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Chemistry Tuition - Jump Up To 6 Grades Within 3 Months, Using Our CAF Method, Which Helped Over 800 Students

Many of them even improved from failing to scoring ‘A’ at O Levels, A Levels and IGCSE.

Chemistry Tuition - Jump Up To 6 Grades Within 3 Months, Using Our CAF Method, Which Helped Over 800 Students

Many of them even improved from failing to scoring ‘A’ at O Levels, A Levels and IGCSE.

[Note To Parents: Due to the current situation, we moved the consultation and all regular classes online.]

After helping more than 800 students over the past 6 years,we noticed that those who are scoring C and below can easily score for questions that are testing concepts from 1 topic only.

Unfortunately, such questions make up 10-15% of the exam only.

They tend to be simple and straightforward like the example below:

However, when a question tests concepts from multiple topics, many students face challenges jumping from one topic to another, making them unable to answer it.

And in some cases the question may have multiple parts that are linked to each other. So when students can’t answer one part, they can’t do the other parts too.

This causes them to lose a lot of precious marks at one go, which reduces the chances of them scoring an ‘A’.

This is because such questions makeup 80-85% of the exam.

The example below shows a question testing concepts from multiple topics:

But why are they facing this challenge?

Due to the limited time in school and the large class size, teachers tend to go through the concepts at a fast pace, so students experience difficulty keeping up.

And when it comes to going through answers, there may not be enough time to go through every solution thoroughly.

Thus, it’s common for students to not understand the logic behind the Chemistry concept and the reasons why the answer is considered correct.

As a result, many students have a weak foundation.

Because of this, they tend to memorise concepts and answers blindly then regurgitate during the exam.

However, this means they are not answering based on the context of the question, causing them to be penalised.

This is why we created an approach that helps to build on our students’ foundation and is customised based on their current level of understanding.

We also have step by step answering techniques that help your child break down any exam question correctly and provide answers that meet the requirements of the question.

Our methodology guides your child’s thinking, which ensures he always knows what to do, so he doesn’t get stuck during the exam.

The result?

Many of our students can jump 2 to 3 grades in 3 months or less, even if they were stuck scoring C/D previously.

In fact, we’ve even help students jump from failing to scoring Distinction at O Levels, A Levels and IGCSE.

Some Of Our Student’s Success Stories:

From E8 To A2 For Pure Chemistry

(Lynette Lim, Clementi Town Secondary School)

From S To A For H2 Chemistry

(Cleo Lee, Euonia Junior College)

From E8 To A1 For IP Chemistry

(Tan Jeng Qian, Nanyang Girls’ High School (IP))

The Secret Formula Behind How Our Students

Have Jumped Up To 6 Grades

When we noticed the common patterns among students who were scoring C/D or below, we created a step by step system that can be learnt and applied easily to any Chemistry question.

Furthermore, instead of a one-size fits all approach, we customise our teaching based on the student’s level of understanding.

The Customised Accelerated Foundation (CAF) Method

At Achievers Dream, we strongly believe that a student’s foundation is the most important thing to work on first before helping him master more complex concepts.

This is because when your child understands the logic behind each concept, he is able to apply it to whatever the question is asking.

A strong foundation also makes jumping from one topic to another much easier and faster.

This means even if the question is testing multiple concepts across various topics, your child will be able to consolidate the different pieces of information and answer according to the context of the question.

Thus, he won’t lose any marks from being stuck or leaving parts of a question blank.

However, different students have different levels of understanding.

That’s why we created a customised approach based on what they’re currently scoring now.

[Scoring ‘D’ & Below]:

For students in this range, we’ll recommend them to join our L1 - Chemistry Foundation Programme.

In these classes, we’ll focus on strengthening their fundamental understanding of Chemistry concepts, so they’ll have a solid foundation.

This will help them to improve to scoring B/C.

[Scoring ‘B’ & ‘C’]:

Students in this range already have some understanding of the key concepts. However, this can still be improved.

So in our L2 - Chemistry Mastery Programme, we focus on deepening their mastery of the concepts.

We also help them sharpen their exam answering techniques to apply their knowledge correctly.

This will help to increase their chances to jump to score an ‘A’.

[Scoring ‘A’]

Once your child has a strong foundation and exam answering techniques, we’ll then focus on helping them answer higher order thinking questions that test multiple concepts across various topics at once.

The objective in our L3 - Chemistry Scholar Programme is to expose your child to such questions and train their creative & critical thinking to help them score ‘A’ consistently.

This methodology is how we’ve helped 800+ of our students to achieve at least 2 or more grade improvements, with 9 out of 10 students scoring 'A' & 'B'.

Watch what our students have to say:

From F9 To A1 For Pure Chemistry

(Isaac Goh, Bukit Panjang Batok Secondary School)

Click to

From U To A For H2 Chemistry

(Jabez Ng, Anglo Chinese Junior College)

Click to

From E8 To A1 For IP Chemistry

(Tan Jeng Qian, Nanyang Girls’ High School (IP))

Click to

Who Are We

The Achievers Dream team is made up of experienced tutors, Master graduates and even PhD holders.

