How To Finally Stop Worrying, Restore Mental Clarity & Thrive in Uncertainty

Go from breakdown to breakthrough

 How to Finally stop Worrying, 

Restore Mental Clarity & Thrive In Uncertainty 

Go from breakdown to breakthrough

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When you get past 40 years old, life begins to intensify. Mid life crisis sets in. Retrenchment happens. Financial demand increases. Some people around you pass away. That's reality.

As our choices hold more weight, so do the thoughts that creep into our minds.

"What if I lose my job?"
"What if my marriage falls apart?"
"What if I lose another family member?"

This is nothing new. We all worry from time to time. However, the problem arises when we do it so often that we don't know what is causing it anymore. 

You just know you're feeling increasingly tense, agitated and under threat. 

Even if you mentally convince yourself that you're okay, you may notice these knock-off effects taking a toll on you:

  • Experiencing faster heart rate, shallow breathing and tense shoulder muscles
  • Start underperforming at work and avoiding friends as your energy is drained by your anxious thoughts
  • Feel a storm of emotions descending on you and the tendency to overreact to small things but can't pinpoint a logical reason why

But we cannot just turn off our worries and fears like a switch. So how can you prevent it from snowballing into irreversible consequences on your health, career and relationships?

What if I told you there's a proven way to 'troubleshoot' your thoughts, fears and emotions and not let them take control of your life?

Not only will you know how to examine your fears and understand why you feel or act in a certain way, but also remove the hidden emotional barriers that make it difficult to let go of your worries.

Here's the best part:

Once you gain this clarity, it stays with you for good. Guiding you to live life on your own terms and enjoy a better marriage, be a better parent, have better interpersonal relationships, make more money and live a healthier life.

Hi I'm Nancy Ho,

Over the past 26 years as a life coach, clarity messenger and state of mind specialist, I've helped over 10,000 adults from all walks of life— to take them from being helpless with their emotions and status quo, to eventually be equipped with the mental tools to design and live the life they desire.

Many of them tell me that they..

  • Feel lighter and free of their emotional burden
  • Enjoy more peace, strength and calmness in their life
  • Enjoy better relationships
  • Could live more in the moment
  • Could be more present at work and actually do a better job

You might be wondering: What 'magic' advise did you give them?

Truth is, I don't give advice. I cannot make them do anything, nor do I want to do so. I've found the most helpful thing I can do for a person is to show them how to unravel the root cause that is holding them back.

By guiding them into understanding the root cause and coming to terms with it, they are able to move forward and finally live life on their own terms.

Endorsement From JT Foxx, World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach

Don't Take My Word For It, Hear From People I've Helped:

"It's been a really truly rewarding journey. I'd like to thank Nancy, she's a person who I truly look up to. Her coaching is truly invaluable."

Dion, Banking Industry

"10 minutes with Nancy, I had a huge break through in terms of clarity (for life). It changed my perspective."

Hui Jie, Founder of 3 Different Companies

Today marked my 46th birthday as I write this testimonial, how would I have thought that I am at ease and peace with myself even in this pandemic period.

In 2017 I first met Nancy and started my consultations and peak performance coaching. At that time, I believed my life is ideal and everything seems fine, in spite of the fact, I had issue with my eldest son’s behaviour. However, when I worked with Nancy, it was like a “can of worms opened up” and I realised I had relationship issues with my eldest son and my husband, which stemmed from my dysfunctional childhood.

Through Nancy’s coaching, I eventually resolved all these issues. I am aligned in my infinite potential living an uplifted and enriched life. I will never be able to live in my authentic self without your coaching and guidance. I am grateful to you, I would not be where I am today. Thank you Nancy.

Klare Ong, Financial & Wellness Coach

What to Expect During Your Deep Dive Private Coaching Session 


Undivided attention to understand your needs, challenges & what you want to achieve


Sort through the complexity of emotions you're experiencing through honest feedback and impartial perspective


Get to the root of problem by accessing the subconscious mind


Sever the emotional barrier that’s weighing you down and replace with an empowering belief that represents your true self


Intensive coaching with actionable steps to lock-in the transformation

Why My Method Deliver Results

No-Nonsense Approach 

While talk therapy and motivation talks can make us feel better, you may already know that they rarely ever solve the problem. Instead, real results only come when you truly accept and take action to live the hard truth. This is difficult to do on our own. But with the help of my hypnotherapy and deep-dive coaching, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer.   

Lasting Results By Resolving Inner Conflicts 

Yes, seminars, motivational talks and coaching can give us results. But you may find the results to be temporary, often lasting up to only 6 months. This is because relying on willpower and good feelings can only take us so far. To lock-in the transformation and results, we have to go deeper into your mind and resolve the limiting belief that’s still holding you back.    

Over 26 years Of Professional Coaching Experience 

It’s no secret that experience does matter. Having an experienced, proven coach who knows the potholes to avoid can save you up to years of unnecessary suffering. In fact, it pains me to see clients coming to me only when the damage has been done and decades have been wasted. With my years of experience and proven strategies, rest assure that you are in safe hands.

Are You...

