You No Longer Have To Take High Blood Pressure Medication For Life Or Risk A Stroke By Skipping It

Discover How Blood Pressure Procedure (RDN) 

Can Permanently Lower Your Blood Pressure And Transform Your Life

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If your blood pressure (BP) is more than 130/80 mmHg and you have visited the doctor…

You probably already know that high blood pressure can result in:

  • death
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • heart failure
  • kidney failure and even
  • potentially lower your life expectancy

This is made worse if you smoke, drink, are under constant stress, and in most cases, fail to take your medication and let your BP go out of control.  

In fact, your doctor may have also told you that if so, it’s not a matter of will or will not … it’s only a matter of when.

Yet, reports have shown that 50% of patients still fail to take their medication1 (with ONLY 35% of those who do … achieving BP targets of <140/90 mmHg)2.

So, is that it? Or is a lifetime of medication the only way out?

What if there is now a better way?

What if you can now lower your BP without taking medication for life?

That’s right, no more meds, no more hassle, and no more added risks to your health.

But more importantly, a way out, especially for patients who cannot take BP-lowering drugs or don’t see results from taking them.  

Now, if that’s what you’re looking for, we may have just the solution you need – at a hospital near you.

1 Bruno RM, et al. High Blood Press Cardiovasc Prev 2020;27:109–117.

2 Williams B, et al. Eur Heart J 2018;39:3021–3104.


Blood Pressure Procedure (RDN)

Why Blood Pressure Procedure (RDN)

Lower Your Blood

 Pressure Permanently

 & Effectively

Results show that patients receiving the procedure achieved on average, a reduction of 10 points in their systolic blood pressure versus 2 points reduction who did not.3,4

Diastolic blood pressure has, similarly, been found to be reduced. 

Return To

Normal Life In A Day

Or Two

The procedure typically takes about an hour to perform.5

Most people are then able to go home within a day or two of the procedure.

This is because the procedure is minimally invasive with no harmful effects on your kidneys.


& Proven To Be

Clinically Safe

In addition to RDN being FDA-approved, safety data (up to 3 years) have found no significant short- or long-term side effects associated with RDN.6

Also, a comparison of patients who undergo RDN and those who did not, indicates that RDN is safe and does not affect your kidneys.

Esp. For Patients

Who’re Unsuccessful

 With Meds

Overactive nerves near your kidneys can cause high blood pressure. This is traditionally controlled with medication.

But with RDN, low power RF energy may be delivered directly to these nerves to deactivate them. The result? Lowering of blood pressure without meds.

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4 Schmieder RE, et al. J Hypertens 2018;36:2042–2048.
5 Böhm et al. Safety and efficacy measurements in the Global SYMPLICITY Registry, EuroPCR 2017
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A Deeper Look Into How It Works

Hear From Other Patients

Frequently Asked Questions

Is renal denervation or RDN effective?

Results show that patients receiving the procedure achieve on average, a reduction of 10 points in their systolic blood pressure versus 2 points reduction who did not.

Results are clearly statistically significant.

Are the health benefits from renal denervation permanent?

Yes, according to clinical studies, the drop in your blood pressure is permanent.

However, without question, it is still important to maintain your health after the procedure so as to prevent the recurrence of high blood pressure. 

For more information, please speak to a healthcare professional at a hospital near you.  

Will my kidneys work the same as before?

Clinical trials have shown no detrimental effect on kidney function from the procedure.

Will anything be implanted into my body?

The RDN procedure requires no implant to the kidneys or the arteries near the kidney.

Is it safe?

The procedure has been confirmed to be safe and FDA-approved.

How long does the procedure last?

The procedure typically takes about an hour to perform.

When can I resume my regular activities?

Your doctor will advise you. Many patients can return to work and follow their normal routines within a few days of the procedure.

Can I stop taking my medication immediately after the procedure?

Following the RDN procedure, your doctor will continue to monitor you and advise you regarding your medications and any potential for adjusting or modifying your prescriptions. It is important to take all medications as directed by your doctor.

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As you can see, Blood Pressure Procedure (RDN) can indeed permanently lower your blood pressure and transform your life.

And yes, no more meds, no more hassle, and no more added risks to your health.

But maybe you’re not fully convinced yet, that’s ok.

You should only undergo RDN with consultation and permission from your doctor.  

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