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Ace Secondary School Sciences Without Blind Memorisation with our Proven Deep Learning Framework

For lower Secondary General Sciences, Upper Secondary Pure Chemistry & Physics
and Combined Sciences

Important note: Parents and students may choose between in-centre and online lessons.

We strictly adhere to safe distancing measures and use a BioTemp contactless temperature system to keep all our students and teachers safe.

As a former HOD of an MOE school, I have realised that the most common mistake secondary school students are making when it comes to science is relying on blind memorisation.

While it may have worked during their primary school days when exam questions were solely made up of 'Simple Recall' questions that merely required regurgitation, secondary school science exams are way more complex.

They consist largely of 'Higher Order Thinking' questions which require students to demonstrate their understanding by applying the concepts correctly.

It's no wonder why students who blindly memorise can find themselves putting in effort but still doing poorly.

As a parent, you might have witnessed this in your child and feel concerned. After all, he or she might have performed poorly in SA2 and you're afraid this might repeat next year.

At Frankel Tutors, we can help your child master his or her sciences without relying wholly on blind memorisation.

Let me share with you how.

Introducing The "3-Step Deep Learning" Method

In science, where every topic is interlinked, you will not understand what an atom is unless you understand what a gram is. Likewise, unless you understand what an electron is, you won't be able to understand chemical bonding.

Much like how a building depends on its concrete pillars to stay upright, students need to have a strong grasp of science fundamentals if they wish to do well in science.

That's why we adopt a 3-Step Deep Learning method that ensures all our students develop a solid conceptual knowledge in thier sciences and are able to score A's and B's consistently.

The 3-Step Deep Learning method consists of three main pillars:

Deep Assessment

Every new student is assessed for their foundation level through rigorous quizzing.

We want to know exactly where the student's weak areas are - what misconceptions do they have, which topics they struggle with and if they truly understand the topics or are they just blindly regurgitating.

The objective is to be able to curate our teaching instructions to meet the student's needs.

Deep Teaching

We make sure to explain the 'why' behind each concept we cover.

Take for example the question of "List one way you can increase the speed of rotation of an electric motor".

Even if students correctly answer "using more batteries", we push them further by asking 'why?', eventually helping them understand that increased current is the real underlying.

The objective is to help our students develop strong conceptual knowledge that is key for scoring A's.

Deep Revision

Most other tuition centres like to drill their students repeatedly with exam papers.

While that works in theory, students often do not have the luxury of time as they have to study for many other subjects too. We solve this by extracting the key important questions - the ones that if students are able to to answer, they have demonstrated mastery - from each topic.

The objective is to help students cover the core concepts for each science topic in minimal time.

The objective is to be able to curate our teaching instructions to meet the student's needs.

The objective is to help our students develop strong conceptual knowledge that is key for scoring A's.

The objective is to help students cover the core concepts for each science topic in minimal time.

As you can see for yourself, our 3-Step Deep Learning method is able to help your child achieve mastery for his or her sciences. 

Needless to say, with it, your child's science grades will most definitely improve.

How We Help Our Students Improve Fast.

Comprehensive Study Guides

Our teachers have prepared customized study guides – or ‘cheat sheets!’. They contain every important keyword and concept required for students to ace their science exams. Moreover, many find that these guides help to save him countless hours in their revision.

Secure the 20% Practical Exams

Starting August, we will be holding lab lessons to prepare our sec 4 students for their O level practical exam that takes place at the start October. This is important as many students find that the lab practice they have in school is insufficient.

July to Nov Intensive Revision & Practice

The last few months of each year is the most crucial. It is structured based on each student's needs to provide them the maximium chance of success. 

Many students improve 4 grades or more in the last 3 months.

Monthly Assessments for Sec 1 & 3 Students

We are concerned that without mid-year exams, sec 1 & 3 students might get a rude shock at the year-end exams when it is too late by then. To tackle this issue, we conduct low-stress monthly assessments for our sec 1 & 3 students to help spot their blind spots and gauge their science proficiency.

