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Achieve Clear, Acne-free skin with the NEW 8-step Everglow anti-acne facial

Without Painful Extractions & Redness

Witness visible results in just one session!

Limited Time Only: Treat Your Acne with 1 session of our Everglow Anti-Acne Facial @ $49.90 (U.P $180) only!

Only 48 coupons to be claimed. Simply fill in your details below to claim this promotion now!

  • Painless Extractions
  • Signature Drainage Detox Massage
  • Bespoke Everglow Anti-Acne Treatment Solution
  • ...and much more!
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*Valid for first-time/new customers only
*Prior booking is required.
*T&Cs apply

Clearer, Healthier Skin in ONE session

Every step of this facial is designed to treat every stage of acne's life cycle, from removing excess oil, clearing clogged pores, eliminating bacteria growth or soothing inflamed pimples.

This way, you can witness visible results in just ONE session.

Reduced Inflammation

  Our treatment solution includes many anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory ingredients that effectively treats acne in no time.

  • Micro-molecules that deeply penetrates your skin so we can treat it from inside-out.
  • Generous amounts of Allantoin, a natural soothing, anti-irritant and an effective cell-proliferating and healing agent that stimulates good tissue formation

    It also moisturizes and improves the texture of skin.
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 that is highly anti-inflammatory and works to deeply hydrate your skin.

Restore Your Body's Wellness

Acne is best treated both on the skin and internal level.

Our Signature Drainage Detox Massage can help you drain out your toxins, clearing up acne using an 'inside-out' approach.

Introducing the 8-Step Everglow Anti-Acne Facial


Double Cleansing

1st Cleanse: Oil-based cleanser to gently remove any makeup, skincare and impurities.

2nd Cleanse: Skin-smoothing cleansing milk to remove any remaining impurities and excess oil.

Together, they help cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.


Skin Analysis

Different skin types and acnes respond to different treatments.

After double cleansing, our experienced therapists will examine and walk you through your skin type and its affected areas.

This helps us formulate a treatment plan that’ll best suit your skin's needs.


Gentle exfoliation

A Gentle Scrub or Enzyme Exfoliant (for sensitive skins) will be used for exfoliation.

This helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, improving your skin’s tone and texture.

By doing so, it'll help our acne treatments penetrate your skins more effectively.


(if needed)

We will then extract stubborn blackheads and ripe pimples gently, clearing up clogged pores and paving way for faster healing of acne spots.


Bespoke treatment solution

We will specially customise an anti-acne solution based on your skin and acne type.

The combination of Allantoin, Pro-Vitamin B5 and other anti-acne ingredients will help to manage your

sebum control and treat your acne.


Everglow EXTRA Soothing Facial Mask

Made from a blend of ingredients with healing properties, our mask will help to calm and reduce any inflammation you have.

It also works to hydrate your skin fully, making supple & smooth to touch.


Signature Drainage Detox Massage

A light pressure that feels relaxing and therapeutic will be applied on your lymph nodes.

A light-textured soothing cream that accelerates healing and improves blood micro-circulation will also be applied.


Protective cream and sunblock

To top it off, our beautician will apply a fine layer of protective cream and sun-block to keep your 'new skin' safe from pollution and UV rays.

We'll end with a short 15 min consultation on your skin to check on your before/after!

Our blend of anti-acne ingredients include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid - reduces redness and protects your skin
  • Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water - excellent anti-inflammatory effect. It soothes skin and improves immunity function.
  • Peppermint Extract - it provides a sensation of refreshment and helps minimize pores and reduce swelling.
  • Pinus Radiate Bark Extract - anti-oxidant and free-radical scavenging effects.

Included: Signature Drainage Detox Massage

When it comes to acne, treating our skin's surface is not enough as it may be caused by disturbances in our lymphatic nodes, whose job is to trap bacteria, viruses and foreign substances.

The stress of our daily lives, poor diets and a lack of exercise, can lead to congestion of the fluids in our lymphatic system.

When this happens, it can emerge on our skins as acne breakouts - especially around the ears, necks, and jawline where lymph nodes are highly concentrated.

