Handcrafted leather Sofas –

 Add Real Character to Your Home

Original Tanned From USA & Europe 

Handcrafted Leather Sofas –

Add Real Character To Your Home

Original Tanned From USA & Europe  

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Bison leather’s epidermal layer is 3X thicker than a cow’s – resulting in a 40% increased durability and UV protection against the sun, making it the optimal choice for households who want a lighter colour-change and longer-lasting sofa for the next ten years and more.

In addition, bison leather is also abrasion-resistant against repeated rubbing or scratching.

Bison Hide


How We Ensure 100% Genuine Handcrafted Leather

We conduct regular quality checks with our leather craftsmen and production team in Europe before shipping to our showroom and warehouse in Singapore. Upon delivery to your place, a final additional inspection is required to ensure no damages during transportation.


The last thing you want is to pay for a sofa that doesn’t look and feel like what you have in mind.

We offer a wide range of customisable options such as:

  • Tanning process type used – waxed oil, rubbed-on, pulled-up leather
  • Leather type – aniline, semi-aniline
  • Grain type – Full, top, embossed grain type
  • TextureSoft, Firm

Find out more about what these individual options are when you come down to our showroom and give them a serious try.

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In fact, take a look at some of our colours below:



British Green


Caramel Cafe



Gun Metal




Light Brown

Light Olive


Military Olive



TS Rich





Our leather sofas are safe and recommended for hypoallergenic owners with sinus, eczema, sensitive nose and allergy to dust because it doesn’t harbour dust mites and allergens compared to fabric sofas.

Our 100% genuine leather is also safe for pregnant mothers and toddlers sensitive to synthetic leather smell.

Our leather is also made strictly without animal cruelty and is a by-product of cow and bison in the food industry. We don’t harm animals for the leather.




You’ve just invested in something that will last for a lifetime, looking better and better as the years go by. You can look forward to welcoming an elegant piece of furniture into your home that will only gain character with use.

Leather is a sturdy material that will only improve over time if cared for. Because you’re investing in something that will last for a lifetime, looking better and better as the years go by. We want to help you.

We offer our Leather Beeswax (worth $60) FREE for you to maintain your leather sofas with any purchase. We’ll also teach you how to apply and care for your leather sofa.


Our team will ensure there is no form of manufacturing defects. If we cannot repair it, we will offer a 1-to-1 exchange.

T&Cs apply.
Refer to https://locushabitat.com/pages/warranty for more info.