In-centre & Interactive online lessons available

At Frankel Tutors, we've invested significant time and resources into ensuring our students are able to learn as effectively as if they were in our centre. 

  1. Live Stream Lessons - Like in a classroom setting, our teachers will be able to continue engaging with your child, assessing his or her work and answering their questions as per normal.
  1. Multi-User Virtual Whiteboard - Not only will child will be able to see the diagrams & models drawn by our teachers on the virtual whiteboard classrooms, he or she will be able to use it to answer questions too, participating as if it were a real-life class.
  1. Student Participation - Through emoji’s, polls as well as a chat box, students are able to raise questions as well as contribute to our lessons and engaging with one another.
  1. Recording & Playback - Each student will be provided with a recording of their lesson so he or she can always revisit the topics covered at his or her own pace.

Free 1-on-1 Diagnostic Consultation 

For sciences, getting to the root cause of below average grades is important.

That's why we'd like to offer you a free 1-on-1 diagnostic consultation where we will be able to: 

1. Understand your child's problematic areas

2. Provide feedback on the most crucial areas where your child can improve 

3. Allow your child to experience if our teachers are a right fit

Not only that, we will provide you a complimentary copy of our study guides too.

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Goh Yong Ern, Chemistry, D7 to B3

...through the recommendation from my friends, I have come to know Frankel and get to join the chemistry class conducted by Mr. Tan.

Mr. Tan has really been a great teacher and even offered extra consultation slots and help us when we are nearer to the exams. He always tries to engage us in learning and prov
ides us with different opportunities to try out the questions as we learn to attempt questions from different perspectives using different skills.

Not to mention, chemistry tuition at Frankel with Mr Tan was really fun and I have found the ways to enjoy the process of learning through my experience here. I am really thankful and happy for the great experience at Frankel. :DD

Curine Chong, Chemistry, F9 to B3

I got to know about Frankel Tutor from my friend Michelle and I decided to give it a try because my chemistry was really bad at the time I would always fail my tests and exams...

Mr. Erik was a very helpful and thoughtful teacher because I was way behind everyone and he would slow down his teaching speed to allow me to understand what’s going on in class but at the same time it wouldn’t bore the rest of the students. 

Because of all these, my Chemistry grade improved a lot from an F9 to a B3 for O levels which I am really thankful for. I would totally recommend Frankel Tutors to everyone because the teachers are really thoughtful and the lessons are really effective.

Mr. Michael Chan, Principal

Mr. Chan has taught for over 20 years. He is a former HOD of an MOE school and was the principal of two international schools.

With the "3-Step Deep Learning" Method he has developed, he has helped many of his students achieve outstanding results for their national exams. Now, he and his team of teachers can help your child excel too.

*All our teachers in the science department are full-time tutors who have at least 10 years in experience

We’re conveniently located across at Kembangan Plaza (just across Kembangan MRT).


Do you teach according to MOE’s syllabus?

Definitely. Our teachers constantly keep themselves updated and each lesson is planned meticulously to follow MOE’s syllabus so your child may do well in his or her exams.

How fast will my child see an improvement in his results?

While we’re confident our tuition will help your child’s academics, we do not claim to be a magic pill. That being said, once a student’s basic foundation is laid properly, we can often expect to see vast improvements thereafter.

How much are your tuition fees like?

For Sec 1-3 Students (except Combined Sciences), our fees are $200/month for 4 X 1.5 Hour lessons.

For N Levels, O Levels and Combined Sciences students, our fees are $240/month for 4 X 2 Hour lessons.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

Who will be teaching my child?

Upper secondary students will be taught by Mr. Erik Tan who has taught for over 17 years. Lower secondary students will be taught by Mr. Jeremy, who has over 10 years of teaching experience. Both teachers are full-time tutors and have a solid track record for both their passion as well as delivering results.

How large are your classes?