That's why at Nydia Beauty, our anti-acne facials include our Signature Drainage Massage - to help accelerate acne healing as well as prevent future breakouts.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

What You’ll See & Feel

Reduced Inflammation
clean & clear Pores
healthy, youthful Glow
soft and supple skin texture

What Our Customers Say

I have been using Nydia for a few years time already. 

At the start my face had a lot of pimple and it was very oily...


...but after going through some intensive round of facial for the first few months, it started to subside.

After that it was all about maintaining your face using skincare product that was introduce by Nydia. 

The people working there are very nice and would always go the extra mile to make us feel comfortable which is one of the reason why I like their services.

The facial itself is very relaxing and I would often drift off to sleep and waking up at the end of the session.

Many feel that facial is painful but from my experience there wasn’t any pain to it.

 I sincerely vouch for their expertise in the skin care industry.

Thank you!

- Mr Ong A

I was totally in love in my Skin Vitality Treatment, the overall experience was above expectation. The point that stood out most to me was that I did not feel pressurized to purchase any packages during consultation.


The beautician, Aileen provided a complimentary detailed skin analysis and consultation, she was observant and noticed that my sensitive skin is prone to redness during the skin analysis.

Her recommendation for my skin condition was to go for the “cold” treatments, a warm towel was placed on my neck area for about 10 mins during the process. This additional “personal touch” had a surprisingly comforting effect and I really appreciate that. She added the lymphatic drainage (neck and shoulder) to my treatment and it reduced the tightness of my skin.

I loved the massage as it helped me to drain away my water retention (which causes puffiness on my face) and it brought my body into a state of relaxation- so can sleep better!

I highly recommend Nydia Beauty Care for the great service and their classic facial as I felt the difference on my face after treatment.

- Ms Chua

I relocated to Singapore a year ago and started noticing a change in the condition of my skin. I began having breakout due to humid and hot weather here.


It was really frustrating and I did not know how to tackle the problem till a local friend introduced the beautician, Ms Aileen at Nydia Beauty Care to me.

Ms Aileen patiently explained the root of my woes and shared how their classis facial- Skin Vitality Treatment could benefit me. The 1 hour treatment was so divine and I thoroughly enjoyed the neck & shoulder massage which was part of the treatment. I was instantly relieved of my aches.

Know what’s the best part at Nydia Beauty Care which surprised me? A heartfelt follow up call to check that I did not encounter any discomfort or dissatisfaction within 48 hours. This gesture really made them stand out from other typical commercial beauty salon. I was highly satisfied with the outcome of treatment and their genuine service.


- Ms Banga S

I have been going for facial for many years and I have a very fruitful experience each time.


The beautician is very knowledgeable and is ever-ready to answer your queries and concerns.

The products are also safe for my skin. Nevertheless, I’m always looking forward to head for facial.


- Ms Nadia

Our Promise

No Hard-selling

A facial ought to be relaxing.

Any form of hard-selling is strictly forbidden - especially during treatments, allowing you a full sixty minutes of therapeutic ‘you time’!

Painless Extractions

Extracting pimples that have not matured can actually increase inflammation.

Our therapists are trained to identify only ripe acne e.g. stubborn blackheads or pimples that have pus in them.

Not only does this prevent infections, it also saves you from a whole lot of unnecessary pain!

Tips & Skincare Routine Advice

Beyond the facial, your therapist will also advice you on other factors that affect acne.

This can range from lifestyle habits, diet, as well as how to come up with an effective skincare routine that'll help you achieve blemish-free skin for good.

…More Satisfied Clients

I'm simply amazed by how refreshing and soothing a good facial can be, which is non-other than the Skin Vitality Treatment.


I've seen friends face being a mess after going for a facial which is why I'm reluctant to try it myself, however under the treatment of the beautician Aileen, I'm seeing this whole facial thing in a new light.

The service provided is top-notch. She went through with me what my skin condition is and go the extra mile to cater to that specific skin condition. You can really see her love and her passion to help people get past their skin problems. The ambience is cozy and comfy 5/5.

All in, since they are having a promotion right now, you should really give it a try.

- Mr Chen W

Did a facial session by Aileen and will like to appraise her professionalism in providing quality services to customers.


