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Engaging & Visual Based Online Chemistry Tuition

(Includes Lab* and Lab Demo Videos For Acing Practical Exam)

Using our method, jump up to 6 grades, in 3 months or less.

[We help Secondary (Combined/Pure Chemistry), JC, IP and IGCSE students.]

Engaging & Visual Based Online Chemistry Tuition

(Includes Lab Demo Videos For Acing Practical Exam)

Using our method, jump up to 6 grades, in 3 months or less.

[We help Secondary (Combined/Pure Chemistry), JC, IP and IGCSE students.]

*Physical Lab Lesson Complimentary for Sec 1, 2, 3 and JC 1.

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “Time waits for no man.”

The same idea applies to the national exams and the final year exams.

If your child is in the final year in school, he will still have to sit for his Chemistry exam at either the ‘O’Level, ‘N’ Level, ‘A’ Level or IGCSE.

For those not taking the national exams, MOE already announced that the end of year exams will still take place too.

Furthermore, MOE is pushing for more home-based learning, now more than ever.

So it’s important for you to help your child adapt to online learning since it seems to be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

At Achievers Dream, we believe that it is important to continue learning, regardless the circumstance.

With the right support and more time, your child will be able to improve his grades without unnecessary stress.

That’s why in light of the recent situation, we continue to conduct all our classes by doing it online.

Sneak Peek Into Your Live & Interactive Online Lesson

Your child will attend live classes through video call on the Zoom app.

  • He will be able to ask our tutors questions in real time, just like a typical class.
  • And this can be done from the comfort and safety of your home.
  • Your child will also get access to our visual colourful notes. They are so useful that we have non-students wanting to buy them.

Videos Going Through Past Exam Papers

Your child will get access to videos of our teachers going through exam questions and breaking them down step by step to explain the logic behind the answers.

Lab (Experiment) Class Videos

As you probably know, there is also a practical exam component in the national exam.

For this paper, your child needs to carry out an experiment and answer the exam questions.

This component makes up 20% of your child’s final grade but many centres don’t prepare their students for this.

As a student at AD, your child will get to observe how we carry out different types of experiments that may be tested.

Even better? Since our centre has re-opened, your child will also get FREE lab lessons!

Free 1-On-1 Diagnostic Consultation

Step 1

Diagnostic Test

Your child will take a short test for us to determine their current level of knowledge and understanding for Chemistry.

From this test, we’ll know exactly the areas for improvement that your child has to work on before they can improve their grades.

The test will also include a learning style assessment. You’ll understand if your child is an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner.

This affects the studying and learning strategy that your child should adopt when preparing for the exams.

Step 2

Tour Of Chemistry Lab

Our staff will bring you and your child to check out our fully equipped and MOE-registered Chemistry lab.

We are able to replicate the same exact conditions that your child will experience at the actual national exams.

This helps our students to be more familiar with the exam format and setting, which increases their confidence, helping them to score for the practical exam.

Step 3

Results & Cheat Sheets

We’ll go through the test results with your child.

They will know the exact areas where they have gaps in their understandings and why they are not scoring for Chemistry.

To help your child improve, we’ll even be giving away copies of our coveted cheat sheets for FREE!

These materials are only available to our students and cannot be bought outside.

Many of our students prefer using our notes to revise compared to those provided in school as ours is concise and summarises all the key learning points that Cambridge examiners will test.

So much so that we’ve had students who have friends that ask where they got the notes from. This is a testament to how effective they are in helping our students study and revise.

How We Track Our Students’ Progress

1 Hour Online Consultation Weekly

Your child will get to clear any doubts that he may have during this weekly consultation.

This ensures that there are no gaps in your child’s understanding, so he is prepared for the exam.

He can even ask questions from school, which will help him to keep up with his school’s pace.

Topical Tests To Monitor Progress & Bridging Lessons

To ensure that all our students have a strong foundation, they will go through a test under exam condition. That’s one test after each topic is taught to lock-in their learning!

