Small-classroom P1-P6 tuition from just $110?
It’s possible

Money-back guarantee improvements by next test, with our methodology designed by Harvard Master of Education graduate

I've joined the Concept First Team for almost 3 months now and I love the upbeat and easygoing work environment around here. The company is forward-thinking in terms of employee welfare, but management has remained agile in terms of creating a welcoming workplace for employees. The management has continously displayed commitment and has been highly approachable with any employee's concerns and difficulties. Overall, a decent place to work! :)
Ain Safaie
Ain Safaie
I scored consistently C6 for my physics and was about to drop the subject. After joining cf, I was able to understand the concepts better. Mr Seah uses a lot of acronyms to help students memorise keywords and definitions better. He also answers all my questions and takes the time to explain till I understand. Managed to get a A2 for my O levels.
Chu Yan Tong
Chu Yan Tong
Concept First tutors explain their concepts very clearly and provide ample exercises for the students to practise those new concepts. Having studied here for a year, they have greatly aided me in helping myself achieve a B in A Levels (initially U grader) as well as spark my passion for Physics (i once hated this subject). Though some may argue, coming from a higher ranking school, CF provides notes which are more helpful than school notes (we can agree to disagree). Definitely worth the cost.
Concepts first is a very reliable tuition centre. The practices given, the lesson plans and the many resources offered to students has truly helped me to achieve that A for physics!
If you're looking for a tuition that offers comprehensive lessons, effective notes, kind and appropriate teachers, Concept First is definitely the right choice. They are the only physics tuition that offers the opportunity of conducting physics experiments. Weekly quizzes are also available and perhaps most importantly, they listen to students' feedback and actively seek to improve students' welfare.
Richard Lee
Richard Lee
Tuition is good. Teachers are kind, literally all-in-one (tuition,practical) Physics tuition. Definitely one of the better ones
Ghin Hay Fok
Ghin Hay Fok
My Son have a great interest in physics and CF had grown his interestto be better with deeper understanding. CF increased his answering skills to score good grades and the teachers are very helpful by even opening the centre for study hours especially nearer to o levels, so that he can go down to do their work and get teachers help for clarification. I was very impressed with their dedication. Great work by CF team 👏👏👏
Rathika R
Rathika R
Concept First has caring teachers who go the extra mile for their students. Mr Andrew Seah has helped my daughter to improve several grades to score an A. I'm very grateful for his patience in teaching her the concepts and ensuring she understands them. The lab lessons are very useful too! Thank you so much
Michele Yap
Michele Yap
My daughter started with a 'just passed' mark in the beginning of the year to an A1. She did work hard, but without the support of Calvin she wouldn't make it so far. Calvin gave lots of time and effort to ensure all her questions are answered and all her confusion is clarified. Thank you very much for helping her throughout the year! My 2nd kid went for physics tution at CF as well. Also get A1 in O level.
Rina Kurniadi
Rina Kurniadi

Hi Parents,

I noticed that for students, who are consistently scoring C/D, even after hours of tuition or consultations with teachers…

It’s not that they don’t try, or are ‘bad students’. I’ve never once encountered a bad student in all my years of teaching.

But I have observed that students who do worse, have a common area where they get stuck.

It’s that they ‘freeze up’ and have trouble breaking questions down, if the answer isn’t obvious. This is especially so for bigger tasks, like essays, and longer, multi-step questions.

Here’s the problem:

School classes are taught in a way where students are punished for mistakes – poor grades, looking ‘dumb’… and so their inquisitive nature slowly dies.

Many end up scared to ask “stupid” questions, and the hardest part for them is starting.

Instead of learning and understanding, students memorise so that they can rush and catch up.

And with how schools rush to finish their syllabus on time, it’s no wonder that even bright students can get left behind.

So most schools, and even some bigger tuition centres, aren’t giving students the attention and help that they need.

