Why Is Your Child’s English Grade Letting You Down?

Most Students Are Learning It Wrong. Discover How Your Child Can Stop Feeling Lost, Receive The Customised Feedback He/She Needs, And Improve Up To 6 Grades

Hi Parents and students,
Have you ever wondered why most students find it almost impossible to improve for English?
Let’s look at the two kinds of feedback that students receive:

Customised feedback

Customised Feedback

Typical feedback

Typical Feedback

As you can see, typical feedback doesn’t do much to help students improve their grades.

Ticks and crosses don’t mean very much, and there’re no ACTIONABLE STEPS to work on.

On the other hand, customised feedback is very clear on what exactly when wrong and how one can improve for better grades.

And that is why at Matt’s Education, we do not go for a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching English.

Instead, for each student, we provide BOTH written customised feedback for all your child’s work and arrange a 1-to-1 verbal discussion with them after every class.

We also repeatedly immerse our students in current affairs and deep dive into real-life events.

So that they can impress the examiners with fresh and insightful content.  

And our efforts pay off.

Since 2011,

For PSLE, 90% of our students achieved A*, A or B.

While for ‘O’ Level and ‘N’ Level, 90% of our students achieved A1 – B4.

Hear What Other Parents Have To Say:

Teacher Marian taught my daughter Math and English. She is patient and strict with students. When my daughter transited from P4 to P5 which usually will see a decline in result, my daughter maintained her usual grades under Teacher Marian’s guidance. She had also obtained A* for both the subjects for her PSLE. Thank you, Teacher Marian!

Lee Keng Mother of Tay Yu Rui

Both my sons have enjoyed and progressed well under Matt's Education teaching. Their lessons are comprehensive and they also embrace technology to help in their teaching.

Additionally, the founder Mr Matt, is an approachable and understanding person (not forgetting his team members too). He constantly shows kindness and patience to his students. So it is not a surprise to see how much they have evolved and achieved over the years.

Han Kiong Koh Parent

Matt is a very dedicated tutor. Both my kids have gone under his guidance. They started with mediocre results but emerged with distinctions.
Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for what he has done for my children. The personal touch and the constant encouragement he has given them is really awesome.
I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a holistic education.
Thank you Mathew for your professionalism and dedication!

Pamela Chua Parent

Revealing How We Helped Our Students

Improve Up To 6 Grades For English

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3


(Paper 1): Differentiating Your Composition & Situational Writing – With Fresh Ideas, New Vocabulary

“Write a composition of at least 150 words about a good deed.”

Now, what many students would do is write about ‘helping an old grandmother’ or ‘returning a stolen wallet’.

Yet, it’s not hard to see that they’re not scoring beyond a ‘C’ grade for these.


If you’re the examiners, you would’ve probably read through hundreds of similar stories like this.

At Matt’s Education, instead of memorising model compositions or templates, we encourage our students to write fresh and exciting stories to excite examiners.

  • For example, we help our students build new content by discussing news articles, current affairs, technology, and trends from sources like CNA or Straits Times.
  • We also deep dive into those articles so students can write compositions from the target audience’s perspective (examiner’s point of view).
  • In addition, new vocabulary may be acquired via our fun word search activity!
  • Last but not least, we do novel composition topics, like The Yellow Ribbon Project, Mother’s Day, and Labour Day, where students get to practice their creativity and learnt content.
  • Then, our teacher will mark your child’s paper, give customised feedback, de-construct the writing, discuss one-to-one, and get your child to do a second draft. This process is then repeated until standards are met.

Don’t Take Our Word For It,

Hear From More Parents & Students:

Matt’s Education is definitely recommended if you’re looking for a good tutor to help your children cope with the local school syllabus and follow the school lessons more easily. Our two children at secondary level learnt English and Mathematics for three years under Mr. Matthew Lim. Most importantly, he was able to get my children, who had just come from Korea, to participate in his lessons and develop a good relationship with them. Thank you.

Mr. DK Nam Father of two children from New Town Secondary School and Pioneer Secondary School

Over the past 6~ years of being in Matt’s Education, I improved a lot, especially in English and Math. Before joining, I barely passed both subjects, but after a few classes, I found myself improving and understanding more than before. I enjoyed all my classes every week, as they were always filled with positivity and laughter. Despite the busy schedules the tutors have, they always found time for consultations if I needed clarifications.

Jingyi 2020 ‘O’ Levels Batch

I was coached by Mr Matt for my Sec 4 year. Mr Matt was always willing to help and ensured that we stayed on task. Matt’s Education helped me catch up on Sec 1 to Sec 3 work even though I only joined in Sec 4. Very thankful for Mr Matt’s help!

Shao En ACS (Barker Road), 2021 ‘O’ Level Batch

Why Choose Matt’s Education

Full-Time, Ex-MOE & NIE-Trained Teachers, Dedicated To Your Child’s Progress

Looking for a strong curriculum backed by experienced teachers (not part-timers)?

With more than 10 years of teaching experience as ex-MOE teachers, rest assured that our teaching and content follow the MOE syllabus closely.

But more importantly, we know how MOE and schools grade their students, allowing us to maximise and improve your child’s English grades easier.

Low Student-Teacher Ratios With Personalised Pace Of Teaching

Students are not engaged in learning, when the teacher talks while the students only passively listen. Such cases are unavoidable with large classes of 30 or more.

On the other hand, our lessons here are capped at a maximum of 14 (currently, we have on average 3 students per class), so the teacher can provide your child with full, timely support during the entire learning process.

We’re Strict, In Pushing Your Child To Get Work Done

Many parents ask what our style of teaching is like.

Well, at Matt’s Education, we believe in being straight-to-the-point and strict when it comes to learning.

Why? There’s no other way around it.  

To improve his or her English grade, the child needs to actually complete the assignment, be honest in making a mistake, and be open to rectifying it.

A Culture Of Fun, Laughter, & Team-Building

As parents, we understand that ultimately, it is grade improvement that matters. However, you may or may not already know that developing your child’s interest in English is just as important.

At Matt’s Education, our teachers specially curate our lessons and games, so that they remain motivated throughout the grade improvement journey. But that’s not all. Other than bursting a few laughs here and there, our teachers organise outings and even football matches to encourage social bonding and allow shy students to open up!

Our Teachers And Founders

A Sneak Peek Into Our Class

Who We Help

PSLE English students
‘O’ and ‘N’ Level English students


Matt’s Education

Typical Feedback

Our co-founders, Matthew and Marian, take a very hands-on approach in planning the curriculum and teaching at the centre. Matthew oversees and personally teaches the secondary classes, while Marian leverages her experience as a former MOE primary school teacher to incorporate best practices in classroom teaching.

Parents enrol their children in Matt’s Education with the assurance that our teachers are highly qualified in and dedicated to what they do best – teach. Our teaching team comprises only MOE trained teachers and full-time tutors with years of experience under their belts. They are well-equipped to guide students from diverse backgrounds and with different learning needs.

See Improvement In Your Child’s Grade

With A Diagnostic Consultation

As you can see, our Ex-MOE teachers at Matt’s Education have the resources and track records to deliver up to 3 grades, even if your child has been failing Math.

But maybe you’re still not fully convinced. That’s ok!

Simply sign up for a FREE DIAGNOSTIC CONSULTATION below and we will:

  • Assess your child's recent Math paper according to MOE standard (do scan the paper and send it to us before the consultation)
  • Discover your child’s weaknesses and strengths
  • Identify your child’s concept gaps on-the-spot, and listing the required actionable steps in order to improve
  • Share practical tips that your child can use immediately to improve grades in the next exam – All At No Obligations

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