Also, your child will get immediate feedback from the AD teachers after the test to further clarify any doubts or misunderstandings.

Those who need extra support will be able attend extra lessons for free before they move on to the next topic.

Online Resources Portal (Unlimited Views)

If your child needs extra support to understand the online lessons delivered, he can refer to our Online Resources Portal.

There are videos that recap the lessons, teach exam answering techniques, step by step solutions for practice questions and even recordings of the weekly Zoom consultations.

With these resources, your child can revise as many times as he wants to improve and reinforce his understanding.

This will help him to improve quickly, allowing him to jump
multiple grades.

Students’ Success Stories

We’ve helped more than 800 students from over 90+ schools all over Singapore.

Before joining our classes, 95% of them were scoring ‘C’ or below. With our guidance, 91.3% of them eventually scored ‘A’ or ‘B’ at the national exams.

From F9 To A1 For Pure Chemistry

(Isaac Goh, Bukit Panjang Batok Secondary School)

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From U To A For H2 Chemistry

(Jabez Ng, Anglo Chinese Junior College)

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From E8 To A1 For IP Chemistry

(Tan Jeng Qian, Nanyang Girls’ High School (IP))

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About Us

The Achievers Dream team is made up of experienced tutors, Master graduates and even PhD holders.

All teachers have to go through a competency test to determine if they qualify for an interview. They then have to teach a lesson monitored by our principal and will receive feedback from students regarding their lesson.

This feedback will be taken account into assessing their application to join our team.

We also conduct regular meetings to update each other on the latest teaching techniques and any changes in the syllabus.

We are Singapore’s FIRST & ONLY premier chemistry specialist tuition centre (in Bukit Timah) with the 'Customised Accelerated Foundation Method™ and equipped with a Chemistry lab to help students learn easier and faster.

Who We Help

Lower Secondary Science

Upper Secondary
(Combined Chemistry)

Upper Secondary
(Pure Chemistry)

IP Chemistry

Junior College Chemistry

IGCSE Chemistry


Why is it important for my child to score for Chemistry?

Who will be teaching my child?

Is there option for make-up lesson if my child can’t make it for a class?

Can my child keep up if he/she joins in the middle of the school term?

How many students per class?

How much are your tuition fees? Is it expensive?

Does Achievers Dream offer 1-to-1 tuition?

Will there be any change to online LIVE classes in Phase 2?

What happen to online classes when the centre is fully open?

Give Your Child The Complete Support For Chemistry Now!

Dear parents,

By now, you’d have understood the importance of practical in helping your child score for their Chemistry exam.

Doing Chemistry well now, will affect the choices will have for his education in the future, which will ultimately influence the career path he will take for the rest of his life.

The earlier you provide them with the full support for all 3 papers, the more time your child will have to improve their chemistry and secure a good grade at the national exam.

Having more time will also help them increase in their confidence and feel less stressed to improve their grades.

So sign your child up for a complimentary private diagnostic consultation soon and you’ll get the following:

  • [Diagnostic Test] – Discover your child’s learning style and knowledge level for Chemistry. You’ll know how to improve their learning and revision to improve their understanding.
  • [Chemistry Lab Tour] – Marvel at our fully equipped MOE-registered lab that has helped countless students ace the practical component and secure an overall grade of A/B.
  • [Results & Insights] – All the gaps in your child’s knowledge and understanding will be revealed. We’ll highlight the exact areas they need to work on to improve their grade significantly.
  • [BONUS – Cheat Sheets] – Reduce your child’s revision time by 30 hours and help them learn 2-3 times faster than the average student. No more flipping through textbooks to revise.

If you’re interested to help your child improve their Chemistry grade, simply fill up the form below and our staff will follow up with you to schedule a diagnostic consultation.

On behalf of the Achievers Dream faculty staff, we look forward to helping your child score in Chemistry.


Jerald Lie
Achievers Dream Principal

Register For Free 1-On-1 Diagnostic Consultation

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