10 Years Structure/Frame Warranty

1 Year
Cushioning Foam

1 Year

1 Year
Upholstered Fabric



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Natalie Tan
Natalie Tan
Very thankful to have found out and joined Chu Wei's math class in the middle of J1. At that point i found JC math really challenging even though it was only the beginning. It wasn't until joining his class that i had clarity on the subject and true understanding. I really appreciated the fact that Chu Wei was always more than willing to help his students gain understanding rather than just spoon feeding answers. He never rushed his classes just to achieve the goals of that class, but instead ensured everyone was on the right track. Chu Wei is also a really dedicated teacher. He constantly seeks his students' feedback on his lessons and lesson materials so as to better tweak and cater to his students' learning needs and pace. Chu Wei continues to push his students to their highest potential. Thanks to him, i was able to achieve an A for math at my preliminary examinations. What sets him apart from other tuition teachers is that he constantly produces new higher order level thinking questions for his students to stretch them. His questions were created by him and were indeed different from the normal tutorial questions we did in school. It really helped me in answering novel questions during examinations. Not only does Chu Wei look out for his students academics wise, he also deeply cares about his students' welfare. Concerned that his students would be hungry during his lessons, he provides snacks and drinks to help his students stay focused. He understands the stress and struggle of being a JC student and would often engage in conversation with us like a friend to find out if we are alright. Understanding that sometimes students may be demoralised, he always implements new ideas such as a reward system to spur students on. Chu Wei's lessons were always one i could look forward too. No matter how tired and stressed his students are, he always manages to bring joy and laughter to the classroom. Overall, Chu Wei has definitely made learning a whole lot more enjoyable and i would definitely recommend going to him for math tuition classes!
Adhithya Raja
Adhithya Raja
Ever since Sec 4, I had panic attacks during Math papers in an exam setting. I had troubles managing my time and even after tonnes of practice, I often felt like during exams I encountered question types that I've never seen before. I barely got A for Math in JC Preliminary Exams and was lacking confidence. I did not want to risk it for A' levels so upon my friend's recommendation I joined AO Studies. The first thing that I noticed at AO studies was the conducive learning environment and the fact that Chu Wei, the tuition teacher, is so friendly and approachable. My favourite thing about Chu Wei is that he goes above and beyond and caters to your specific needs and identifies your individual weaknesses. He is very patient and teaches multiple methods to problem solving. Knowing that our attention spans are short, he holds breaks in between lessons where he passes you a warm towel and snacks. This really kept me going. But the main reason why I'd recommend AO Studies to everyone out there is because Chu Wei built my confidence from ground up in the subject by giving me the hardest questions from each topic to do. Instead of spending hours doing all the practice questions in revision papers, doing the hand-picked set of questions given by Chu Wei will prepare you for any exam in a very short period of time. If you can solve it, then it really boosts your confidence and if you are unable to do it, then he will teach you the method in a way that you can easily remember it. Either way, it's a win-win and an excellent time-saver. If you feel like you are lagging behind in school and all your work is snowballing then this is the place to go to catch up on your Math. I had a friend who is always 3 chapters behind the rest of the class for Math. After going to Chu Wei's lessons, she was 2 chapters ahead in no time and she got straight As. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you, Chu Wei!
In secondary 3 , my amath grades dropped from an A1 to a F9 which was really disappointing at that point of time. I realised that i couldnt do math alone and had to get some help. That was when i joined AOStudies at the start of secondary 4 together with my friend. I was initially hesitant on going for it however, Chu Wei made sure that all of us were comfortable during lessons. From passionate teaching to relatable stories to even snacks during break time. There is even a room where he set up for us students as a study lounge which is a good environment for us to all study together. Overall, a really good place to learn math in !! I really highly recommend that you all give him a shot !!
Justin Lim
Justin Lim
AO studies is not just a tuition centre and Chu Wei is not just a teacher Chu wei is not just an excellent teacher, but also a friend that cares for you holistically. He is very well-versed with Math as a subject and is able to pass down his knowledge and teach students well. Chu Wei does not let students memorise formulaes but goes the extra mile and explains why and how these formulas works. AO studies will never leave you hungry for food or knowledge.
Ezra Chionh
Ezra Chionh
Chu wei is the best teacher you can ask for. Not only does he teach well, he is also a very caring teacher. I really appreciate the mind wrecking math questions he gives us every lesson. Even Though they have me headaches, it really helped me grew to appreciate the complexity of math and how fun it actually is. The constant exposure and practice of these hard questions really made my a level math journey much more comfortable and I really have to thank chu wei for that. I also am ready grateful for chu wei being so patient and helpful. Despite me constantly bugging him to help me with questions, he never fails to be there to provide me with the guidance I need. I remember all those times I stayed back in class to ask questions and he will sacrifice his time to help me without fail. I'm really grateful for chu wei and highly recommend anyone who feels like math is too hard to join his classes. I'm sure he will make u change your perception of math.
manasa vetcha
manasa vetcha
Chu wei has one of the most effective teaching methods. From designing his own higher-level thinking questions to giving us ample practice on commonly tested questions, he covers a wide range of possibilities which in turn raises a student's confidence. His material is concise and helpful. Chu wei as a person is someone who is very approachable and is able to make his students feel at ease in a classroom setting as he prioritises their well-being. I only wish I had joined him a little earlier... Thanks a lot Chu wei!
Would recommend to anyone struggling at math. The tutor is a patient teacher who helps understand key concepts instead of going off pure memorisation. He clearly knows his material and has experience in teaching math. He makes his classes have a relaxing, casual atmosphere and he asks us about how our school life has been and stuff like that. Tests / worksheets given here are also challenging, to prepare us for whatever comes out in an exam. There's also a study lounge you can go to before / after lessons and the center provides quite a wide variety free snacks / drinks. Not a bad place to learn math.
KS Ang
KS Ang
I was struggling a lot with my A Math back in secondary school. Constantly scoring F9 and E8s throughout my secondary 3 year, I was ready to drop the subject once I hit secondary 4. My teachers back in school had strongly recommended me to drop the subject to focus on my other subjects. However, it was at the start of secondary 4 that I joined AO studies. On the first day that I met Chu Wei, he asked me: "Do you believe that I can help you score an A for O's?" His question shocked me as never in my life has a teacher ever been so confident to ask this question. I asked him how and he told me to just believe in him and complete all the work and practices that he give in class. Throughout Secondary 4, my A math grades were still within the F9 - E8 range all the way to prelims. Although my grades had barely improved, I was much more confident when I took my prelim examination as I felt that I was much more prepared. After prelims, I continued to follow Chu Wei's teaching and complete the work that he assigned. In the end, I manage to improve from an F9 to A2 for O level that very year.
jiamin tu
jiamin tu
For me, JC heralded a new era of challenges of such rigour that soon after school started it was clear to me that I needed help if I wanted to pass my classes at all. Seeking advice from my newfound friends, I then joined AO studies in hopes of salvaging my dire grades. True to what my friend had told me, AO studies was indeed an amazing tuition centre with a conducive environment to study in—equipped with every student’s must-have charging sockets and air-conditioning—and most importantly, a criminally underrated teacher who goes the extra mile for his students. Chuwei never fails to extend a helping hand with a smile, and his dedication for teaching really shines through when he meticulously explains concepts until everyone understands the content. That he makes sure his students are energised and ready for class (whether it be relentlessly offering us snacks and beverages or even just checking up on us every lesson) is just a bonus that reassures us of his caring for our wellbeing just as much if not more than our academics. True enough, with time, practice, and the concise notes we have been provided, I can say that H2 Math is a hurdle that I am well on the way to overcoming. Thank you Chuwei—I’m going to miss the hot towel breaks!
Throughout JC, I had a constant struggle with math. My math grades kept stagnating, often remaining at D. However, as I progressed from JC1 to JC2, my math grades kept getting worse, dropping from a D to a U. It was only when I received my first U in a continual assessment that I decided to join Chu Wei’s tuition through my friend’s recommendation. Despite having little understanding of mathematic concepts, Chu Wei always guided me patiently, constantly encouraging me to understand the mathematical process and concepts that is being tested for each and every question. In all of his classes, he constantly emphasised the importance of understanding the process of answering the question and dissuaded us from copying the answer blindly, ensuring that everyone clearly understood the steps he has gone through. Chu Wei put in great efforts to create questions that he incorporated in both practices and tests. These questions allowed us to push themselves to their limits to exercise critical thinking and think of solutions endlessly. Before, when I was with another tuition centre, I always believed that math questions were always fixed and standard and thus I constantly adopted fixed templates of certain formulas to answer the question. However, through Chu Wei’s lessons, I managed to break out of the rigid mindset I always used when answering math questions as he helped me to realise that math questions required flexibility when applying different kind of concepts. In many instances, Chu wei has shown to be a compassionate and patient tutor. Knowing how busy JC students can be and how stressed out we are near exams, he would always extend his help readily by staying back for hours after class just to help clarify our doubts and conducting extra lessons to strengthen our understanding of different math chapters such as vectors which is by far, one of the most difficult topics in math. In particular, I struggled with understanding vectors, often getting confused when he went through vector questions. Upon knowing about this struggle, Chu Wei offered to teach me vectors again separately through personalised 1-on-1 lessons online. These personalised lessons helped me immensely, allowing me to understand the concepts in vectors far better. Also, during his group lessons on the topic of vectors, Chu Wei showed great consideration by constantly checking on my work, pointing out my mistakes and errors and explaining the correct method patiently. Chu Wei constantly goes out of his way to offer help to us, asking us to bring our exam papers for review to further understand where our greatest weakness in math lies and the common errors we repeat in the exams. Other than helping his students academically, Chu Wei has helped us to develop values such as resilience. In the past, I used to give up on mathematic questions immediately if I could not get the answer. However, Chu Wei’s encouragement allowed us to constantly push ourselves and to not give up easily and be discouraged regardless of how difficult the math questions are. He has shown to be a kind and caring teacher, showing great concern over our well-being, often asking , “How are you doing today?”and having personal talks with us when we look stressed. Moreover, he always ensures that we do not tire and stress ourselves too much by providing drinks,refreshments and a 5 min break during lessons to refresh and energise ourselves. Unlike many tutors that I’ve had, Chu Wei is a friendly and warm friend who always lends a helping hand, placing great faith and belief in our potential and showing great patience by guiding us. With his guidance, I was able to score a B for my H2 math, a grade I deemed impossible to achieve with the U’s I scored for math in the early semester of year 2. Thank you for being such an amazing tutor and friend Chu Wei.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


