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Private Investigators

Who Go All Out for the Truth

We can help you obtain video and picture evidence of your partner’s infidelity.

No one expects to hire a Private Investigator. But sometimes, life simply doesn’t turn out how we’d imagine it to go.

At DPQuest, where we have been conducting private investigations for the past 20 years, we mainly help two groups of people.

The first group are those whose gut feeling tells them something is 'off'. It may be due to their partner's suspicious behaviour - always holding onto their phones, sudden need to work overtime or a change in how they dress.

They may have attempted to probe on their own but fear alerting their partner. Others confronted their partners but were dismissed as being paranoid. It is a mentally tortuous process for them as many feel as if they are going 'crazy', wishing that there was a crystal ball that would reveal the truth to them.

For this group of people, we are able to help them find out the truth - where their partner has been going, what their partner has been doing and who he or she has been seeing.

The second group is slightly different. They have been aware of their partner’s infidelity for a while, tried to make amendments but have come to realise it is not possible. They seek a divorce and have been advised by their lawyers that collecting concrete evidence is important to win their case.

For this group of people, we are able to help them obtain irrefutable or circumstantial evidence of adultery so they may avoid lengthy court proceedings or false accusations from their partner that drain both their time and money.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you seek closure so you may move on with your lives

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How We Operate

At DPQuest, the most common method of investigation we employ for infidelity is surveillance. It involves us tailing your partner throughout the day, tracking his or her every behaviour as well as who he or she has met.

All this time we have to practice caution so we do not alert the subject as well as capture evidence in the 

The following are the four steps we take to ensure maximum success chances in the shortest time frame:


Step 1: Gathering Information

Before the investigation commences, we will gather information about partner, ranging from his or her routine, days when suspicious behaviour is most likely to occur, vehicle numbers, venues frequented as well as photographs of both the subject as well as the suspected third party (if available).

We will then conduct a site inspection which allows us to familiarise ourselves so we will be able to tail the subject with ease.


Step 2: Results-focused Planning

We focus on the days and timing (e.g. we'll investigate on Wednesdays if you share with us that your partner returns home late every Wednesday) that are most likely to yield positive results. This way, we can provide the answers you seek as quickly as we can in a cost-efficient manner.

Surveillance suffices for most cases. But if required, we are able to employ techniques like vehicle trackers, installing spyware on devices and even hidden cameras (legal requirements must be met).


Step 3: Surveillance & Real-Time Updates

We are one of the only PI firms in Singapore where we provide our clients with real-time updates in forms of videos, pictures and messages throughout the investigation, allowing you to keep track of the investigation’s process minute-by-minute.


Step 4: Concluding Meeting

When the investigation is over, we will go through all the findings with you. If your partner is indeed committing infidelity, we will have collected sufficient concrete evidence in the form of pictures and videos by this point. If required, we are able to do up a court-approved report for divorce proceedings.

Why Work With Us?

Veteran Private Investigators

The majority of our PIs have a minimum 5 to 10 years of work experience. Several have served in the police force. They are skilled in investigative methods and are able to monitor your partner closely without alerting him or her.

They also are clear as to what evidence is required to be collected and have the expertise to go about getting as much video and picture evidence as possible.

They also try their best to provide support for all our clients who are going through a difficult period of time, be it providing advice or offering a listening ear.

One Day's Notice

If our Private Investigators are available, we are able to activate them to begin on your case in just one day’s notice. This way, you may uncover the truth as soon as possible as well as collect the evidence you require before your partner gets suspicious.


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

When you contact us, only our liaison officer will be aware of your identity. Even the investigators working on your case will not know who you are (our SOP disallows the liaison officer to serve as an investigator for that particular case).

Court-Approved Reports

Some of our clients seek a divorce from the start. Some are unsure about their next decision. Either way, we are able to provide detailed reports that will help you ease through court proceedings if required.

Many lawyers have given us feedback that they like how structured our reports are. Judges have also commented that we produce credible reports and we even had opposing lawyers call us to enlist our services after the current case is over.

About Us

Founded in 2005, DP Quest Investigation Consultancy Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based private investigation firm that has successfully investigated hundreds of adultery cases in both Singapore and overseas.

We are a team of licensed private investigators with law enforcement background. We use our extensive experience in criminal and commercial investigation and the latest surveillance technology to help you find the truth and obtain concrete evidence.

DP Quest holds a license from the Singapore Police Force L/PS/000130/2019.

We have conducted over a 100 interviews on TV News, Radio Stations and Magazines, 
and receive > 10 referrals from Lawyers each month

"Can We Guarantee You Results?"

This is a question clients like to ask us.

While we have the expertise, equipment and the heart to help you, even Sherlock Holmes is unable to nab a thief if the thief doesn’t steal.

If no acts of infidelity take place during our surveillance, we will still take photographs and videos of what your partner is doing during that period of time.

This way, we can guarantee you truth. You’ll be able to know exactly what your partner is doing, where your partner is and who your partner meets during the surveillance timeframe.

Get closure today.

Whether you seek the truth or aim to capture irrefutable evidence for a court case,

consider working with us.

Our experienced PIs are fully committed to finding out the truth for you. They can help collect the evidence you need in the shortest period of time, and are trained

 to remain undetected with even the most alert spouses.

Moreover, we are able to share with you valuable advice like what evidence the

 Family Court requires if you want to file a divorce.

Simply fill up the form below and one of our personnel will contact you shortly.

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Will you be using pin-hole cameras of spy cameras?

While popular in movies, pin-hole cameras are not suitable for over 90% of our operations. This is because those cameras do not have a zoom function. Instead, we use high-tech video cameras that are concealed so we are able to monitor the subject from afar while not alerting him or her.

How much does an investigation cost?

Each investigation varies based on the scope and requirements of each case. To get a quote, do leave your contact details so we may provide you with a zero obligation quote.

What happens if your investigators are caught by my spouse?

The chance of it happening is very low as our investigators are very experienced and are trained to monitor the subject’s behaviour closely. In the rare case it happens, our investigators are trained to feign ignorance and deny that any tailing is being carried out.

How long will an investigation last?

Generally, each operation will span over 30 hours. However, some cases may take just a week while others may take a month depending on the frequency of your partner’s suspicious behaviour.

Are your investigators well-trained?

We’ve been in the business for 20 years but to us, it doesn’t mean anything. What makes us good is that our PIs are keeping surveillance on subjects on a day-in day-out basis. This keeps us on our toes and ensures your investigation will go smoothly


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