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Get the Maximum Business Loan with Lowest Interest Rates

Compare Across Multiple Financial Lenders in just One Application

When it comes to business loans, three factors matter most to you: the maximum amount you can borrow, the interest rates, and cash disbursement speed.

Given that there are over 20 private lenders, non-bank financial institutions and peer-to-peer lenders in Singapore, you’re unlikely to get the best loan offer unless you apply individually with each lender.

The criteria they use to assess creditworthiness may be similar. But each lender places a different emphasis on each factor. Besides, their risk appetites differ too.

That's why loan offers from two lenders can differ by up to $100,000 while interest rates can vary by up to 12% annually!

At Finitude, we’re a business loan platform specialised in helping your business find the best loans – with just a straightforward application form.

The Go-To Loan Platform For SMEs

Get up to 

By applying with
multiple lenders, we’ve
managed to help businesses as young as ten months get up
to $300K.

Within 24 Hours

In urgent cases, you can rely on our pool of FinTech lenders who can process, approve and disburse your loan in under 24 hours.

0% Broker Fees

Save 3 - 6% in standard brokerage fees (that can cost up to $18,000!) when you find a business loan through us.

It's possible as we function not as a loan broker, but as a loan platform.

Minimal Paperwork

Our loan assessment is fully digitalised, cutting down on up to 30% on paperwork processes and allowing you to apply from the comfort
of your office.

And yes, all loans are unsecured - which means no collateral is required!

Whether your business is only ten-months old or has low revenue or poor credit score, we can help.

We work with private lenders, non-bank financial institutions and peer-to-peer lenders.

Their larger risk appetites mean that less emphasis is placed on your business' track record, annual revenue (most banks and financial institutions require a minimum $300,000), business ownership and credit score.

All that's required is for your business to be a Private Limited Company with annual revenue of $100,000.

How It Works

Share with us more
about your company & loan needs.

We’ll send your
enquiry to our
partnering lenders.

A matched lender will contact you within 2 hours* to discuss your loan request further. 

Get matched with the best loan offer

Get matched with the best loan offer

Common business loan reasons

Time-sensitive business

Spotted a business
opportunity that could lead to
compounded growth but lack
the funds for it?

Whether it’s down-payment
for a high-traffic space with
excellent rental price or
securing stocks for upcoming
sales seasons, these
opportunities could be lost
due to a lack of funds.

Late payment of substantial

70% of businesses that offer
credit terms experience late
payment by their clients amid
the pandemic.

This can create a domino-
effect on other business
processes – resulting in
working capital issues.

Cashflow issues due to
reduced revenue

The effects of the crisis are still
felt by some industries.

Some businesses are facing
issues dealing with operational
costs while others want to
explore line of credits as they
foresee future problems.

Allies of SMEs

Finitude is a trusted business loan platform that specialises in helping SMEs get the financing solutions they need.

We aim to reduce the hassles faced by SMEs when it comes to getting business loans by simplifying the loan process so that your business can receive the funds you need in as fast as 24 hours.

Get Approved from the Comfort of Your office

In every business, cash flow is crucial.

It doesn’t matter how much revenue your business will generate in two years’ time if it doesn’t have enough funds to get by.

Employees need to get paid. Landlords will demand rent. And business opportunities may be lost if not seized in time.

Simply fill-up the form below for a free loan assessment to find out the maximum amount you can borrow – at the most affordable interest rates today.

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Is my company eligible for this loan matching service?

In order to be eligible, your business must be:

  • A Private Limited Company registered with ACRA
  • One of your directors must be a Singaporean / Permanent Resident or foreigner residing in
  • Preferably, your business has also been in operation for at least 10 months.

How much money can my company borrow?

Eligible loan amount varies depending on your several factors like your business’ age, revenue and
credit score.

That said, by applying through us, you can expect the maximum loan amounts (up to $300K) – at the
most affordable interest rates.

What are the interest rates?

Depending on your company’s SME profile and credit analysis, the interest rate can vary from 2% to 7% per month.

What are the repayment structures available?

Our partners have flexible repayment plans. It can range from weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly instalments over 2 to 12-month terms depending on your preference.

How soon can I get approval?

If your application meets our credit risk criteria, approval can be given within 3 hours.

A Relationship Manager will contact you to learn more about your needs and guide you throughout
the process.

Once approved, you can get your loan as fast as within 24 hours.

I have a poor credit score, can I still borrow?

There are many variables that contribute to a poor credit score. As long as you are not currently
under any litigation or bankrupt, we are always happy to explore how we can assist.