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Mr Lim Ging Buk

I have not changed my hearing service provider ever since I switched to Digisound Hearing 12 years ago. They are able to professionally adjust my hearing aids according to the problem or feedback I've given. The end result is very satisfying to my ears.

Forget About The Muffled Conversations, Hissing Sounds, Or Uncomfortable Fittings.

Hear Clearly Again With Professional Fitting & Hearing Aid Technologies Tailored to You

Would you like to enjoy easy, relaxing conversations on the phone or in noisy places such as the coffee shop? Or watch TV with your family without adjust the volume?

It's possible with hearing care tailored to you.

Over the past 15 years, we've helped thousands of people get fitted with their ideal hearing aid, taking their hearing conditions, lifestyle and budget into consideration. Whether you're looking for something discreet, easy to use or with better noise-filter, we got it covered for you. 

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Introducing Digisound Hearing’s FREE* Hearing Aid Trial Package

We believe you need some time to know if the hearing aid is going to meet all your needs. This is why we are offering a package that includes an audiologist’s consultation, full ear screening and hearing test, hearing aid trial, and a follow-up appointment to assess the hearing results.

Even better?

You can collect your hearing aid in as fast as 1 day and try it out for 7 days straight, without paying a single cent until you (or your loved ones) are happy with the hearing aid.

Why Digisound Hearing?

Skip The Long Queues & Save On Follow-Up Appointments

Many customers complain about how they have to keep paying money and wait up to six months just for one appointment at the hospitals, only go through the same process again to fine-tune the hearing aid. This shouldn’t be the case. At Digisound Hearing, you can not only schedule a same-day appointment, but enjoy a free lifetime servicing of your parent’s hearing aid and a free reassessment of the entire ear and hearing aid every six months to further optimize your parent’s hearing.

Convenient Location, With Caring & Friendly Staff Always At Your Service

At Digisound Hearing, we are more than just your audiologists. When it comes to your hearing needs, we are your long-term caretakers as well and will always be prompt and attentive in addressing them. In fact, many of our customers tell us that our audiologists and clinicians are good listeners who empathize with their parents, and are experienced in finding solutions for challenging sound environments. Our hearing clinics also span from Jurong East to Katong, so that your family can drop by easily.

Enjoy Premium Service & Excellent Support On Product Knowledge

It’s no secret that servicing speed and product knowledge are linked to how close you are to the manufacturer. As a sister company to SONOVA, multinational hearing aid manufacturer of PHONAK, little or no hearing clinics can promise you fast servicing, and offer you the latest product knowledge like we can. So you and your parents can definitely rely on us to give you the best recommendation and product support in the market!

Competitive Pricing To Better

Serve You

While many see Digisound as a premium brand, if you ask any of our customers, we do actually provide competitive pricing! This is to ensure that every customer we serve is fully satisfied with what we can offer. What’s more? We are offering a 6 – 12 months installment plan for those who prefer to pay in stages. In fact, feel free to try out the hearing aid with your parent and discuss the options with our audiologist. You’ll soon find out that you have nothing to lose.

As you can see, our dedication towards your parent’s hearing does not simply stop at a 7-Day Free Trial. You and your parent get to make an informed choice with our professional advice, while saving money and time on appointments.

Mr. Ng H.T

85 years old, Retiree

Digisound Hearing has very good service. My grandfather only wants to visit Digisound Hearing for servicing and any issues related to his hearing. The consultant has very excellent service, answers questions and doubts in detail, is friendly and always provide a solution for that suits our needs.

The Complete Process


Fully Understanding Your Hearing Needs

With more than 15 years of experience in helping people with hearing loss, we know that not every hearing aid is suitable for your parent.

To get the complete picture, our friendly audiologist will ask you and your parent to fill up a registration form when your first arrive at the clinic.

She will then discuss any concerns or medical history (e.g. occupation, diabetes) your parent may have, so that we can find out how we can best help him or her.


Throughout Ear Screening

To ensure that the hearing test is accurate, we will use an audioscope (with video imaging) to screen your parent’s ear for blockages like ear wax, as well as any infections or abnormalities that could have caused the hearing loss instead.

If these were found to be the case, we will advise your parent to seek the proper medical attention, or have the blockages removed first to help prevent any further damage to the ears.

Of course, for a light build-up of ear wax, our helpful audiologist will be happy to remove it before the hearing test.


Comprehensive Hearing Test, Unlike Any Other

Combining the use of a sound-treated fitting room and soundproof earphone, your parent will undergo a vigorous yet simple hearing test that lasts between 5 – 20 minutes.

While most tests would stop here, at Digisound Hearing, we further validated the results with the latest audiometer, which allow for bone-conduction testing.

This additional testing is done by using another electromechanical headband placed around the head, allowing us to not only assess the severity of hearing loss in the audiogram results, but correctly identify the type of hearing loss your parent has.

Insightful data like the health of your parent’s eardrum, as well as the possibility of holes, fluid, and broken bones will also be revealed to you.


Detailed Explanation & Analysis Of Audiogram

We can then analyze the audiogram results to find out what range of sounds is missing for your parent, and whether a hearing aid is able to help.

In general, most people with hearing loss will find that they are unable to hear high frequency or high pitch vibrations. This may explain why they have trouble hearing a woman or child speaking to them.


