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FDA Approved:

Women are calling this latest “Picoway Resolve” the little known Korean secret for removing pigmentation and skin rejuvenation... at the same time!

Non-Invasive Treatment by Doctors:

No surgery, little to no pain and zero downtime

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How Models & Celebrities Look Young Till Sixty:

Enjoy Immediate Skin Tightening & A V-Shaped Face With The ‘Korean Liftera-Advance Non-Invasive Treatment’

With No Surgery, Little To No Pain, And Zero Downtime

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Most women turn to treatments like microneedling, chemical peeling, or even dermabrasion to remove pigmentation and rejuvenate their skin.

Here's what most women notice:

Yes, while the light pigmentation might reduce in appearance, the darker and deeper ones are here to stay...

You see, these methods usually focus on the surface layer of the skin, yet most pigmentation development occurs in the deeper part of our skin, the dermis layer.

It's no surprise to see why they're unable to eliminate most of the pigments...

Not to mention the risk involve in these invasive procedures - at least 2 weeks of downtime, wound opening, and if you're unlucky? You could even get an infection after the treatment!

Yes, it's possible! Using the latest "PicoWay Treatment", that is clinically proven to help women with pigmentation and skin rejuvenation without surgery, pain and even downtime!

If you've been looking for something like this, the "PIcoWay Treatment" at BH Medical Aesthetic might just be what you're looking for!


PicoWay Resolve – for a pigmentation free and rejuvenated skin

Effective even on stubborn,

dark pigmentation!

Pigmentation development starts occuring when melanin builds up at the deeper layer of our skin, particularly the dermis.

With PicoWay's laser, we can effectively target the pigmentation, dispersing the large chucks of melanin into tiny particles so that our body can flush these toxins away! 

The best part? Because PicoWay uses short pulses (picoseconds) to penetrate into the dermis layer, the machine treats the root cause of pigmentation growth without overheating or damaging the skin tissue! 

Immediate tightening of pores, and silky

smooth skin in your 1st session!

Finally, an effective way to rejuvenate your skin without surgery!

You probably already know collagen is found in the dermis layer of our skin. PicoWay laser can penetrate as deep as 4mm beneath your skin to stimulate collagen production (This is the same as injecting collagen into your dermis)!

Expect to see improvement on your skin right away. It gets even better after 3-5weeks when collagen is fully rebuilt!

Little to no downtime or

pain… during and after treatment!

If you've ever tried traditional laser, you're probably aware of how unpleasant and painful it can be.

With PicoWay, it uses short pulse per picoseconds instead of constant stream of intense heat.

This means it's gentle on our skin's surface layer, which also contributes to little to no downtime and pain.

And yes, it's also more effective with less treatment than laser!

What kind of pigmentation can PicoWay help?

PicoWay technology can assist with different skin tones, and the type of pigmentation like:

  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • Café Au Lait
  • Hormonal Pigmentation
  • Age spots

Here’s why women are getting so excited

over the Picoway treatment

It’s so effective because the concentration of PicoWay power allows it to penetrate deep into the dermis layer where the pigmentation root is, zapping them into fine particles that our body easily flushes off.

Furthermore, PicoWay's handpiece contains three different wavelengths – 532mn, 700mn, and 1064mn – to effectively target different types of pigmentation in your face, such as sunspots, freckles, and age spots, which vary in depth.

Most importantly, the machine is designed to deliver the laser in many short pulses per picosecond, significantly reducing overheating risk, resulting in little to no downtime and pain.

Simply put, if you want to get rid of dark, stubborn pigmentation on your skin and look younger... without the invasive procedures, skin damage, and downtime.

This is as close as it gets.

Why BH Medical Aesthetic?

Customer first - Effective treatment

without breaking the bank

It’s no secret that picoway treatment are usually more expensive because of the effectiveness compared to traditional laser. A session would have cost $1000!

And because we want as many women to benefit from PicoWay treatment – for a healthier, pigmentation free skin. We’re offering our first trial at only $275 (worth $700)!

And yes, numbing cream is also included, as well as a professional consultation and advice!

Only Professional Doctor that

deliver treatments and result

At BH Medical Aesthetic, Our MOH-certified doctors with combine experience of more than 30 years will be attending to you. This always ensures that you’re in safe and gentle hands.

At the same time, professional advice will be provided in detail for all your queries, including why your skin might've struggled in the few days after your past/previous treatments.

More importantly, on-site analysis of the face enables our doctor to recommend the correct procedure you need to look natural and age gracefully

About Us

BH Medical Aesthetics clinic is the aesthetic arm of Award-Winning Spa & Skin salon Beaute Hub. Equipped with a team of highly trained medical practitioners, we are located in the heart of Novena. Our mission is to provide you with medical aesthetic treatments with little to no downtime. Natural-looking results are our main priority.

At BH Medical Aesthetics clinic, we vow to provide the most premium and luxurious experience possible. From the moment you lay eyes on our clinic, you'd notice that we have cautiously designed our clinic to be relaxing yet luxurious in order to prepare you for your painless procedures.


Is this suitable for all skin type?

Yes, it is

Does it really not hurt?

Yes. You may feel a slight zap on your skin.

What does the promotion includes?

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no medical side effects – PicoWay is a FDA approved machine.

Do take note that depending on individual sensitivity and skin type, there might be mild swelling. But most of our clients have no issue even if they have sensitive skin.

I have darker skin, does it work for me?

Yes, PicoWay treatment has been clinically proven to help with darker skin as well!

Where are you located and how to get there?

1-minute walk from Novena MRT,
at 10 Sinaran Drive #11-04 Novena Medical Centre, Singapore 307506.

Operation Hours:
Monday - Friday
11.00 AM - 8.00 PM

10.30 AM - 6.30 PM

Closed on
Sunday and Public Holiday

Any measures place specifically for covid-19?

Yes. Our clinic has taken the precautionary measures to ensure you are kept safe and protected at all times.

Will the pigmentation be gone in 1 treatment?

Unfortunately, if pigmentation that lies deeper at the dermis layer, it definitely requires more than 1 session. However, immediate effect such as skin rejuvenation will happen due to the tightening process.

Will it cause skin discoloration?

What’s the difference between traditional laser and picoway laser?

While traditional laser does work, think of picoway laser as an upgrade due to the advancement of technology. Instead of pulsing out every second, it sends out pulse every picoseconds, this lessen the risk of hyperpigmentation and imflammation.

The pulsing of picoseconds means that it’s less prone to overheating, lesser downtime and scarring. In fact, hundreds of women has already benefitted from this treatment!

If you’re concerned, simply claim your complimentary diagnostic consultation to get qualified advice from our doctor.

What are the different types of pigmentation?

Picoway can assit with pigmentation from genetics to sun damage. The underlying concepts of pigmentation is a build up of melanin particles into one huge particle. So the key is to eliminate and disperse them so that our body can filter off melanin by itself.

Here are some of the pigmentation:

By now, you can probably see why BH medical aesthetics’ “PicoWay treatment” is ideal if you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin while removing stubborn pigmentation with little to no downtime and pain.

But it’s understandable that one might still have their doubt and concern on whether if the PicoWay treatment is right for them.

This is why we’re offering a complimentary Diagnostic consultation where you can:

  • Get a certified doctor to see if you’re suitable for the picoway treatment
  • Get all your skin concerns answered in detailed
  • See the difference before and after treatment that our customer has tried and how you can do the same

Simply claim the complimentary diagnostic consultation here

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