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How Our Students Improve 2 to 3 Grades – Without Copying Notes, Memorising (Blindly)and Attending Physical Classes

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Have you (or your child) ever copied a ton of (often incomplete) notes thinking that you understood the topic, but draw a blank when you refer back to it?

Feeling like you didn’t learn much after the often ‘rushed through’ classes in school – even if you paid 100% attention.

And when you’re in your tuition class, you find yourself lost in a particular topic because you haven’t learnt it in school? After all, different schools teach different topics at different times.

Now suppose you have a copy of all the original notes written on the whiteboard and recordings of your teachers’ concept explanation (on every topic) that you can re-visit anytime and anywhere, would that help you learn and revise more competently?

Most importantly, you won’t be simply taught to memorise formulas, but know how to break down complex problems step-by-step and grasp concepts like a sponge.

This is the whole purpose of Numberskill Learning Centre: To give you the tools, competence and confidence to get the distinction you deserve. 

How NumberSkills Learning Centre Helps

Absorb Concepts Easily

Using teaching softwares and technology such as the interactive smart board, students are able to visualise diagrams and graphs in 3D. This is especially helpful for topics such as vectors and integration. Students are also armed with learning frameworks such as A-I-D method to help them learn in a relatable manner and save time during exams.

Emphasis on Understanding

At our classes, you don’t have to copy notes hastily and try to listen at the same time. Everything showed on the smart board is recorded and easily accessible online after class – even the calculator sequence to solve questions. This way you can 100% focus on understanding the concepts first and re-visit the notes when you’re unsure. What’s more, we have recorded lessons for every topic so you can learn in advance or repeat any lesson until you fully understand everything.

Specially Curated Learning Materials

You’ll be given a variety of tutorial questions with different difficulty levels to prepare you for all the possible questions that could come out for your paper. More importantly, the notes provided covers the primary skills for each topic, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things you need to learn per topic.

Attend Class Without Leaving Home

We’re the only tuition centre that conducts both physical and online ‘livestream’ classes at the same time. Having invested a lot of resources in the past few years to develop our online capabilities, we’re able to check and mark our students’ work on-the-spot, show teaching materials clearly and have two-way communication just like the physical lessons. In fact, 92.3% of students agreed that the online lessons are “same” or “better” than in-person lessons.

See What Students Are Saying About Our Methods:

Ching Wan Hern

Nan Hua High School 2013

From zero to A1 and A2 in “O” levels

Before I came here, I was really bad at math. I got zero for E math and A math at the start of the year and I was at a loss of what to do. That was when my friend referred me to numberskill. Before the first lesson, I had the impression that math tuition would be dry and boring. I though it would be difficult to catch up on my math grades with only 8 months left before my “O” levels. In Mr Ang’s class, it is also possible to have fun while working hard. All in all, if you go for Mr Ang’s class and you put in the effort, nothing is impossible. If there were any math tutor I would refer people to, even if I were asked 1000 times, I would recommend Mr Ang’s class. From zero to A1 and A2 in “O” levels, I’m not joking.

Jonah Goh

Anderson Junior College

Makes learning much more engaging

I have been in Mr Ang’s tuition since secondary 3 and have since followed him all the way up to JC2. I find his lessons very unique compared to other tuition teachers. He engages his students very well and makes learning math fun. He incorporates technology into his lessons which makes learning much more engaging. I always look forward to his tuition classes every week because I know that my 2 hours with him is going to be enriching and well spent. He was the one who sparked my interest for math back in secondary 3 when I was doing really badly. I went on and got and A for O levels and A for H2 math in A levels.

Beatrice Kay

NJC 2015

Mr Ang is a very dedicated and patient teacher!!

Mr Ang is a very dedicated and patient teacher!! He always manages to make math seems fun and easy and more approachable. His belief and confidence in our abilities motivates us to strive for our very best for each exam/test!! Not to mention he always forks out time for us outside tuition lessons to answer our questions amidst his busy schedule. His lessons are very enjoyable. He also puts in a lot of effort to make his lessons interesting and thus every lesson is very enjoyable and always filled with joy and laughter ? Mr Ang is also a very tech savvy person!! The way he incorporates technology with math has helped me view math in a totally different light. Like which math teacher would literally draw out a 3 dimensional plane, painstakingly plotting out all the points, just to aid your visual learning?!?! You only get this at numberskill Math Tuition.

