YOU’RE ALMOST THERE: Final Quick 1-Min Questions

So We Can Help You Calculate Your Chances Better 

& How We Can Improve It

    Q1: What would you like to gain out of this customised assessment?
    *Tick those that apply

      Assess my chance of PR approvalExplore how I can boost my PR approval rateUnderstand the intricacies in the PR application processOthers:  

    Q2. What are your top reasons for securing PR?
    *Tick those that apply

      Career stability and progressionLower cost of healthcareLower cost of educationLower cost of propertyCPFOthers:  

    Q3. Is this your first time applying for the PR and if not, what was the last application and rejection date?
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    Q4: What are your Career expertise and experience area(s)?


    Q5: How long have you been in Singapore and what is the expiration date of your current work pass?