All teachers have to go through a competency test to determine if they qualify for an interview. They then have to teach a lesson monitored by our principal and will receive feedback from students regarding their lesson.

This feedback will be taken account into assessing their application to join our team.

We also conduct regular meetings to update each other on the latest teaching techniques and any changes in the syllabus.

We are Singapore’s FIRST & ONLY premier chemistry specialist tuition centre (in Bukit Timah) with the 'Customised Accelerated Foundation Method™ and equipped with a Chemistry lab to help students learn easier and faster.

Why Choose Achievers Dream

Fully Equipped MOE-Registered Chemistry Lab With Qualified Lab Technician

2 years worth of preparation, careful planning and applying for clearance from 6 different government agencies and MOE itself.

By having a fully functioning lab within our premises, students get real hands-on experience with all experiments.

This ensures that our students have enough practice to become more familiar with this part of the exam and gain more confidence.

On top of that, our students are also exposed to all different types of practical exams that may appear during the national exam. (For example, there are 5 types for Pure Chemistry.)

This gives them an unfair advantage over other students and helps them to score.

Having more practical sessions also allows students to see the reactions they learn in theory classes, which helps them to understand and recall concepts better. So this helps them score in Paper 1 and 2 too!

Distilled Designer Summary Notes

After your child learns a topic, they’ll get summarised notes.

At one look, they can see all the important concepts for that topic.

And this is done for every topic in the syllabus.

Each note is prepared by our team that consists of experienced tutors, with some who even have masters & PhD. We collectively have more than 100 years of teaching experience.

The notes are then designed by a professional designer.

Each page costs us about $160 to create! That’s how much resource we are willing to invest just to ensure our students’ success.

But the best part is our notes will save your child at least 30 hours of revision time if they were to flip through their textbook page by page.

Active Learning

We’ve created different types of booklets for each topic. These are used during the lesson and are projected on the SMART board that is in each of our classroom.

The SMART board makes your child’s learning experience seamless as they have the exact replica of the teaching material that the tutor is using.

Because of this, they can follow the lesson closely and understand better.

We will also explain our thought process behind each concept so your child can understand the logic without memorising blindly.

In addition, after each concept is taught, there is an application exercise. This enables your child to apply what they just learnt, which strengthens their understanding.

They’ll also be able to clarify any doubts immediately.

Who We Help

Lower Secondary Science

Upper Secondary
(Combined Chemistry)

Upper Secondary
(Pure Chemistry)

IP Chemistry

Junior College Chemistry

IGCSE Chemistry

​Stop Struggling To Score For Chemistry, Let Your Child Be The Next Success Story.

From F9 To A1 For Pure Chemistry

(Jordan Lim, Bukit Panjang Government School)

From U To A For H2 Chemistry

(Haney Herlina, Saint Andrews Junior College)

From C5 To A1 For Pure Chemistry

(Pierre Lim, Swiss Cottage Secondary School)


Why is it important for my child to score for Chemistry?

Who will be teaching my child?

Is there option for make-up lesson if my child can’t make it for a class?

Can my child keep up if he/she joins in the middle of the school term?

How many students per class?

How much are your tuition fees? Is it expensive?

Hear from more of our students:

From F9 To A1 For Pure Chemistry

(Vanessa Foo, Zhenghua Secondary School)

From E8 To A1 For Pure Chemistry

(Cherilyn Teng, St. Margaret’s Secondary School)

Give Your Child The Complete Support For Chemistry Now!

Dear parents,

Rather than letting your child do the same thing over and over again, like memorising concepts and answers blindly, without knowing where he went wrong,

Book a free consultation with our Chemistry specialist, so he can finally have some clarity on how to improve and prevent him from feeling demoralised.

During the complimentary private diagnostic consultation, you’ll get the following:

  • [Diagnostic Test] – Discover your child’s learning style and knowledge level for Chemistry. You’ll know how to improve their learning and revision to improve their understanding.
  • [Chemistry Lab Tour] – Marvel at our fully equipped MOE-registered lab that has helped countless students ace the practical component and secure an overall grade of A/B.
  • [Results & Insights] – All the gaps in your child’s knowledge and understanding will be revealed. We’ll highlight the exact areas they need to work on to improve their grade significantly.
  • [BONUS – Cheat Sheets] – Reduce your child’s revision time by 30 hours and help them learn 2-3 times faster than the average student. No more flipping through textbooks to revise.

​If you’re interested to help your child improve their Chemistry grade, simply fill up the form below and our staff will follow up with you to schedule a diagnostic consultation.

On behalf of the Achievers Dream faculty staff, we look forward to helping your child score in Chemistry.


Jerald Lie
Achievers Dream Principal

Register For Free 1-On-1 Diagnostic Consultation

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[Note To Parents: Due to the current situation, we moved the consultation and all regular classes online.]