Watch a Preview of Our Recorded Lesson

Mr Gary Ang

Founder & Principal Tutor (Math)
University Scholars Programme (NUS)
B.Soc.Sci.(2nd upper Hon.)(Math,Pol.Sci)(NUS)
Masters in Math (NIE,NTU)
Author of A-level Math Assessment Book

A dual recipient of the Dean’s List and prestigious University Scholars Programme, Gary Ang could have any job he desired. However, what began as a stint to earn extra pocket money during Junior College – tutoring – caught fire and made him continue on his journey as an educator. Today, Gary is recognised as one of the best in his field, teaching mathematical skills with innovation, with students' needs in mind, and with attentiveness and resourcefulness.
He’s also the author of one of the top selling A-level assessment books in Singapore and invited on Superstar Teacher to teach Upper Secondary Additional Mathematics.

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The Straits Times

POP Club Magazine

Channel 8

Superstar Teacher A Math

Sunday Times

The Straits Times 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your lessons designed according to MOE syllabus?

Yes. We meticulously and carefully plan each and every single lesson from scratch - right down to what teaching materials to use and how to teach. Our curriculums are not only aligned with the MOE exams syllabus, but also pay attention to the problem solving skill that will help them in all other topics.

Every school may teach different chapters at different times. Will your curriculum suitable for what my child is learning in school?

We teach our topics in a particular sequence that helps students see the flow from topic to topic. But not worry, even if they have not learnt it in school yet, they can watch the recorded lessons beforehand to get a better understanding.

What if my fundamentals are weak? Will I be able to keep up?

We understand that students are constantly learning new topics every year, especially for JC students. This is where our recorded videos will come in useful. You can re-visit the topics you may be weak in until you fully understand everything. If you have any questions while watching, feel free to ask for clarification. Existing students also have the option to re-attend classes that are teaching topics from their previous year without additional charge.

Can I consult the teacher outside of class?

Yes! We are committed to students’ learning and are eager to provide extra help for proactive students, especially during exam period. We also offer 1-to-1 extra bridging classes to get students up to speed with their learning. We believe with that extra coaching, students can walk into the exam hall confidently and ace the paper.

How fast can I see results?

While we do not claim our tuition lessons to be a magic pill, it is possible to see quick improvements in Math. It is usually considered a low-hanging fruit among other subjects such as language that takes years of foundation-building. Once students have grasped the concept and identified their blind spot in Math, it is common to see at least a 2-grade jump in 3 months, even from F to A.

More Students Who Have Benefitted

Gregory Yeo

Kent Ridge Sec 2013

His creative methods and simple tricks allow me to remember my work better.

Mr Ang is a dedicated teacher willing to go the extra mile for his students. He shows care and concern for his students and tries his best to help us understand the math concepts. His creative methods and simple tricks allow me to remember my work better. Before I went for Mr Ang’s tuition, I struggled with my math but through his help, I was able to improve both my maths to an A1 grade for my prelims. My 3 years with Mr Ang was an enjoyable and fun-filed years as he made math interesting and seemed manageable. Thank you Mr Ang for your help in getting the As in O levels.

Wong Munwei

AJC 2017

Structure of the lessons is well paced

Thank you, Mr Ang, for being a dedicated teacher who never fails to make math more enjoyable! The lessons are very fun and the structure of the lessons is well paced such that I am able to follow the lesson as well as understand the content! I am grateful that you put in the extra effort to answer our all extra questions! Thanks again Mr Ang!

Chay Yi Xuan, Rachel

HCJC 2015

Each topic taught in a structured way which helps students cover entire syllabus with ease

Mr Ang is an extremely dedicated and patient teacher who constantly extends tuition sessions just to make sure we cover more content. He does not turn anyone down regardless of how “silly” a question might seem and he would share challenging questions with us if he does come across any so as to better the class’ standards as a whole. Mr Ang has a dearth of resources for practice and each topic is taught in a structured way which helps students cover the entire syllabus with ease.

Furthermore his classes are always taught in an enjoyable and relatable manner; we as students look forward to going to tuition with him as he never fails to cause an eruption of laughter in class while acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge for math. I have certainly improved by leaps and bounds under Mr Ang and 10/10 I would recommend students weaker in math to join Mr Ang’s classes.

Still unsure if our method can help you (or your child) achieve better grades? There’s no need to second-guess. For a limited time only, we are offering a Complimentary Online Trial Class where you can experience for yourself:

  • How our framework and techniques can help you improve
  • The ‘Aha’ moment when a complex concept is made clear to you.
  • The effectiveness of our online ‘livestream’ classes and how it’s as seamless as in-person classes
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