After seeing this play out over and over, especially when I was teaching in a school for the less privileged, I made it my mission to change things with First Grade Study tuition centre.

We ensure that every student at First Grade Study gets:

  • Affordable tuition, with prices from just $110
  • Personalised attention in a small classroom (2-6 students per class)
  • A P1-P6 curriculum curated by Harvard Masters of Education graduate
  • Experienced, MOE-trained tutors with at least 5 years of teaching experience
  • And a teaching method that can guarantee improvements by the next test – or your money back

And I hope that your child is able to experience this for themselves, too.

But don't take my word for it, here’s what parents are saying:

Mum of Josiah, P6

Mum of Samuel, Sec 2

Money-back results guarantee

“That’s crazy, what if you lose money?”

For tuition, there’s no point in spending time and money if your child doesn’t improve. And we want to give you peace of mind and make sure you’re completely satisfied.

That’s why we want to make you this promise:

If your child does not improve by the next test, we will refund you your tuition fees.

That’s because we want to see our students succeed too, and believe that our teaching method will definitely help weaker students to catch up.

Why choose First Grade Study?

Small-Class Personalised Tuition From Just $110

We believe a big reason for students not doing well, is not enough attention.

That’s why we limit our class sizes to 7 students or less.

Safe environment, for students to catch up / call home

During exam periods, we even let our students use classrooms that aren’t occupied, to do their own exam preparation.

Qualified teachers – minimum 5 years experience

All our teachers have at least 5 years of teaching experience. Our curriculum is hand-picked by our principal, a Harvard graduate with a Masters in Education.

That means your child is receiving quality education, to improve their grades.

Grades guarantee by next test – money back

We don’t believe in wasting you and your child’s time, without any improvements.

Here’s our promise to you:

Your child’s grades will definitely improve by the next test. If you’re unsatisfied and choose to cancel, we’ll refund you your tuition fees.


The Secret Behind Our Students’ Success

Every student learns best at their own pace, with their own method. And the best way to help them is to learn and follow that pace.

Our “3S methodology” lets students, no matter their level, catch up and learn fast.

Ask “stupid” questions

The questions that they hold back in class, because they’re scared of holding back the class / asking something that’s already covered. The questions their teacher went over too quickly. Even the questions they didn’t catch, or weren’t paying attention.
At First Grade Study, we believe in creating a safe space that students can’t get elsewhere – whether in school or in other tuition centres. Because the only way to improve is to …

Starting small

We offer ‘starting materials’ to help weaker students start tackling questions right away. Whether it’s a list of good words and phrases / “hao ci hao ju” to memorise, or a plan/template to tackle long essays, we help students to get started – which is the most important step.

Scaffolding learning

When students are dealing with a weaker subject, they need “training wheels” – a demonstration, or new information. But as students get better, the teacher gradually steps back, until your child can completely handle the subject on his/her own.

“I do. We do. You do.”

At the end of the day, your child will be an independent learner, capable of scoring in their primary school exams with ease.

Why students choose to stay with us till secondary school

I have always been a bit unconfident in my Math and English. However, through the targeted practices that my teacher has done with me, I’m now more aware of how to answer challenging questions. All of the teachers here are very kind.

Aaliyah Durrah

(2023 Pri 6, Math/English)

Ms Sulo’s lessons are always interesting and very relevant to what I am learning in school. In the past, I always used to fail my English.

But for the end of year exam, I improved quite a bit for my English, and got a B4.

Tay Yi Xi

(2023 Sec 3, English)

I have been a student at First Grade Study since Sec 2.

When I first started, my Math and Science grades were very average and I was easily confused by the tricky questions during the exams.

But Teacher Johnny helped me along. The first 15 mins of class is spent on addressing challenging school homework questions, before he goes into more in-depth practice on specific concepts and topics.

With Teacher Johnny’s help, I managed to get an A in both subjects by the end of Sec 3!

