Discover how you can work in the CBD without blowing your budget

Simplify your journey when you partner with KLOUD.

For many business owners, looking for a workspace in the Central Business District can be a long and daunting task.

Finding an office suite that meets your expectations can take up to weeks or even months when you have to deal with so many options like different prices, price negotiations and renovation plans, and you just don’t have the time for that.

What if you can:

  • Decide on how much YOU want to pay
  • Pay only for the workstations that you need
  • Save time by shortening price negotiations

Now, you finally can with KLOUD’s “Pay What You Propose” pricing system that simplifies your journey when choosing a workspace.

For the first time ever, YOU decide how much YOU want to pay.

Instead of US setting the offer, you decide how much your rent will be.

In just three simple steps, you will be on your way to securing a private suite with KLOUD in the Central Business District.


Step 1 - Book a non-obligatory office tour and decide on which suite suits you best


Step 2 - Decide on how much you are willing to pay and submit your offer


Step 3 - If your offer is the most competitive, you get the suite at the price that you have offered

With KLOUD’s “Pay What You Propose” pricing system, you save time AND money because instead of us setting the prices, you decide how much you are willing to pay.

But don’t just hear it from us! These are what our customers have to say:

Carolina Rodriguez

We chose KLOUD because of its excellent location and easy access to many convenient services. Unlike other shared office spaces, it has more private spaces without losing the communal feel. The good mix of both small and large companies adds to the diversity of the business ecosystem, which also makes for a more interesting and stimulating work environment.

Leanne Yong

KLOUD ticked all our boxes. The interior I exuded the right balance of professionalism and comfort and the KLOUD team has been proactive in supporting our business needs. They’ve also gone out of their way to encourage tenants to mingle and create a positive work community. KLOUD is definitely more than an office. A place to work, live and engage.

Why choose KLOUD?

Save on your expenses

KLOUD’s fully serviced offices are already equipped and ready for business operations so owners don’t have to fork out cash for renovation or fitting-out costs as they would in a traditional office. You can start work immediately!

FLEXI Work Arrangement

With KLOUD’s flexible work arrangement plan, you can customize your office space according to your own schedule and your company’s size. You pay only for the workstations that you need.

Private and Spacious

Private suites provide the right environment for leadership and team growth, and facilitates better face-to-face discussions. Workstations spans up to 1.4 meters long, which is wider than the market average.


Commuting to work is no hassle when Raffles Place MRT, Chinatown MRT, and Telok Ayer MRT are only a few minutes away from the office.

What you get when you partner with KLOUD

Private Suites

Your own private suite for your company means you get to hold internal discussions and meetings at your own leisure.

Window Seats

Increase your productivity and motivation as you relax and enjoy the view from one of our many window seats.


Working alone? Enjoy some privacy in your own pod as you focus on your tasks. Bring a cup of coffee and relax as you work throughout the day.

Nespresso Free Flow Coffee

Enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you want from our Nespresso machine, complimentary service for tenants and their guests.

Collaboration Area

Open to all tenants, the common area serves as a spot to take a break and chat with each other. Recharge and revitalize before you head back to your work.

Amenities within walking distance

Bars, Cafes, Restaurants

Be spoilt for choice as you walk down the food streets as you browse through cafes, restaurants and bars. Happy hour after work for drinks!

Choose from places like Nankin Row, China Street, Pekin Street, Amoy Street and more!

More Food Choices

Satisfy your cravings for hawker food at Hong Lim Food Centre, only minutes away!

Near MRT Stations

Located a few blocks away from Raffles Place, Telok Ayer and Chinatown MRT stations makes commuting to work convenient.

Near local gyms

Located only a few blocks away are some of Singapore’s state-of-the-art gyms that you can visit if you’re planning a workout in your day.

Who is KLOUD suitable for?

Lawyers, Fintech analysists, Training Consultants, and other professionals looking for a business and corporate image will find all their needs provided for here at KLOUD. From the type of furniture to the staff’s service quality, what you need to run a successful business can be found here.

If you’re an SMEs or a start-up in need of small offices to run your daily operations, you will find that our areas have been set up to accommodate 4-20 pax, adjusted to your specific needs.

Any business owners looking to save on their overhead costs by reducing their expenses on unnecessary bills and focus on employee productivity and company growth.

Take a virtual tour of the office yourself!

How much can you save if you switch to KLOUD’s hybrid schedule?


Traditional Office for 2-3 pax

Serviced Office for 2-3 pax

Start Up Cost (Furnitures, Fitting Out etc)


Inclusive in rent

Monthly Recurrent Fees Cost (Utilities Fee, Pantry expenses etc)


Inclusive in rent

Operational Cost (1 Year)


Inclusive in rent



Between 30% to 70%

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I have secured a suite?

You will be qualified to be part of the selection after we receive your proposed offer. The successful offeror will be informed once a decision has been made.

I have a large team and want to move in so I can start saving costs but I am unsure if my company can fit into the office space.

If you’re planning to move out of a traditional office, our consultants will analyse your old setup and assist you with moving in. Your setup in KLOUD’s offices will be customized to accommodate your entire team.

I’m concerned if the workplace will be conducive for my employees.

Our tenants go through a careful selection before we decide if they are suitable for the environment so that our existing tenants will not be affected by their new neighbours in any way.

Are there lockers provided?

Yes, lockers are provided and are under tight security. You can leave your belongings your own personal locker so you can lighten your daily commute to work.

Will I know how much others are offering for the suites?

No. All submitted offers are confidential. You will be notified of your offer once a decision has been made.

What will be different if I went through a property agent, or an online broker to secure an office space as compared to approaching you directly?

Coming to us directly lets you experience a personal journey as we take the time to understand your needs and customize your plan accordingly before you make any commitments.

Can I rent as an individual?

Certainly. We have single workstations and pods available for individuals.

Are refreshments provided?

All tenants have access to free flow coffee from our Nespresso coffee machine, and you may serve them to your guests as well.

Save time and money when you partner with KLOUD

Finding the right office workspace for you and your company can take weeks or even months of searching. That’s because the choices available are overwhelming with many different price points.

Don’t waste time with landlords that will go back and forth with price negotiations because the prices stated on their websites are for the suites in undesirable locations such as being near the restroom.

With KLOUD, you take a tour of the workspace and decide on what you like before making any commitments. Then, you decide exactly how much you are willing to pay for that suite. If you’re the most competitive offer, we’ll honor our end of the bargain and you pay for what you have offered.

Book your non-obligatory office tour with us today and experience a time-saving journey for busy business owners when you choose KLOUD.


KLOUD’s all new “Pay What You Propose” pricing system
Get advice on how you can integrate your current business into our offices
Save time AND money when switching to KLOUD serviced offices.

Pay for what YOU think the suite is worth. With KLOUD’s all new “Pay What You Propose”, business owners and professionals can now decide how much they are willing to pay instead.

Convenient access to Raffles Place, Telok Ayer and Chinatown MRT stations, and surrounded by a multitude of local and international F&B offerings and everyday amenities. Come experience what it is like to be part of KLOUD.