I was in the prime of my career – but I had no idea where my money was really going

Forget about ‘too-good-to-be-true’ investment plans. Build an unshakeable financial blueprint that helps you retire before you reach 60.

By our late 30s and beyond, most of us are starting to feel the pressure to start a retirement strategy. And as anyone will tell you, the way to a comfortable retirement is to invest.

We keep hearing about so-and-so whose investment in XYZ stocks is paying off handsomely with 20% returns. Or maybe we even know a colleague our age who is so confident of his investment portfolio, he boasts that he can quit and retire in 3 years’ time.

In contrast, it may feel like your own modest portfolio is not enough.

There will always be the feeling that you could do more, invest more, with the money you have.

How do you know for sure that you are on course to retire before 60 years old or younger, given the uncertainty of the future?

You may have these questions in mind:

  • How do I ensure that my retirement portfolio is robust enough to beat not only inflation, but also tide me over periods of market volatility like that caused by COVID-19 (and the Russo-Ukrainian war)?
  • How can I make sure that my children are well-provided for, and that they get the best education possible?
  • How can I best invest the money I have now, so that it doesn’t go to waste just sitting in my savings accounts?

If you have already started your own retirement plan to tackle these concerns, that means you are already on the right track. The next step is to refine and stress test your plan.

As financial advisors with interdisciplinary expertise, we can help you come up with a comprehensive retirement strategy that integrates investment protection with intergenerational wealth transfer to minimise leakages and conflicts. As financial advisors with experience in all of these areas, we can provide you with a comprehensive retirement plan that ensures zero leakages.

To give you a headstart, we are offering a complimentary personalized financial report AND a checklist to understand your preparedness for retirement.

About Us

Hi, I’m Bernard Foong, Associate Director at IPPFA and ACCA affiliate. I hold a double edge degree in Engineering and Accounting with a diploma in Law. I'm also a Certified Financial Planner and IBF Qualified.

My clients always ask me: Why do you need so many qualifications to be a financial advisor? Well, I believe that a jack of all trades is more useful today in the financial world than a master of one.

Engineering courses gave me the skills to analyze problems, stress test my investment portfolios, and find solutions. My experiences in various commercial settings – a private equity firm, a fintech startup, and even as a one-time owner of an SME – had me handle large sums of money and assets. Law helped me bridge the gaps between the finance and legal world.

Armed with this knowledge, my team and I will strive to provide you with a comprehensive framework that covers everything you need to achieve true financial independence.

Here’s What You Can Expect

A financial plan that holds up

even in a volatile market

In good times, a high risk tolerance can pay off with great dividends.

In bad times such as now, with the Russo-Ukrainian war coming hot on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic? Not so much.

Often, it’s only during ‘bad times’ that we realize we’re not doing enough to secure financial independence before our desired retirement age.

If you’ve already tried DIYing your investments but found little payoff, it may be time to get an objective view of your finances. Getting a second opinion can help to ease your anxieties and move forward with a course of action.

Avoid the pitfalls of the

 “Sandwiched Generation”

We are the sandwiched generation. Not only do we have to support our children, we also have to support our elderly parents.

Few of our parents had ready access to financial advice. Though they have our best interests at heart, they may not have had the foresight or ability to plan for their own retirement.

Despite CPF contributions, we end up having to supplement their passive income with monthly allowances and help them foot expensive medical bills.

This doesn’t have to be the case for our children. By building a fool-proof financial plan for retirement, we not only provide for ourselves, but also ensure that our children do not bear the burden of managing our finances.

Never worry that you’ll outlive your money

The most common worry people have about retirement is that they will run out of savings during retirement and be forced to return to the workplace.

But many Singaporeans are actually in a position to make their money outlive them. With the right planning, you could enjoy a relaxing retirement somewhere in Taiwan, New Zealand or Thailand and still have enough money left over to go on the occasional holiday to Europe.

By starting from as little as a $500/month contribution to your investments, the compounded interest could be enough to let you enjoy a leisurely retirement free of worries.

We Can Assist With

Hospitalisation and

 Medical Expense


Family and

 Parenthood Financial



and Retirement


Will, Estate and

 Generational Wealth


Total Commercial

 Risks Exposure

(for businesses)

Hear From The People We’ve Helped

Our Process


Determine your financial objectives

Over a quick 15 minute phone call, share with us some basic information about yourself, and what your financial goals are. This phone call is obligation-free. You will not be pushed to sign up immediately or disclose sensitive information.


Deep dive Zoom session into your financial needs

Are you on track to retire early? This Zoom session will delve more deeply into your portfolio and cash inflow/outflows. This will give you a good idea of how your current retirement plan is holding up and if you are on track.


2nd Zoom session and preliminary plans

Once we have a good understanding of your financial statement and goals, we can start working on a preliminary plan to help you achieve an early retirement. Over the next few months, we’ll send you monthly updates on your portfolio so you can see exactly how your investments are doing.

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Why should I pay someone for financial advice when I can read online guides/take courses at no cost?

Online financial guides only give you a generic and broad overview. They cannot tell you the specific and actionable information that can help you achieve your retirement goals.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve heard real success stories from hundreds of Singaporeans. Few of them achieved what they did with the help of online guides alone. Instead, they succeeded by combining information from those guides with sound advice from professionals.

That is why speaking to a real person who can take an objective look at your portfolio and recommend concrete actions to achieve your financial goals can help.

Are you selling me products from your company?

Rest assured, we will not push products that do not benefit you. Rather, we will help you organize your personal financial statement and determine your financial objectives before recommending any product.

We are part of an independently-owned financial advisory firm, and are licensed to sell products from a variety of companies. That’s why we can afford to be unbiased. We will only encourage you to buy the products that benefit your financial needs.

What is the recommended minimum sum I need for effective investment?

We recommend a minimum lump sum of $10, 000, and at least $500/month to start your investment journey.

How much do you charge?

We can charge a flat fee or an hourly fee. Flat fees are based on the products sold.

I already have my own advisor/banker. Why do I need your help?

It is not uncommon for Singaporeans to have more than one advisor/banker serving their needs. Many find that getting a second opinion works well for them, especially if they have multiple objectives in mind.

Get Ahead In Your Financial Journey

Many of us already know the importance of planning for retirement and have dabbled in investments. But actually creating a smart retirement plan and stress-testing it to make sure it holds up, is something else entirely.

With our personalized financial report and checklist, you’ll be able to:

  • formulate plans to avoid nasty financial shocks down the road
  • root out ‘portfolio killers’ like low-return investments and risky stocks
  • put your investment plan onautomatic so you can relax while your wealth buildspassively
  • count the days to your retirement with precise forecasting of your returns

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