Shao Xuan

(2023 Sec 4, Math)

What Level and Subjects Do You Teach?



+ Writing




+ Writing





Our Story



Founder, First Grade Study

After doing my Masters in Education at Harvard, I served my 5-year bond at MOE.

The first school I taught was at a high-needs school. There, I met many students from underprivileged families. Many couldn’t come to school because they were working part time, or had issues at home.

From there, I wanted to change things, and give my students the attention they needed to succeed.

After MOE, they asked me to go Learning Lab.

But I turned down higher pay to start my own school with a mission: To give back to the community, and bring out my students’ true potential.

That’s why I kept my tuition prices low – so that all primary school students, no matter their income level, could get personalised attention and tuition they needed.

I then put together a team of competent teachers, all with at least 5 years’ experience in teaching primary school subjects, in line with MOE’s syllabus. And I personally designed our centre’s curriculum, so no matter the subject, your child will get the quality education that he/she needs.

Meet Our Teachers

30 years teaching at private schools (including giving lectures to groups of 50-60 teenage students). Currently a full-time tutor (does home tuition as well).

Degree is BSc Science (Physics). Majored in both theoretical and applied Physics. Other certs include ACTA (Advance certification in Training and Assessment)

Mr Johnny

P4-6 Science
S1-4 Math

Masters in Teaching Chinese from Jinan University (暨南大学 - 硕士对外汉语)

Designs her own proprietary worksheets and resources, aligned to MOE syllabus.

Classes are aligned to MOE syllabus.

Homework is assigned to students and they have to complete it and bring it back the next lesson

Ms Peggy (Beibei)

P1-6 Chinese
P3-6 Chinese Writing
S1-4 Chinese

10+ years at St Andrews Junior School

Experienced teaching lower progress learners (weaker students) - able to help them improve through breaking down the concepts. Uses pictorial and abstract approach (especially for weaker learners). Also one to one tutoring if its a mixed group. Frontal teaching for new concept and corrections.

Current student p3 Janice Ho - used to be much weaker but showed a great deal of improvement

Ex student Rou En - Yong Yi's sister - improved a lot after focusing and studying hard

Ms Gayathri

P1-6 Math

Few years teaching in a secondary school (Maju Sec, later merged with Broaderick Sec)

Thereafter taught English in multiple international schools in Sg, Brussels, UK, KL.

Specialises in teaching EL to second language learners: IELTS, AEIS

Ms Sulo

S1-4 English
P5-6 English Writing


How big is the class?

We cap our class size at maximum 7 students. Typically, there are about 4-7 students per class.

Every school may teach different chapters at different times. Will your curriculum suitable for what my child is learning in school?

I’ve had experience as a curriculum developer when I was in MOE.

As such, I know that topics have to be taught in a certain order as the concepts are built on top of each other. And I use the same sequence when teaching your child.

While there may be slight variations by 1-2 weeks, the flow will be mostly similar and your child is always welcomed to ask me any question even if the topic is different than what I’m covering in class.

What if my child can’t make it for the lessons?

We understand that students juggle a lot of activities nowadays. For lessons missed due to valid reasons like illness, school tournaments or other official school activities, your child will get a free make-up class within the same week, to the best of our ability.

Are your tuition fees expensive? Can I get a price list?

Our tuition fees are highly affordable and competitive as compared to other small-group tuition centres, and start from $110 per class.
Here’s a full list of subjects/levels and our prices:

If your child has been drilling practice papers or attending tuition programmes with little to no improvements shown, perhaps it’s time to try something else. At the very least, he/she should be sitting in for our FREE trial lesson, to discover:

  • If your child has any gaps in his or her understanding of the topics taught in school. If these gaps are left unaddressed, these gaps will increase over time and negatively affect your child's self-confidence,
  • How your child learns best
  • How our method and materials can help your child learn effectively to improve his/her grade

Simply fill in the form below to book your free trial class now.
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