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English Tuition: Finally Ace English With Our Logic Modelling Method That Has Helped Students Achieve Rapid And Predictable Results

With our method, even a 5-grade jump is possible.

[Important Note For Parents:

We have resumed all onsite classes so that students can get the most out of their learning once again.
Covid-19 precautions are put in place for safety of everyone. You may refer to FAQ below for full information.]

Dear Parents,

Can you explain why this answer will get 0 marks...

Here’s another common answer that gets 0 marks:

“If you want to be expert in something, you have to break the rules.”

While this gets the full mark?

It sounds right? Longer answer? Not sure why?
How would you feel as a student if you were left to wonder why?

Unfortunately, this is a classic example of the experience students have with English comprehension. Students would receive marked assignments with red crosses all over, alongside model answers or essays to refer to—without further explanation on why those are grade ‘A’ answers or essays or how to avoid making the same mistakes. They are practicing blindly without more specific steps on what to improve in their answers.

The tendency then, is for students to think “it’s just like that,” go by “feel”, or try to memorise model answers to help them tackle similar exam questions.

And when they leave the exam hall feeling that they have done well—their grades often say otherwise.

The truth is, as compared to Mathematics or Science where identifying the right topic, plugging in the right formula and solving the equation (without mistakes) will help your child secure the marks, there exists no clearly-defined way in school to help him/her nail an ‘A’ in English, until now.

As an ex-MOE English teacher and private tutor for over 14 years, nothing is more fulfilling than watching my students regain their confidence in English. I have witnessed some achieve an astounding 5-grade improvement for their national exams.

After spending years in a relentless pursuit to demystify English, I developed my unique Logic Modelling Method that has helped hundreds of students achieve better grades in the subject.

Here are some students I have taught:

Jeanne Law

Compassvale Secondary School

“I never dreamt about scoring a distinction for EL!”

Mr Tan is one of the most dedicated teachers I've known! He's very responsible in his teachings and always makes sure that we understood before moving on to the next step… His teaching techniques are easy to learn and were really helpful!!! I had tuition for English with him and my results improved drastically! From someone who never dreamt about scoring a distinction for EL to scoring an A2 for N levels. Before joining Good School (one day before prelims), I was scoring a C5. In just a few months time before the national exams, my grade shot up with the help and guidance from Mr Tan.

Megan Zhuo

Holy Innocents High School

“Improved from D7 to A2 in 4 months”

Mr Tan has taught me a different method to approach composition and comprehension. He has covered many grammar mistakes that have helped my English compositions improve. He has also provided me with useful resources like the word lists to help enrich my vocabulary. Mr Tan has also pointed out my mistakes and given me useful advice to score well for English.

Rowena Chia

Rivervale Primary School

“I have achieved an A for PSLE!”

I faced challenges in constructing grammatically correct sentences and had difficulty in expressing my thoughts in written form. In school, teachers often rush through basic grammar lessons due to time constraints. However, in Good School, they focus more on a strong foundation and thereafter creating space for creativity to flow which boosts the confidence in me. Through that, I have improved tremendously! My results were Bs and occasional Cs which were not very ideal. After joining Good School, I have achieved an A for PSLE!”


Rivervale Primary School

“My result was near 55-60 range. After joining, I attained an A grade for my PSLE!”

Before joining Good School, I was not satisfied with my primary school English results. English lessons to me at that time were tedious as I could only memorise the different questions that came out in past year papers with hope that the same questions would come out for the exams... the Grammar classes that were taught by Mr Tan allowed me to understand the reasoning behind every answer... Additionally, Mr Tan was able to make lessons enjoyable by coming up with acronyms and different methods to help us remember the different components of grammar. My primary school English result before joining was near the 55-60 range. However, after joining Good School, I attained an A grade for my PSLE English results.

The Secret Behind How Our Students Have Been Able To
Jump Up To 5 Grades Quickly & Predictably

Through my years of teaching, it has come to my attention that, every year, an alarming 60% of students have no idea what the Cambridge markers are looking for. After all, no matter how extensive your child’s vocabulary bank is or how well he/she thinks he/she did during the exams, it boils down to whether their answers meet the strict marking standards of Cambridge.

In light of this, I have deep dived into the scoring rubrics used by Cambridge markers and broken it down into clear, unmistakable grading criteria that students, even parents, can understand. With these criteria in mind, lessons are purposefully planned in a way that teaches your child how to use specific answering techniques that will transform his/her grades drastically. If you have ever wondered what your child is missing to secure his/her ‘A’, here’s your chance to see the “checklist” that will lead to distinction!

Furthermore, based on different possible types of questions that can appear in the exam, I developed the Logic Modelling Method.

It helps students understand the abstract concept being tested and breaks it down into a simple and logical model.

For example, a ‘Why’ question/concept can be broken down into ‘Cause’ & ‘Effect’.

So the model will look like this:

This gives students a clear understanding of what to look out for from the passage and how to present their answers to meet the criteria in the examiners’ rubrics. As a result, they will be able to score the full marks for the question.

After teaching English for more than 14 years, I’ve demystified every abstract concept tested in the exams into simple logical models that help students improve predictably and rapidly, even up to 5 grades!

