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Answer Your Calling to Be a Catalyst for Lasting Positive Change in Others

Embark on a transformative journey in our full face-to-face Professional Coach Training Programme

Join our Coach Certification Preview Today

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You confirm that by providing your contact details as above, you agree to be contacted via email, text messages, or phone calls regarding coaching-related programmes from Executive Coach International.

Dear aspiring coach:

Now that you’ve decided to pursue your ambitions of becoming a coach, another hurdle lies before you.

Which coaching program is the right fit for you?

You don’t want to settle for any ICF-accredited program.

What's the point of certification if you can't deliver value to the people you meet?

At Executive Coach International, our trainers walk the talk.

We're the only coach training institutions in Singapore to have a sister company (LiveYourMark) specialised in coaching real clients - at a consistently high success rate of 95% when resolving their issues.

Our full face-to-face Professional Coach Training Program (PCTP) will impart not just textbook knowledge but proven methodologies, skills and tools so you can create transformations in the lives of others and become a respected, highly sought-after coach.

7 Reasons Why Over 600+ Aspiring Coaches Embarked on their Coaching Journey with Us

You Will Become a Kick-Ass Coach

The methodologies you’ll be learning are the exact techniques we use to coach real clients - with a 95% transformation rate - in our sister company, LiveYourMark.

By the end of the course, you learn how to elevate others to their highest level of performance through insightful coaching conversations and connect with people on a deeper emotional level.

Whether you choose to coach as a second career or are applying it within your organisation, you'll be go-to person for individuals who seek transformation.

Full Face-to-Face Curriculum

A rare breed, we’re one of the only schools in Singapore that conduct our trainings in a full face-to-face manner.

Lessons are action-driven. In-person coaching demonstrations will take place before your eyes, and you will get many opportunities to get your hands dirty.

We find that this immersive experience reinforces our students’ learning, ingraining a coaching spirit that becomes second nature.

Get ICF-Accredited (and in as fast as 7 Months!)

Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the gold standard of coaching, you can be confident your training adheres to the highest professional standards in coach training.

This also means you will be able to coach anywhere across the globe - be it in the United States, Korea or Australia.

The best part?

It’s all possible within just 7 months!

You-Centred Feedback in Real-Time

Our classes are kept to a size of 15 to ensure you are always under the gaze of a facilitator's.

 Make a blunder and we’ll let you know at once. Likewise, you will receive feedback to reinforce the things you’re doing right.

These will accelerate your growth as a coach as well as uncover blind spots you may have.

A Safe Place to Learn, Fall and Grow 

The more you fall, the more you learn.

Our facilitators will set rules and boundaries within our training grounds to foster a safe, trusting environment.

No such thing as silly questions, no room to worry about looking foolish. We've only one goal in mind - and that's to make you the best coach you can be.

An Ecosystem of Growth-Oriented Individuals

The moment you step past our doors, you'll be part of a community of coaches who do not hold back when it comes to supporting one another.

You're just one call away, whether you're looking for someone to practice coaching drills or coach you through issues that stand between you and your goals.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery

The program is designed such that you’ll not only learn how to create change in others, but also grow as a person yourself.

Your beliefs will be challenged. Your paradigms will be shifted.

Many students share that they were surprised at how much they learned about themselves and even told us the personal development they experienced alone was worth it.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery

The program is designed such that you’ll not only learn how to create change in others, but also grow as a person yourself.

Your beliefs will be challenged. Your paradigms will be shifted.

Many students share that they were surprised at how much they learned about themselves and even told us the personal development they experienced alone was worth it.

What Our Graduates Say

"Without the right attitudes, experience is blind. The program teaches us to work on our attitudes.

With the right attitudes, we are able to use our newly acquired knowledge and skills to create better life experiences for ourselves and others."

Dr Michael Chang, Head of Global Learning of a Tertiary Education Organization

"I chose ECI as a training organisation as it offered the most structured training to become an effective coach: I believe in trying to achieve the most in the minimum amount of time and ECI was the most professional organization offering this.

Sebastien Lacroix, Insead MBA Graduate

"Despite having attended other coaching classes, I feel that the quality and experience of the 2 coach trainers has created a very different experience.

The “immediate” coaching practices and diversity of real issues have brought this class truly to a professional experience."

Isabelle Claus Teixeira, Head of Talent Management, Leadership & Organization Development of a Global Pharmaceutical Brand

"Executive coaching has definitely met my expectations. Today, I’m able to bring out the best in not only myself, but those around me, including friends and family.

The executive coaching program is well structured and the trainers are experienced, dedicated and motivating. The entire class supported each other throughout the program, and the sense of connection among us has added even more value to this program."

