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Become an Internationally Recognised ICF Certified Coach in Just 7 Months

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Become an Internationally Recognised ICF Certified Coach in Just 7 Months

Embark on a transformative journey in our highly structured Professional Coach Training Programme

The Professional Coach Training Programme was designed to transform individuals into competent coaches who are able to empower others towards pursuing even their wildest dreams.

Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the gold standard of coaching, you can be confident your training adheres to the highest professional standards in coach training.

Coaches who complete this programme will also be able to coach anywhere across the globe - be it in the United States, Korea or Australia.

Led by experienced coaches who have consistently produced breakthroughs in their clients, you will learn the most up-to-date coaching practices, models and assessments that will transform you into a highly effective coach who is: 

  • Able to connect with people on a deeper level and be able to assist others in the areas of self-discovery and can empower others towards discovering their own solutions to challenges.

  • Well-versed with the most up-to-date coaching techniquesmodels and principles such as active listening, powerful questioning, client profiling, relationship patterns and many more.

  • Able to adopt a coaching-based leadership style that involves being directly involved the in development of your team members' personal and professional growth, fostering an environment where your people thrive.

One of our lead trainers, Julia, training a new batch of students towards becoming full-fledged coaches!

A highly structured &
hands-on curriculum

Our programme has a clear structure (check out our brochure!) and progresses in a logical manner that makes it easy to follow.

We also place a huge emphasis on putting theory into practice (Our trainings are conducted entirely face-to-face*).

Much of our curriculum involves drills and peer coaching - so our students emerge as confident, competent coaches upon graduation.

*In light of the heightened phase 2 measures, we've shifted our lessons to online for the time being to keep both you and our trainers safe!

Embark on a journey of discovery and growth

In coaching, there's a saying that coaches are unable to take clients any deeper than they've gone themselves.

On top of the rigorous modules that'll have you look within yourself deeply, each student will receive 10 hours of mentor coaching. 

Many share that upon graduation, they find themselves with a deeper level of self-awareness, able to notice their thoughts, know when they're experiencing limiting beliefs as well as what are the fears which are holding them back.

Belong to a community of like-minded coaches

There's this richness of experience when aspiring coaches of different backgrounds, careers and cultures come together and spur on towards a common goal.

Each cohort, we consistently notice that a deep sense of connection is forged amongst our students as they learn and practice together.

Many form lasting relationships and even go on to form business partnerships too!

Course Preview 

Excited to learn more about how you can embark on your coaching journey?

You're invited to our Professional Coach Training Program course preview where you'll:

  • Learn why coach credentialing is important in this day of age - and why ICF?
  • Understand what coaching's about and the powerful ways it can transform lives
  • Find out what a day in the life of a coach looks like (both full-time coach AND an internal coach that works for an organisation) 
  • Witness our coaches in action as we engage in a live profiling demonstration & exercise  
  • Discover the credentialing paths and routes for aspiring coaches

Who will enjoy this course most

People who derive joy and purpose from helping others figure out their life's missions as well as fulfil their wildest dreams.

Individuals who seek to embark on a meaningful coaching career - be it part-time or full-time, and wish to know how to obtain ICF certification.

Directors, C-level executives or senior managers who wish to integrate a coaching-based leadership style to coach their employees in both fields of personal and professional development.

Counsellors or therapists who have achieved mastery in mental health and emotional healing, and are now interested in exploring the other side of goal setting and achievement.

Individuals who have been transformed by coaching and now seek to empower others who are in similar situations as they were in

Meet Your Trainers

You will be led only by a team of selected certified coaches who have consistently produced breakthroughs with their clients AND have had at least 3 years of coaching experience.

Throughout the programme, you will be supported by them, be it in the form of encouragements, self-discovery or knowledge pertaining to coaching.

They will also provide honest feedback that will not only help you identify your areas of improvement, but also encourage you to grow beyond what you thought was possible.

One of ECI’s most senior coaches, Julia has coached over 1,000 people in her time as a coach. Amongst them, she has helped many business owners, managers, directors and C-level executives from organizations as AXA, Johnson & Johnson, SMU, Deloitte, DBS Bank and UBS experience transformation and gain a distinct advantage in their performances.

Julia Ng, Lead Trainer

Before her life as a coach, Mei Yee was an overachiever who won her company’s President Award (Top Sales Award) for her superior performance. These days, she prefers making a difference in the lives of her high achieving clients, working with them to fulfill their potentials.

Loo Mei Yee, Director of Training

Like Mei Yee, Wei Ping was consistently ranked in the top ten percentile of performers at Barclays Capital and The Royal Bank of Scotland. After undergoing coaching herself, she was marveled at its power and desired to do the same for others, leading to her make a bold career switch in her mid 20's.

Sim Wei Ping, Executive Coach

What Our Graduates Say

"Without the right attitudes, experience is blind. The program teaches us to work on our attitudes.

With the right attitudes, we are able to use our newly acquired knowledge and skills to create better life experiences for ourselves and others."

Dr Michael Chang, Head of Global Learning of a Tertiary Education Organization

"I chose ECI as a training organisation as it offered the most structured training to become an effective coach: I believe in trying to achieve the most in the minimum amount of time and ECI was the most professional organization offering this.

I really enjoyed the professionalism offered by ECI’s trainers and staff: the delivery was clear and engaging, the staff support was great and the content of the sessions was really interesting.