Picture how your child’s life will improve once he/she finally understands how to study for English and how to provide the correct answers easily.

Watch what our students have to say:

Who Am I

Hi, I am Tan Wei Jie, co-founder and English Specialist of Good School Learning Hub. I am an NIE-trained, ex-MOE teacher with over 14 years of experience in helping students jump 2-3 grades in as little as 3 months.

I was also among the pioneer batch of teachers to be certified under the STEM Skilful Teaching Programme awarded by MOE. Only a small group of teachers, across the whole of Singapore, were selected for the pioneer batch that received this certification from Dr Jonathan Saphier in 2011.

Why Choose Good School?

MOE lesson plan

Our curriculum is meticulously planned by ex-MOE teachers who have taught in schools for many years. We follow the syllabus used in the national exams closely, to ensure that our content coverage is complete.

24/7 Support

Our tutors are always available, even after class, to address any doubts that students may have. We also encourage our students to WhatsApp us in the event they have questions outside of our centre, as we really want students to maximise their learning with us.

Conducive Environment

Our students have full access to our study area, pantry and available classrooms during our operating hours daily, which they can use for a more focused self-revision or group discussions. This helps to support both self-directed and collaborative learning.

Who We Help

Upper Primary

As you may have already noticed, many students will experience a sudden drop in their English grade when they transition from Lower Primary to Upper Primary. This is because there is a huge jump in the level of difficulty that many students are caught unprepared.

Help your child learn the techniques to study effectively for English so that when it comes to PSLE, you won’t have to panic because the foundations have been laid for your child‘s success.

Lower Secondary

This is when your child will face another huge jump in difficulty for English. Even students who scored A for English in PSLE may experience a shocking drop in their grades.

As you may already know, English is a compulsory subject for calculating your child’s aggregate score when he/she eventually sits for the ‘O’/‘N’ Level exam. Thus, it is crucial to build a strong foundation now, so there will be 1 less subject to worry about when the time comes.

Upper Secondary

On average students take 7-8 subjects at this level but English is still a compulsory subject when calculating your child’s aggregate score. This will affect his options for the next phase of his education journey in a Junior College or Polytechnic, post-secondary school.

That’s why it is crucial for your child to focus on English and improve on his/her grade. The sooner you provide your child with support, the more time he/she has to improve and gain more confidence.

Why struggle with English? With our help, you can be the next success story.

Arden Koh - D7 to B3

Cheong Yee Chern - D7 to B4

Earl Ang - C6 to B4

Linus Koh - E8 to B3

Liu Zizhan - D7 to C5

Lye Xing Yu - C6 to A1

Rachel Lai - E8 to B3

Tan Hui Qing - C5 to A1

Wang Bohan - E8 to C6

Zenise Tey - D7 to C5


What Covid-19 precautionary measure do you have in place at your centres?

Are your lessons planned according to MOE syllabus?

How big is the class size?

What if my child can’t make it for the lesson?

Are your tuition fees expensive?

How fast can I see results?

Do you have any alternative arrangements for classes in light of the COVID-19 situation?

Hear from more from our students:

Liau Yi Xuan

Yuying Secondary School

“I have gone for many different tuitions but I see no improvement for my English result.”

My English is really weak and I thought there is not much I can improve on as I have gone to many different tuitions but I see no improvement for my English result. My grade for the subject before I join Good School was D7 for my O levels in 2016, other lessons in school or other centres were just giving me a lot of practice worksheet to do and only go through the answer for my mistakes. But for Mr Tan, he realised that my basic was really weak and without doubts he start to strengthen my basic before going on to the worksheets... at some point in time, I was about to give up as I couldn't see any improvements in my English. I had a 4 grade improvement and scored a B3 for my O level English in 8 months! I would definitely recommend Good School to my juniors!

Chee Guo Hao

Nan Chiau High School

“I never knew that I had to prepare for English till I started lessons…Improved from D7 to A2 in months!”

Mr Tan is a caring and understanding tutor who teachers differently than other teachers. He has helped me in my essay writings and is very patient. He would always explain the questions repeatedly until we understood. Action speaks louder than words and I can see the difference in my results and my work. I never knew that I had to prepare for English till I started lessons. D7 for prelim 1, C5 for prelim 2 and A2 for O levels.

Rather than doing the same thing again and blindly practicing paper after paper without knowing where he/she went wrong,

Bring your child down to our centre, so he/she can finally have some clarity on how to improve and feel less lost and less demoralised when studying for English.

During the Private Diagnostic Consultation, I will:

  • Look through your child's recent English paper like how a PSLE/Cambridge marker would.
  • Highlight all the criteria that your child is missing, based on the official PSLE/Cambridge rubrics.
  • Let your child try out a sample question on the spot and observe how he/she answers to give immediate feedback on how to improve.
  • Teach your child how to apply one of our proven techniques. See his/her face light up from having an aha moment.
  • Share tips that your child can implement immediately to score better in the next exam.

Book your fully sponsored Private Diagnostic Consultation (while there are still slots available) by filling up the form below now.

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[Note: In view of the Covid-19 situation, you can opt for an online or onsite diagnostic consultation.]

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