Susan Xiao, Senior Manager at a Global Automobile Company

"I enjoyed the intense, engaging, inspiring and entertaining program where I learnt fundamental executive coaching skills and experienced the challenges of coaching clients through numerous coaching drills.

The coaches and trainers are professional, friendly, passionate and fun! The knowledge and skills we learnt from our trainers can never be obtained from reading books."

Richard Hong, Chief Executive Officer (ASEAN) at TUV SUD, an International Safety Company

Meet Your Master Trainers

You will be led a team with a strong track-record of empowering their clients towards breakthroughs and having at least 3 years of coaching experience.

Many of us left cushy, high-status jobs after experiencing the immense transformations of coaching.

We envision a world where every person lives his or her best life.

Free from the chains of their limiting beliefs, achieving goals fearlessly, and forming deep relationships where we can be their authentic selves.

One of ECI’s most senior coaches, Julia has coached over 1,000 people in her time as a coach. Amongst them, she has helped many business owners, managers, directors and C-level executives from organisations as AXA, Johnson & Johnson, SMU, Deloitte, DBS Bank and UBS experience transformation and gain a distinct advantage in their performances.

Julia’s vast coaching experience makes her a versatile coach, employing approaches and styles best suited for her clients’ development. She is described by her clients as a steady and calm pillar of strength, with deep wisdom that brings clarity to complex situations.

As a trainer, Julia is known to be patient, meticulous, and her outstanding accurate technical knowledge stands out.

Julia Ng, Lead Trainer

Before coming across coaching, Mei Yee’s rapid ascent up the corporate ladder in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry saw her earning accolades such as Top Sales, rising to Regional Sales Supervisor at an MNC in Vancouver by 2007.

Despite her career successes, she found herself searching for “What’s next?” in her life.

Having found the answers she sought through coaching, she became a coach in 2008 to make a difference to others. Her ability to connect with her clients emotionally and her firm and unwavering determination allow her to empower her clients to achieve their dreams and goals.

Mei Yee’s liveliness, a firm grasp of coaching techniques and strong ability to engage her class have resulted in her becoming one of ECI’s most sought-after trainers.

Loo Mei Yee, Director of Training

Like Mei Yee, Wei Ping was consistently ranked in the top ten percentile of performers at Barclays Capital and The Royal Bank of Scotland. 

After spending 7 years in banking, she decided to leave the corporate rat race to pursue a more authentic life. Helping people find out what is really important to them and changing their lives is one of the things that she really loves to do.

As a coach, she is known for coming from the heart yet being grounded in reality. Her clients find out what resonates with them and get practical solutions from her coaching that they can implement into their lives. Her client achievements include starting businesses, doing charitable movements, building personal confidence and improving relationships.

Sim Wei Ping, Executive Coach

The Lives We've Changed

Melanie, Regional HR Manager

Burn-out 'Yes-Woman' to
Firm Boundaries & Living Life Aligned to Her Values

Before PCTP, Melanie, a regional HR manager, was a 'yes woman' who constantly sought the approval of others.

You can imagine how tired, burnt out and out of balance her life was.

The journey with us gave her clear insights on her boundaries - and how she could assert them.

The present-day her now makes sure each decision she takes aligns with what she truly wants and believes in.

The captain of her life, she is happier, more relaxed, and more confident in her own skin.


Xuan Lee

Introvert Who Missed Out on Many Opportunities to a Confident Communicator

The old Xuan Lee was an introvert afraid of voicing her opinions at work - even when she knew things could be improved!

The stifling feeling she felt by keeping all her ideas to herself was one thing. There was also the many opportunities she missed because of this inhibition.

PCTP equipped her with the tools to communicate at work in a way that allows her to get heard while being respectful.

These days, she shares her ideas courageously - even if they are unpopular at times - gaining the respect of her colleagues and even her bosses.  

Xuan Lee


Clarity on Mindset & Behaviour Improved Her Relationships with Others Tremendously

Lynette's most significant takeaway from PCTP was the increase in self-awareness of her behaviour and mindset.

She's better able to understand others and their needs, fears, thought patterns, even if they come from a different walk of life.

Naturally, her relationships with others - even with her daughter, who she felt 'always challenged' her! - have tremendously improved. 

Recently, mother and daughter even had a conversation where they laughed and talked about their differences - a HUGE achievement for both of them!


These three transformations are powerful but not unique.

Since 2004, PCTP has changed the lives of hundreds of students, propelling them to heights they never believed was possible.

Like Melanie, Xuan Lee, and Lynette, you too can embark on a journey of personal growth - all you've got to do is...

