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The Teacher Said That There Was Little (To No) Hope For My Child, Until I…

Discover How We Successfully Helped 3037+ Underperformers (And Achievers Alike) Overcome Their Real Issues, And Secure Up To 6 Grade Jump In 3 Months – Guaranteed

Hi parents,

If your child is underperforming in Maths, then you’re probably still wondering:

What does it REALLY take for my child to finally improve his/her grade?” 

Now, some may suggest more practice, some may promote their ‘secret methods’, and some may even outright say that they cannot help you.    

But as an ex-MOE and NIE-trained teacher for the past 22 years, SPECIALISING in underperforming Maths students, I can share with you that the hard truth is: 

For most underperformers, the real issue doesn’t simply lie in their learning process (it’s much easier just to teach).    

The real issue is the kids’ inner psychology getting in the way of their learning.  

As much as most educators may try to avoid it…

Your child’s anxiety, stress, fear, forgetfulness, low confidence, carelessness, ADHD, neglect, or even trauma are reasons why your child can be as intelligent as the next kid in class,

And YET, not be able to score as well.

In other words, to finally improve your child’s Maths grade, BOTH psychological guidance and customised teaching must be provided (very rare in the current tuition market).

Now, before you give up hope, the good news is that it doesn’t have to end like this.

At Kovan LC, our team of ex-MOE teachers have painstakingly spent the past 22 years analysing underperformers (and achievers alike), when it comes to their unique learning needs.    

Specifically, we developed a detailed and highly customised teaching template, which eventually transforms underperformers into top performers.

In fact, we’ve already helped 3037+ students overcome their psychological issues and achieve up to 6 grade improvement in 3 months – Guaranteed

See Our Student’s Grade & Psychological Transformation

F9 To B4
E Math
5 Grade Improvement

F9 To B3
A Math
6 Grade Improvement

F9 To B3
A Math
6 Grade Improvement


Kovan LC’s Secondary Maths Tuition

& Neuroactive Filtering ProgramTM

Revealing How Exactly We Secure Your Child’s Maths Grade Jump -

 With Our Secondary Maths Tuition & Neuroactive Filtering ProgramTM

Step 1 (Affective Training):

Psychology Guidance To Resolve Underperformer’s Emotional & Behavioural Blockage

Would you be able to focus on your job if other parts of your life are in chaos? Well, the same thing applies to your child’s learning.

Many educators neglect this because it’s challenging to handle. Hence, high achievers continue to do well while underperformers remain stuck, even with the same tuition.  

It also doesn’t help that school teachers are generally too overwhelmed to provide meaningful psychological help.

At Kovan LC, we first assess your child’s psychological profile like attention span, stress levels and mental workload using our EEG brain wave headset.  

Teachers are also trained to identify your child’s fears and personal challenges with the help of our clinical psychologist, Ms Rita Princi-Hubbard.    

Finally, we help your child overcome those psychological hurdles, fears and challenges using both positive strategic encouragement and 24-7 social support from the teachers (e.g. praises, staying back with students for extra clarification, surprise treats, checking up on students well-being).

Simply put, we are clearing the path so your child can learn smoothly as a high achiever does.

Step 2 (Cognitive Training):

Personalised Teaching Style To Quickly Impact Knowledge And Close Concept Gap

With the right state of mind for learning, we must then customise the teaching pace and topic focus to the individual students (that’s right, no one-size-fit-all).    

This is done by pre-identifying all your child’s strengths, concept gaps, and weaknesses with a test paper analysis at the end of every lesson.

The gaps are finally closed with a customised lesson plan for subsequent weeks, immediate feedback on mistakes, and targeted practice questions to bridge that specific concept he/her is struggling with (e.g if weak in algebra, it will be covered again next week).

Lastly, another review test is given to confirm that your child fully understands the Maths concepts.

But more importantly, Kovan LC provides an open and accepting environment for optimal learning.

Instead of passive learning, students are encouraged to make mistakes, ask ‘stupid questions’, and are constantly assessed academically.

Step 3 (Cognitive Training):

Effortless Understanding Of Difficult School Concepts And Word Problems Using Psychological Tactics

There is no other way to put it.

Maths requires logical thinking, visualisation, and precise application.

Unfortunately, the hectic school schedule means that difficult concepts and word problems are often not broken down logically and visually enough.  

As a result, students remain confused, accept the answer key blindly, and unknowingly assume the wrong things.  

The worse part is that the mistakes build on top of one another, causing your child’s Maths foundation to be weaker.

This shouldn’t be the case.

At Kovan LC, we take advantage of psychological tactics like colour codes, relatable real-life representations, and pegging of emotions to Maths concepts. 

For instance, instead of using x and y for algebra, why not replace them with apples and oranges?

Hence, our students can break down and grasp school concepts easily ON-THE-SPOT.

Step 4 (Behavioural Training):

Exam-Focused Curriculum And Clarification To Lock In Your Child’s Maths Grade Improvement

Last but not least, all is for nothing if your child’s grade doesn’t improve…

By subjecting your child to adequate test/exam pressure with a crash course before finals, we are locking in your child’s knowledge and mindset once and for all.

