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What’s Inside When You Pay ONLY $29.50 $51.00

  • 2 Natural Hand Soap (250ml) *Worth $4.80 each
  • 1 Dishwashing Liquid (700ml) *Worth $7.50
  • 1 Multi Purpose Cleaner (500ml) *Worth $7.50
  • 2 Green Kulture Sanitizer (30ml) *Worth $2.80 each
  • 1 Green Kulture Sanitizer (500ml) *Worth $16.80
  • FREE Green Kulture Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth *Worth $4.00

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Hear What Other Singaporeans Have To Say



Very effective and smells great!
I have tried many different dishwashing liquids and this is my favorite so far. It doesn't leave my hands dry at all and it's good to know that it's non-toxic!



Great clean that removes grease from my dishes! I was initially worried that this wouldn't remove the oil and grease off my pots and pans but alas, it does the deed and even better - chemical free! Such a peace of mind ^.^


hallie t.

Dishwashing liquid Great product. It doesn't dry my hands like the normal dish washing liquid. It washes off oily dishes well too! Repeated purchases..


lecan t.

Great product! Remove grease effectively and use less water to rinse off.

But Some Of You May Be Wondering:
“Ah Ya, I Use Chemical
 Liquid So Long Already, Where Got Poisoning?”

Hi, I am Roy. The Founder of Green Kulture.

As a father of two young children, I’ve grown to become more conscious and aware of the types of food and products I use.  

And frankly speaking, I also initially thought that poisoning is non-existent. 


We don’t have to look far for the truth.

“A study … in the Singapore Medical Journal found that about half (49.7 per cent) of the 1,208 cases of poisoning … from January 2009 to December 2013 needed hospital admission.” – TODAY, May 2020.

That’s HUNDREDS of REAL chemical poisoning cases (per year) from chemical-based household liquids! (not brought to full attention from the public).

As a matter of fact, Dr Kao Pao Tang, head and senior consultant with the children’s emergency unit at National University Hospital (NUH), added that NUH alone sees up to one to two cases of ingestions of household cleaning products each week.

And of course, with children being the most vulnerable – when chemical-based household liquids are left unattended and accessible to curious children.

In other words, if you are a parent, a caregiver, or a pet owner, it is not hard to see that your loved ones are actually at risk of chemical poisoning (even if it’s a low one).


So, What Is The Root Cause Of All These Poisoning/Allergy Cases?

Well, you may or may not already know that traditional dishwashing liquid you bought from the shelf actually contain up to 20 – 30 toxic and cancer-causing chemicals, like camphor and cocamide DEA! (Source: Clinical Toxicology)

And no, companies are not LEGALLY required to disclose any of these ingredients (even after HSA and NEA's inspection).
This is something I find it hard to believe, even till today.

The worst part?

The consumers are the ones that bear the risks, until it’s too late.

And that’s why years ago, I decided to create Singapore’s very own 100% Natural Brand, Green Kulture – to educate & safeguard a clean, healthy and safe environment for families in Singapore

In fact, I am happy to launch our 7-In-1 Green Kulture Promotion:
“You can have your 7-In-1 Green Kulture Bundle Promo, sent directly to your doorstep – for ONLY $29.50 (with FREE DELIVERY)”

There Is No Catch

There’s No Salesman Calling In. No Hidden Fees. No Product Subscription.
All I ask is for you to cover my manufacturing and labour cost of $29.50.
However, I do have my own personal reasons:
1)I want you to be so impressed by the quirky clean and healthy results of our 100% Natural Cleaning that you’ll at least consider switching from chemical-based to zero-chemical cleaning.
2)I want to thank our Singaporean base, who have supported us all this time.
3)I want to further our cause and share our passionate belief in the importance of having good health and living in a safer and cleaner environment.
4)My goal is to offer a range of effective and affordable natural household cleaners available to all families, especially those with new-born babies and young children.

What Make Green Kulture 7-In-1 Promo So Special?