I learnt much more than I anticipated during this training: at first, I came with the idea I would be able to better coach and understand others but along the way, I also gained a much clearer vision of myself and what also drives me. Being able to realise the synthesis of both is what, in my opinion, makes the training I received at ECI great.

I also found the interaction with other teammates really good as they will ask you questions that make you consider things in a new light. However, the best part was basically putting into practice everything you have learnt: you really understand then how everything fits together and how coaching can really help you open new doors and opportunities."

Sebastien Lacroix, Insead MBA Graduate

"Despite having attended other coaching classes, I feel that the quality and experience of the 2 coach trainers has created a very different experience.

The “immediate” coaching practices and diversity of real issues have brought this class truly to a professional experience."

Isabelle Claus Teixeira, Head of Talent Management, Leadership & Organization Development of a Global Pharmaceutical Brand

Why Choose Us

ICF Accredited

ICF accreditation recognizes ECI as an organization with the highest professional standards in coaching and training worldwide. 

This is important as an increasing number of companies and clients will hire or contract only with ICF credentialed coaches who have demonstrated coaching competence and commit to continuous learning.

We believe that Practicality > Theory 

We are the only school in Singapore that conducts face-to-face training, with coaching demonstrations and real-time feedback on class practicums. 

Along with our tight-knit class sizes and a diverse student base, you can expect to be confident in coaching real clients - unlike some coaches who know many models but are clueless when it comes to applying them!

We're constantly innovating

The PCTP program of today is very different from what it was like three years back.

That's because we continuously constantly innovate and improve our program methodologies based on feedback from our students.

By staying up to date with the most advanced models and learning approaches, students can then graduate as competent coaches who are able to create breakthroughs in the lives of others.

Who We Are

We are Executive Coach International (ECI), the largest coaching company in Singapore.

We are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and since 2004, we have worked alongside hundreds of HR managers, directors and leaders likewise, helping them transform into great, effective leaders.

Our coaches strongly believe in walking the talk.

When we are not training leaders on how to become coaches, you can find us helping our clients resolve their issues and reach their goals which we are proud to have a 95% success rate with.

Transformation Stories & Achievements

"Executive coaching has definitely met my expectations. Today, I’m able to bring out the best in not only myself, but those around me, including friends and family.

The executive coaching program is well structured and the trainers are experienced, dedicated and motivating. The entire class supported each other throughout the program, and the sense of connection among us has added even more value to this program."

Susan Xiao, Senior Manager at a Global Automobile Company

"I enjoyed the intense, engaging, inspiring and entertaining program where I learnt fundamental executive coaching skills and experienced the challenges of coaching clients through numerous coaching drills.

The coaches and trainers are professional, friendly, passionate and fun! The knowledge and skills we learnt from our trainers can never be obtained from reading books."

Richard Hong, Chief Executive Officer (ASEAN) at TUV SUD, an International Safety Company

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the courses conducted?

We have one of the best online learning courses in Singapore.

For the most recent batch of participants, we were rated an average 8.9 out of 10.

Is coaching different from mentoring?

There are some similarities between coaching and mentoring.

However, coaching focuses on empowering clients and holding them accountable for their own professional and personal development, whereas mentoring largely involves the mentor sharing his or her life experiences.

Coaching is a professionally certifiable skill-set, where coaches spend hours on training and practice before receiving accreditation.

Contrary to popular belief, coaches do not tell their clients what to do.

Coaching is instead a partnership, where coaches ask their clients powerful, open-ended questions which can unlock the answers from deep within clients themselves.

Coaching also covers a wider spectrum in developing all the different domains in life, including personal relationships as well as finding purpose and direction, which may not be something that all mentors are comfortable speaking about with another industry professional.

In fact, accredited life coaches are trained to be able to handle any issue (professional or otherwise) that a client may wish to discuss.

Thus, coaching is a more formal relationship where coaches collaborate with clients in discovering more about themselves, equipping them with new competencies to help them take action and move forward to their goals for life.

Is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching focuses on advancing a client’s potential, while therapy focuses on curing and healing a client’s unresolved emotional problems.

Coaches use a client’s history mainly as a map to see how a client’s path has evolved to his or her present state. Coaching is more concerned with the gap between the present and envisioned future.

Coaches work hand-in-hand with their clients to reach specific life goals and enhance their growth and development in various domains of life – career, relationships, leadership, finding purpose, finances, health, amongst others.

For coaching, contact with clients between sessions for accountability is expected, while any contact outside of therapy sessions are meant for crises and difficulties only.

Trained coaches are able to discern when a client requires therapy rather than coaching (e.g. when a client has addictions, are recovering from trauma or face difficulty in day-to-day functioning).

Will completing this course allow me to set up a coaching business?


With the ACTP certificate you’ll be accredited with after completing the 4 modules, you’ll be able to formally coach clients.

And some of our course graduates have done just that, setting up their own businesses and are currently very successful practicing coaches. 

Will this course be relevant to my career?

The universal coaching skills that we teach can be used in conjunction with any existing specialisations you have.

For example, career consultants can become career coaches; someone with expertise in health and fitness can be a wellness coach.

Many of our trainees come from developmental professions such as consulting.

They’ve found coaching to be an extremely valuable addition to their repertoire of existing skills, allowing them to better help the people around them.

Is the certification I will receive internationally recognised?

Yes. Our program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s leading coaching body.

This means your certification will be recognised worldwide, should you wish to coach anywhere in the world.