  • Stuck mulling over the future, constantly worrying about the worst possible outcome and unclear what the next course of action should be?
  • Having a sense that problems never improve, despite receiving help from friends and family
  • Having difficulty concentrating on work, unmotivated and feel like you're getting burnt-out
  • Unhappy in your relationship(s)...but don't know what's wrong even after trying out many options to address the problem?
  • Read a lot of books about personal development/self-help but can't seem to correct your behavior?

If you fall under any of the categories above and currently feel like there is always something holding you back...

Don't worry, I'm here to guide you along in your journey of self-discovery and transformation to help you create the life you truly desire.

I think you'd agree with me that there is no point going through the process if you feel uncomfortable opening up and speaking with me. What's more, you may be skeptical as life coaching and transformational work is rarely heard in Singapore.

This is why I'm offering a free phone consultation for you to decide if we are a good fit and add value to you. You can ask as many questions as you want to clarify your doubts. You will not only risk nothing, but may also gain a better understanding of your current situation.

More Transformation Stories

Gabriel Chan

Managing Director, JP Morgan Singapore (retired)

Nancy was able to helped me to uncover the root cause of my issue and got rid of my emotional burden. I felt like a huge chain being lifted off my shoulders. Since then I am much happier, lively and have a much more positive outlook in my life. Nancy methodology is simple and yet effective.

Since I have benefitted so much from the therapy, I got my wife to signed up for Nancy’s course and she also benefitted loads from her work. My wife and I are on the same page, we are aligned and enjoy a great relationship.

In fact, my realisation from the therapy and course is that when we get rid of our emotional baggages, we gain clarity to live a purposefully and meaningfully life. I often share my experiences with my friends and highly recommend Nancy’s work to anyone who wants to maximise their life. I will always treasure her as my lifetime friend. Thank you Nancy.

Tanya Arler


The work I have done with Nancy Ho was truly life changing and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. I went to her when I had no energy, was full of self-doubt and struggled with juggling motherhood, my work life and an international move.

Her insightful coaching, direct approach to addressing the issues, and sincere empathy combined with her powerful hypnotherapy brought me out of my funk in a fraction of the time it would have taken with a more traditional approach.

She has since helped my whole family find balance in their lives and I have left issues behind that I had been carrying for decades. I cannot express how grateful I am that Nancy has been in my life.

Who Am I?

Author of 

Love Reignited–Your Relationship Rescue Handbook To Stop Conflicts In 5 Simple Steps and Make Love Last Forever

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really help change my life?

Like I always tell my clients, I cannot force you to take action. I have the 'How' but you have the 'Why'. Only you can decide if you want to change your life.

You're a clinical hypnotherapist, would you perform hypnosis on me?

As an ex soft skills coach training people in leadership programmes, I find that people may be aware of their problem, but struggle to know what's subconsciously stopping them from fixing it. This got me to discovering a more effective way to get to the root of the problem -- by accessing the subconscious information using hypnotherapy. The source of your real problem will become clear to you, and you will be better able to deal with it and resolve it for good.

Don't worry, you will not lose control of your own will when in hypnosis. It is not brain washing or forced indoctrination. A hypnotherapist works with you by giving you positive suggestions when you are calm, relaxed and in a focused state of mind. These suggestions are always aligned with your highest values as a human being, such as compassion and forgiveness. These suggestions may give you strength and courage. You are always able to reject the suggestion if you feel it is wrong.

How are you different from other methods out there such as counseling and transformation workshops?

My purpose has always been to help people create breakthroughs by gaining clarity and equip them with mental tools that will stick with them for life. This means resolving deeper emotional issues all together instead of simply working on surface problems such as smoking and unhealthy eating habits.

Using effective hypnotherapy, I'll be able to help you access your sub-conscious, which is where your real problem is. The source of your real problem will become clear to you, and you will be better able to deal with it and resolve it for good.

It is a 100% personalised long-term solution.

Why can't I just find my life direction from self-help/personal development books?

Yes, you can definitely pick up a self-help book, and I'm almost certain you have gone through many books. But what are the odds that you actually apply what you read? More likely than not, you'll end up with just the intellectual knowledge.
Not to mention, every individual is different and has a different set of problems. A book you will only be able to guide you to a certain extent.

With a life coach and through careful facilitation, every session is personalised and you'll be held accountable to take action.

Is this related to any religion?

No. My clients come from different types of religion and beliefs. There are no religious teachings involved in the therapy sessions.

Do you offer online sessions?

Yes. In light of the current situation, sessions are shifted online.

Are You Ready to Maximise Your Life?

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

There is no better time to start changing your life. The longer you wait, the longer you are left wondering and stuck in a limbo, searching for answers to no avail.

Know what it's like to reach your full potential in your career, relationships and life with nothing holding you back, no matter the situation.

  • Disassociate deep-seated limiting beliefs & fears for good by discovering the root cause
  • Gather new perspectives, insights and renewed peace of mind
  • Receive personal support, guidance and accountability to finally live the life you desire

A session with a top transformation coach will cost upwards of $2000, but times have been hard for everyone.

That's why I'm willing to help sincere applicants who are serious and ready to create the life they desire starting with a free phone consultation, for you to decide if we're a good fit.

Simple fill in the form and take the first step to start creating the life you were made for.



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