

I haven’t studied in years – will the course be too rigorous?

GDAPP has a very high passing rate of over 92%. Most, if not all, of students who do not make the cut chose not to submit their assignments.

Will there be a lot of essay writing?

Essays make up just one component of the course. Even then, our lecturers will be more than glad to assist you whenever you require help.


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