It was a really informative and educational session where she shared with me on my facial skin condition, providing perspectives on the good and bad of my skin, advising me on how I can improve the way I take care of my skin to ensure that I will look fresh and sharp in the long term without excessive treatments.

In addition, the whole session was extremely relaxing and soothing and I even fell asleep throughout the massage.

I can safely say that she places customers’ best interests over profits and I will definitely be back for more sessions in the very near future. Thanks for the professionalism and warm hospitality!

 - Mr Tay

My mother and I have been going to Nydia for years and have always been satisfied by the level of service and quality of treatment provided by Aileen.


We find her treatments / facials very effective, and Aileen would customise the treatments based on the needs of your skin.

 This is definitely not one of those run-of-the-mill mass market salons.

Highly recommended!

- Ms Ng PY

I love the facial and shoulder massage services! I have been patronizing them for more than 10 years.


My experience has always been very soothing and relaxing. No hard-selling and very sincere. This is one of the main reasons that I stayed with them all these years.

Love their after-care services as well. The beauticians were very helpful in addressing my concerns promptly via Whatsapp. The environment is very comfortable and clean as they constantly sanitize the place and their hands.

They also assure us through Whatsapp, Facebook & IG!

- Ms Aly

100% Happiness guarantee

Your satisfaction, be it with our service or results, is our top priority.

In the rare event that you find your facial experience unsatisfactory, we'll gladly waive the cost of the entire treatment for you - no questions asked.

(We'd  appreciate if you could let us know how we can improve though!)


We Can Defeat Your Acne

Aileen's, founder of Nydia Beauty, passion for beauty care began in her young adult days when she was plagued with a severe case of acne.

Despite trying treatments after treatments, it persisted for four years where she would coop herself at home, afraid that others would judge her appearance.

It was only after she met a beautician who shared with her about the science behind acne and recommended her treatments based on her skin's type did her complexion finally improve.

That always made Aileen wonder how different those four years of her life would have been if only she had met her beautician friend earlier.

Since then, she has made it her mission to ensure every acne-sufferer is able to receive effective treatments that pave their way towards clear, blemish-free skin.

To Clearer, Blemish-free Skin

Limited Time Only: Treat Your Acne with 1 session of our Everglow Anti-Acne Facial @ $49.90 (U.P $180) only!

Only 48 coupons to be claimed. Simply fill in your details below to claim this promotion now!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Painless Extractions
  • Signature Drainage Detox Massage
  • Bespoke Everglow Anti-Acne Treatment Solution
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*Valid for new customers who have not tried Everglow Facial treatment before.
*Prior booking is required.
*T&Cs apply

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will recovery take?

Acne recovery time often depends on how long it has been present for.

For severe cases that has persisted for over six years, it might take upwards of 8 sessions before we can treat it.

However, you may expect to see visible improvements after every session.

How safe is the treatment?

Our Everglow Anti-Acne facial is completely non-invasive and is carried out by well-trained beauticians.

Moreover, we adopt a conservative extraction philosophy that seeks to minimise irritation and damage to your skin.

With us, you can rest assured that your skin will not experience breakouts.

How long is the downtime?

As each treatment is specially curated based on every client's skin type and condition, we are able to adjust it such that it is effective, yet gentle on your skin requiring no downtime.

I've tried many DIY solutions and even been to facial salons to no avail. Will this work for me?

What makes Everglow Anti-Acne Facial so effective is that it was designed to target all four causes of acne by using the finest ingredients that have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing properties.

Moreover, our Signature Drainage Massage also works to drain out toxins from your lymph nodes, improving your wellness that is closely related to acne.


Are you able to treat severe cases of hormone-related & cystic acne too?

For severe cases of acne (i.e. cystic, hormonal) or those with skin disorders, we may or may not be able to serve you depending on your condition.

For safety precautions, we will need to analyse your skin to determine if we are able to help you.

We may recommend that you visit a dermatologist if necessary.


Will there be hard-selling or hidden fees?

Absolutely not.

At Nydia Beauty, your experience is of utmost importance to us.

Hard-selling of any sort is a big no-no, especially in the facial room. What you see here ($49.90) is all you can expect to pay for your facial session


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