5 Element Tea’s Weight Loss Herbal Brew

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I really love these teas. I have tried the tea for skin and for weight loss and digestion and I noticed a difference.

Dr. Lisa has formulated some good holistic teas that help stimulate your Chi and help your energy levels.

I felt depleted before starting her tea program. I highly recommend trying all of them!

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Great tea for every moment of the day. Restores energy and improves health!

I am a real tea lover and this tea is like a magic potion for youth, health and wellbeing. I started to use this tea while doing a cleanse and I could not stop drinking it even after I had finished the cleanse because it makes me feel so balanced.

I drink it at any time of the day or evening and it always has the power to restore my energy levels. My skin looks better and it cured my irritable bowel symptoms

Doco // verified buyer

Great simple, natural health tea. I was trying this out to reduce stress and toxins in my body in a simple, relaxing. I also love to drink tea so this product is what I wanted. In a few days I of trying I find it quite soothing when I drink the tea, and knowing it's therapeutic and good for me. I am very happy with the product so far and would highly recommend. The TCM that recommended to me suggests going with simple and natural products so I'm quite happy with this product find

Glen L.

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