We’re one of the largest leather furniture specialists in Singapore, equipped with over 500 pieces of sofas and armchairs in our 2-storey large showroom. Unlike competitors who order and import from retailers, we work directly with our leather craftsmen and suppliers from Europe and US. Additional site quality checks are also conducted before shipping them to Singapore.

Do you only use cowhide leather?

No, we also offer bison hide leather that’s 40% more durable and UV protection included.


Definitely! Our leather sofas are safe and recommended for hypoallergenic owners with pets because it doesn’t harbour dust mites and allergens compared to fabric sofas. And cleaning’s even easier too with just a simple wipe!


We offer a 10-year warranty for our structural / frame of the sofa and one year for the other sections. In addition, we provide a complimentary bottle of beeswax (worth $60) to teach you how to maintain your leather sofa.

We also offer value add-on services for leather maintenance, an annual subscription service for our team of experts to maintain the furniture brought from our boutique. Do speak with our consultants for more information.


We have always believed in letting our products speak for themselves, and there is no obligation to make any purchase unless you want to. Our price quotes are transparent and upfront. We recommend you to come down and give our leather sofas a try before making a decision.

Buying a leather sofa that fits your preference is an exciting experience. Some of us like a hard surface, others soft, and some even prefer a soft seat but sturdier arm.

That’s why we would like to invite you to our 2-storey showroom where you’d get to try out over 200 armchairs and sofas.

Additionally, if you upload an image/video of your floor plan or house, we’ll be able to recommend a suitable sofa when you’re here.

In fact, we’ve even seen many of our customers spending hours in our showroom lying in our comfy sofas and found it hard to get up!

Simply list down your details below
to book a slot for a FREE showroom tour:

Where To Find Us

22 Sin Ming Lane, #01-85 Midview City, Singapore 573969