Baby/Pet-Safe, even if accidentally ingested

Made from 100% Natural Active Ingredients (Proprietary Water-Based Fruits-Derived Extract, Coconut Oil Derivatives, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, Essential Lemongrass, De-ionized Water)

Yes, that's one less big worry off your list, especially for families with babies or pets.

Gentle On Hands

No more dry and itchy skin!

Made possible with the power of natural fruit and vegetable enzymes, specially cultured via our proprietary fermentation process.

pH balanced too!

Concentrated With Light Lemon Grass scent

We do not dilute our formulation.

Simply apply one pump of cleaning liquid onto a sponge and dilute with some water for an EFFECTIVE and FASTER clean.

Lemongrass is also included in the formulation for a light, fresh scent.

Effective In Breaking Down Grease & Save Water

Fast-acting enzymes break down greasy dirt and tough stains naturally.

Wait for up to 5 seconds.

Then sponge with the water tap off to avoid dilution of enzymes.

Rinse with small flow of water. 


Tested & Proven To Be Safe

Who is Green Kulture

Green Kulture is a homegrown brand developed and manufactured in Singapore. Created with the goal to promote a healthier lifestyle through sustainable solutions and a chemical-free environment, we aim to make natural products more affordable and accessible to all.

Our products are made with natural plant derived probiolytic solution from fruit and vegetable enzymes that effectively function as cleaning agents while ensuring child safe, non-toxic results.

We hope to increase the awareness for people to start eliminating the use of products containing harmful chemicals that leave toxic residue on our body and in our homes. Through this simple lifestyle change, we can work towards building a healthier environment for ourselves, our loved ones and our Earth.


Why it is important?

We are surrounded by all kinds of pollutants and toxins. It can be in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the things we touch or wear. With the increase in concerns on health issues and negative environmental impact, people tend to focus solely on adopting an active lifestyle, changing dietary habits, health supplements and recycling materials. One thing most commonly neglected is the fact that we expose ourselves to countless amounts of toxic chemical components through everyday products, assuming they are safe to use.

Many popular household cleaning products tend to contain up to 20 – 30 toxic chemicals, from phthalates in synthetic fragrances, SLS and parabens to fumes produced in extra strong surface cleaners. Although many may deem these amounts to be negligible, prolonged routine usage may contribute to long term health risks.

Every household uses a combination of cleaners regularly. It can be hand soap, dish washing detergent, laundry liquid, floor cleaners and bathroom cleaners. We come into contact with them daily either directly or indirectly. Most people do not pay much attention to the toxicity of these products.

On top of health reasons, protecting our environment is now one of the top priorities for most of the leading nations around the world. In the process of achieving developmental and economical progress, our planet Earth has suffered more damage in the last 50 years than it has many centuries ago. The facts collected from many environmental agencies and scientific communities are very alarming. Waste water discharge contains a long list of toxins that are flushed into our sewage system and toxic fumes from the cleaning chemicals that we use daily. All these adversely affect our environment and eco-system. The best protection for us is to find ways to minimize such exposure and reduce the use of pollutants.

What is so unique about Green Kulture's 7-In-1?

  • Made from natural fruit and vegetable enzymes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Superior cleaning action
  • Breaks down grease effectively
  • Rinse with less water
  • No harmful chemicals
  • pH balanced
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Concentrated formula
  • Non-toxic
  • Baby Safe
  • Nothing To Lose But Greater Safety For Your Loved Ones

    As you can see, you can have your 7-In-1 Green Kulture Bundle Promo (worth $51.00) sent directly to your doorstep – at ONLY $29.50 with FREE DELIVERY

    Even better?

    Because our cleaning liquid is baby-safe and chemical-free, you no longer have to worry about chem poisoning or allergies in the family.

    But maybe you’re not fully convinced.

    That’s ok.

    Claim your 7-In-1 Green Kulture Bundle Promo and experience the results for yourself!

    Simply click on the button below and claim your 7-In-1 Green Kulture Bundle Promo at $29.50 $51.00 ONLY.

    We’ll even FULLY absorb your delivery cost of $7!