Professional Hearing Aid Recommendation

Our licensed audiologist will finally recommend the best hearing aid that suits your parent based on the audiogram results.

You can rest assured that the choice of hearing aid will also take into account your parent’s design preference, brand, functionalities, and cost.

If needed, an ear impression will also be safely taken by our well-trained clinicians to guarantee a comfortable fit.

This impression is done by placing a piece of cotton in the ear, and letting it take shape for 15 minutes. Your new hearing aid will then be ready for collection within 5 days.


Extensive Aftercare

It is important to note that follow-up appointments can be just as crucial as the hearing aid itself. This is because hearing loss varies from individual to individual and precise calibration must be done to ensure the hearing aid continues to fulfill your parent’s hearing needs.

Imagine walking out of the hospital only to find out that the hearing aid is no longer working, and your next follow-up is 6 months away!

But at Digisound Hearing, you and your parents are covered with a 7-Day Free Trial and free lifetime follow-ups.


Non-Obligatory Follow-up

We believe that results sell themselves. In fact, many of our customers are so impressed with our products and services that they requested an optional upgrade on their hearing aids, and continued with us till this day.

But if you or your parent finds that our hearing aids are in any way not performing up to standards, please feel free to discuss the issue with our friendly audiologists.

While you are ultimately not obliged to buy the hearing aid from us, we take our customer’s hearing very seriously and will help out in any way we can.

Miss Toh Yu Yin

I have been a customer of Digisound Hearing since my schooling days, 8 years ago. I have purchased two sets of hearing aids from them, the second pair an upgrade 5 years after the first pair. As a repeat customer, I have been acquainted with a few hearing care consultants. They have always provided me with consistently warm and personable service, taking care to explain when I had any questions and to ensure my level of comfort was optimum.

What’s In Your PHONAK Hearing Aid?


– People can hardly see


– No embarrassing whistling


– No need to replace batteries

Noise Auto-filter

– No need to keep adjusting

Tinnitus Balance

– No annoying ringing in ears

Wireless Connectivity

– Phone, E-Book, Music, Video, Podcast

These features are not even half of what you and your parents will be getting. With the more than 19 customizable features backed by the latest hearing aid technology from Switzerland, you can rely on us to help you find the ideal hearing aid! And yes, all our hearing aids are HSA-Approved.

Wide Range Of Models For You To Choose From

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Hear From Other Clients:

Before I came to Digisound Hearing, I was wearing hearing aids from another company. However the effects were not satisfying. I have not changed my hearing service provider ever since I came to Digisound Hearing 12 years ago. Their service is very good. They are also able to professionally adjust my hearing aids according to the problem or feedback I’ve given. The end result is very satisfying to my ears. This is also why I have the confidence to introduce Digisound Hearing to my friends, as I hope that they will solve their hearing difficulties and enjoy a better quality of life.

Mr. Lim Ging Buk

70 years old, Retiree

After getting my new hearing aids, I realise that I should not have delayed for around 3 years in getting it. I am now more confident and sociable. The service I get at Digisound Hearing is also excellent and the consultant is really very knowledgeable and well versed in the product. If you need a hearing aid, get it, don’t delay.

Florence Tan

60 years old, Social worker

I have received very good service at Digisound Hearing. The consultant is very patient and takes the time to understand my lifestyle before recommending an appropriate hearing aid to fix my hearing loss. There was no hard-selling, only explanation and recommendation.

Miss Yeo S.L.

Office Worker

I am a returning customer of Digisound Hearing. The consultants are very professional and know their products very well. This is my second pair of hearing aids and is very happy using it. Thank you for offering excellent customer service and free lifetime service for customers.

Mr. Philip Lee

51 years old

很好的服务,非常有耐心。 使用迪生听力产品后,我的听力得到了极大的改善。 顾问非常有知识,并提供良好的详细的意见。 我们对收到的服务非常满意。 谢谢。

Mdm Gan S.T


About Us

Digisound Hearing has helped more than 9000 customers restore their hearing over the last 15 years. With the expertise of Audiologists, Audiometrists and Hearing Care Consultants from over five centres in Singapore, we aim to deliver personalized and friendly hearing care services close to your home.


What’s wrong with the cheaper, general-purpose hearing aids?

Is there any warranty for the hearing aids?

Will the hearing loss stop worsening overtime?

How much are the hearing aids?

What are the payment options?

Don’t let hearing loss drives you and your parent apart.

With our help, talking to your parent doesn’t have to be frustrating.

Now, you and your parent can finally enjoy family time without even noticing the hearing loss in the first place!

But maybe you’re still not fully convinced that Digisound Hearing is for you, that’s OK, go ahead and get in touch with us for a free hearing aid trial and find out for yourself.

What You’ll Get During Your Free Trial Package

  • Discover the root causes of hearing loss and how to identify the various types in others
  • Visually see and get insights into what’s really going on inside the ears of a person with hearing loss
  • Gain a deeper understanding of why your parent may fail to detect certain ranges of sounds from the audiogram result, and whether he or she needs a hearing aid
  • Truly experience the life-changing difference of a quality and reliable hearing aid with a no-obligation FREE 7-DAY TRIAL
  • Get access to instant booking of follow-up appointments at ZERO COST

Simply fill in the form and re-live the joy of hearing with your loved ones

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