This is because they are getting used to scoring well under such pressure.

And of course, our ex-MOE and NIE-trained teachers would share proven exam strategies and drill on targeted questions to prepare your child academically.

Why Choose Kovan LC?

Tested & Proven Methodology

Backed By MOE/NIE-Trained Teacher

Looking for a rigorous curriculum backed by experienced teachers? With more than 22 years of individual teaching experience as ex-MOE teachers, rest assured that our teachings follow the MOE syllabus closely.

But more importantly, we know how MOE and schools grade their students, allowing us to improve your child’s Maths grades quicker.

Optimal Class Size

Of Not More Than 10 Students

In most classroom settings, the teacher talks while the students passively listen. This is problematic because not all students are engaged in learning. It is also difficult to track every student's progress in a large class.

On the other hand, our class sizes are limited to a maximum of 10, so your child will be able to receive sufficient attention.


In-House Resources

Every material given and taught is curated according to your child’s learning pace.

These in-house materials will, however, continue to be based on school and MOE syllabus as ultimately, we want our students to fulfil ALL criteria to improve their Maths grades.

To be exact, that’s dozens of pre-prepared materials to address all gaps in your child while ensuring enough practice is given to lock in the knowledge.

After-Class Diagnostic Support

For Parents & Child

You may be wondering: How do I track my child’s performance?

Well, parents will have access to our teacher’s contacts for prompt replies on the child’s performance, feedback, concerns, and suggestions for improvement from the parent’s side.

And that includes having our communication lines open even after business hours.

Our ‘3-Month Result Guarantee’ To You

We’re so confident that our teaching will deliver a MINIMUM of 1 grade improvement, even if your child has been failing Math that:

If your child’s Maths grade did not improve by 1 grade or more after 3 months of tuition with us, we’ll refund you 1 month of tuition fee. No questions asked.*

In other words, we are accountable to you and there is LITTLE TO NO RISK on your part to see the results we’ve been delivering!

*Your child will need to attend at least 10 out of 12 lessons during these 3 months.

Revealing How Exactly We Secure Your Child’s Maths Grade Jump -

Why Choose Kovan LC?

Our Awards, Certificates & Credentials

A Sneak Peek Into Our Classes

About Kovan LC

Large class sizes, long school hours, irregular meal breaks, peer influence, both parents working leaving little or no supervision at home – are some of the many reasons attested for kids not reaching their true potential. Not to mention long working hours and intensely competitive education, aggravating the situation further, as cited by parents and students alike.

While one way is to complain, the other is to stay calm, examine the reasons and engage in dialogues with stakeholders, before quietly going about discussing with an objective to seek a meaningful resolution for these problems. This is how we at Kovan LC began nineteen years ago. Underpinning our success was our no-nonsense and hands-on approach, built on back-breaking insane hours spent in understanding each and every student’s unique learning needs before coming up with a detailed and highly customised teaching template, which eventually led to the total transformation of no-hopers to top performers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child really benefit from your teaching process effectively?

The beauty of our teaching is your child doesn’t have to re-learn a new method.

Instead, our teachers focus on providing customised support and promoting the psychological transformation of your child from an underperformer to a high achiever.

Feel free to book your Free Diagnostic Consultation to see our teaching with your very own eyes.

How fast can I see improvement in my child’s results?

We’re so confident that our teaching will deliver a MINIMUM of 1 grade improvement, even if your child has been failing Math that:

If your child’s Maths grade did not improve by 1 grade or more after 3 months, we’ll refund you 1 month. No questions asked.

How big is the size of the class?

Class size does not exceed 10.

How is your class conducted?

Your child has the flexibility of attending physical classes, or online LIVE classes.

After the lesson, customised homework will be given to the child based on his/her weakness or concept gap.

Plus, students who miss the class or wants a refresher can simply re-watch the recorded LIVE lessons.

Nearing exam period, your child will be in the crash course program as well.

Are your fees expensive?

Our tuition fees are highly affordable and competitive compared to other tuition centres.

Come for a Free Diagnostic Consultation with your child to learn more about our fees and class schedules.

If Your Child Is Underperforming For Maths,

This Is Probably The Best Guaranteed Tuition Program You Can Go For

As you can see, our Ex-MOE teachers at Kovan LC have the resources and track records to deliver up to 6 grade improvement, even if your child has been failing Math.

In fact, you may not know if Kovan LC is suitable for your child until your child really tries it out for himself/herself!

So feel free to take advantage of our Limited-Time “Guarantee” while you can.

If your child’s Maths grade did not improve by 1 grade or more after 3 months of tuition with us, we’ll refund you 1 month of tuition fee. No questions asked.*

But maybe you’re still not fully convinced. That’s ok!

Simply sign up for a FREE DIAGNOSTIC CONSULTATION below FIRST and we will:

  • Assess your child's recent Maths paper according to MOE standard
  • Discover your child’s weaknesses and strengths
  • Identify your child’s concept gaps on-the-spot, and listing the required actionable steps in order to improve
  • Share practical tips that your child can use immediately to improve grades in the next exam – All At No Obligations

Simply Fill In The Form Below And We’ll Help Him/Her Immediately.

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