Japan’s ‘Natural Hair Conditioner’ Helps You Tame Frizzy Hair Without Harsh Chemicals

Straighten your natural frizz/curls while giving it moisture!

Due to popular demand, we are only catering to 12 slots a day, so be sure to secure your appointment before all slots are booked up!

Discover for yourself:

  • Results that lasts up to 6 months
  • No more frizzy or damaged hair
  • Smooth, weightless, nourished hair

Enjoy 1 session of hair cut + Mucota Algana Argan Oil Soft Rebonding for Only $218 (U.P.$288)!
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Had a bad haircut elsewhere and went to Jo’s Hair Salon for a miracle rescue. Thanks to Tris & Joanne, they saved my hair from looking like a complete klutz. From the get-go, they were empathetic & advised me on how they are going to cut my hair so that it grows out the way I want it to be. Am happy with the results so far, highly recommend!

Chris Tan

Would like to give a huge shoutout to Joanne & team for their superb & efficient service! Appreciate the team's patience in explaining the entire procedure as it is the first time dying my hair. No hardselling at all and I decided to purchase 2 products which have definitely helped in improving my hair's overall texture and quality while maintaining the dyed colour. Will definitely support Joanne & her team again as a recurring customer and I encourage anyone who is looking for a good hair salon to visit theirs!

Charlotte Yeo

Jo did an excellent cut on my thick hair after chatting and understanding what my preferences are while recommending a frizz free treatment for my hair. Wendy, her assistant, gives good attention to my hair with light hearted chats. Great experience getting my hair fixed at reasonable price.

Amy Ong

Sophia Sophia
Sophia Sophia
The best Agent ever 👍
Hazel Oh
Hazel Oh
We had a pleasant and fuss-free experience with Felicia. She is professional in handling our queries, prompt in responding and helpful in communicating our expectations to our chosen helper. Thank you, Felicia.
darius lau
darius lau
Good service and very reliable maid agency, maid provided is beyond expectations too. Will continue to engage Maid Hub as my preferred maid agency. Thank you!!

Soft Rebonding

Remove Old Curls

Natural Straight Look

Soft Rebonding

Remove Old Curls

Natural Straight Look

Widely referred to as ‘liquid gold’ by experts worldwide, Argan oil has been used to remedy frizzy hair and offer protection against UV rays. It is often used for home remedy for health and beauty, especially countering hair loss.

Unvealing The Secret to Hair Conditioning

Mucota Algana Argan Oil Soft Rebonding

Lasts Up To 
6 Months

Argan oil contains vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 that hydrates and provides nutrition to hair.

It also prevents dryness and protects your hair from harmful UV radiation.

Say goodbye to frizz and hello to stronger, elastic hair!

100% Safe,
No Harsh Chemicals

Algana+ uses amino acid and cysteine that exists naturally in our hair to give it strength and durability.

It’s safer and does not contain formaldehyde, a harmful, cancer-causing chemical which can cause skin rashes, shortness of breath, eyes, nose and throat irritation.

Luscious Flowy Hair

Algana+ is formulated with just the right PH balance that does not irritate the cuticles.

The cream deeply penetrates into the cuticles to moisturise, soften and repair our hair, resulting in soft, smooth and silky hair.

Why Customers Love Doing Their Hair

@ Jo Hair Studio

Experienced Hair Stylists

“Do you want your hair texture to be straighter or more natural?”

Our hair stylists with more than 20 years of cutting and blowing experience will select the type and right amount of Algana+ lotion that’s best suited for your hair.

You can rest assured in a best experience.

Personalised Customer Service

We are a small shop situated in the heartland HDB of Redhill, which allows us to provide a more personalised experience.

Unlike larger establishments that may have a high volume of staff and clients, we can ensure that you always receive service from the same stylist you prefer.

Guaranteed No Hard-Selling

All our prices are 100% transparent. We will never resort to hard-selling tactics to get you to buy because only you know the best for yourself.

However, we may recommend hair products that can help to reduce further frizzness. There is no obligation to purchase.

About Us

Jo Hair Studio

@ redhill

Jo Hair Studio, located near Redhill MRT station, is a specialist Hair Salon with fully trained and experienced Hair Stylists.

We have more than 20 years of hair dressing experience in Singapore. Our professional services include hair coloring, treatment, hair cut, rebonding, straightening, scalp treatment, as well as consultation and advice on hair management and maintenance. 

We use high quality shampoo, conditioner, treatment lotion/cream and hair mask from Japan.


How is this different from Keratin and other treatments?

Algana is a cysteine-based treatment (amino acid) and cysteine exists in our hair to give it strength and durability. Cysteine-based system is a modern form of hair straightening treatment. This treatment uses naturally occurring essential amino acid to strengthen hair. It is safer and does not contain cancer-causing formaldehyde which is present in all keratin hair treatments.

Will there be any hard-selling during the treatment? Please be honest.

No, we promise there will be no hard-selling. We've always believed in letting our treatments and services speak for themselves and there is no obligation to make any other purchase or sign up for anything else unless you want to.

Is everyone suitable for this Mucota Algana Argan Oil Soft Rebonding?

Our treatment is suitable for all hair types. However, it is not recommended for anyone who have recently went through keratin treatment or have bleached their hair excessively. You may come down for a hair consultation and analysis if you're unsure of your condition.

How long is the session?

Please set at least 3 to 4 hours aside for this pampering session. This is a full soft rebonding session and we are committed to the highest standards of delivery. The duration varies according to your hair length and type.

Our Location

Block 63B Lengkok Bahru #01-356 

Singapore, Singapore 152063