Take the First Step Today:

Professional Coach Training Program Course Preview

If you've read till here, we want to invite you to our course preview where one of our Executive Coaches, Wei Ping, will dive deep into how our program can benefit you.

We'll even hold a live profiling exercise so you can witness for yourself the proven methodologies we've used to consistently positive impact our clients. 

We think this is the best way for you to experience our trainers' abilities.

Feel free to ask ANY questions you have during the session - our sole goal is for you to gain a picture of the benefits of certification.

Other things we'll cover include:

  • Why coach credentialing is a MUST in this day of age whether you want to be an internal coach or do it as a business 
  • What a day in the life of a coach looks like (both full-time & organisational coach)
  • The credentialing paths and routes for aspiring coaches in Singapore

This is also an opportunity for you to gauge for yourself if there is a connection between you and us.

After all, we know there's no point in you enrolling for a coach training program if chemistry is lacking.

For the Ones Hungry for Growth

This is NOT your usual one-day corporate workshop where a bunch of executives show up for the sake for attendance.

Our training grounds are a sacred place reserved only for individuals with a strong desire to better themselves.

To uphold the standards for our students, we're only looking for serious individuals who:

  • Want to make a lasting difference in people’s lives be it at work or at life.
  • Are willing to invest your time, energy and money in a coaching education that you deem as valuable
  • Are willing to partner with us for at least 6 months so you can get the right coaching mindset, tools and skills

As they say, desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal — that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

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Ambitions will Always Remain Unfulfilled Unless...

Getting out of our comfort zones is never easy.

But think back to the time when you took the first step to pursue an aspiration of yours.

You embraced the discomfort, overcame challenges and not before long, tasted victory when you made it.

The only regret you had...?

You wished you'd act sooner! 

So here's my question to you:

In seven months time, do you wish to making lasting impact on your first real client - or merely watch from the sidelines as others do so?

We'll see you at the webinar. 

On Behalf of the Trainers at ECI,
Wei Ping
Executive Coach International

Take the First Step Towards Fulfilling Your Coaching Aspirations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is coaching different from mentoring?

There are some similarities between coaching and mentoring.

However, coaching focuses on empowering clients and holding them accountable for their own professional and personal development, whereas mentoring largely involves the mentor sharing his or her life experiences.

Coaching is a professionally certifiable skill-set, where coaches spend hours on training and practice before receiving accreditation.

Contrary to popular belief, coaches do not tell their clients what to do.

Coaching is instead a partnership, where coaches ask their clients powerful, open-ended questions which can unlock the answers from deep within clients themselves.

Coaching also covers a wider spectrum in developing all the different domains in life, including personal relationships as well as finding purpose and direction, which may not be something that all mentors are comfortable speaking about with another industry professional.

In fact, accredited life coaches are trained to be able to handle any issue (professional or otherwise) that a client may wish to discuss.

Thus, coaching is a more formal relationship where coaches collaborate with clients in discovering more about themselves, equipping them with new competencies to help them take action and move forward to their goals for life.

Is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching focuses on advancing a client’s potential, while therapy focuses on curing and healing a client’s unresolved emotional problems.

Coaches use a client’s history mainly as a map to see how a client’s path has evolved to his or her present state. Coaching is more concerned with the gap between the present and envisioned future.

Coaches work hand-in-hand with their clients to reach specific life goals and enhance their growth and development in various domains of life – career, relationships, leadership, finding purpose, finances, health, amongst others.

For coaching, contact with clients between sessions for accountability is expected, while any contact outside of therapy sessions are meant for crises and difficulties only.

Trained coaches are able to discern when a client requires therapy rather than coaching (e.g. when a client has addictions, are recovering from trauma or face difficulty in day-to-day functioning).

When are your classes held?

Our classes are work-friendly and mostly take place on weekends.

Will completing this course allow me to set up a coaching business?


With the ACTP certificate you’ll be accredited with after completing the 4 modules, you’ll be able to formally coach clients.

And some of our course graduates have done just that, setting up their own businesses and are currently very successful practicing coaches. 

Will this course be relevant to my career?

The universal coaching skills that we teach can be used in conjunction with any existing specialisations you have.

For example, career consultants can become career coaches; someone with expertise in health and fitness can be a wellness coach.

Many of our trainees come from developmental professions such as consulting.

They’ve found coaching to be an extremely valuable addition to their repertoire of existing skills, allowing them to better help the people around them.

Is the certification I will receive internationally recognised?

Yes. Our program is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s leading coaching body.

This means your certification will be recognised worldwide, should you wish to coach anywhere in the world.