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Discover How

Benefitted From Our Proven 'Four Ds' Framework

A design project nightmare:
  • Over-budget
  • Behind timeline
  • Poor design proposal and project management, frown upon by the company’s management
  • Eventual failure to match company culture, retain talent, and improve productivity
  • Design error after project completion

As you can see, one oversight is all it takes to jeopardise a design project and cause sleepless nights.

Not to mention that more often than not, there’s also only one chance to make it right.

Sadly, this is an ordeal most representatives have to go through due to different expectations from multiple stakeholders, budget constraints, and tight turnarounds. 

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be you. 

With the help of our tested and proven framework, you can sit back and relax knowing that we are always on track to get the job done. (regardless of how demanding the design project will be).

Introducing Wolf Studio’s Four Ds’ Framework:

Discover. Design. Develop. Deliver

100% Completion Rate Guaranteed
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What You Can Expect From Us


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The Process

Phase 1: Discover (Success From Day 1)

To account for multiple stakeholders, we start off by organising a leadership visioning workshop with the management to agree upon a desired outcome and the location of each department.

Another workshop is conducted at the team level to confirm your company’s culture, work pattern, and work style, so we can plan out on how to improve productivity and build culture. 

To leave no stone unturn, an online survey done at the individual level guarantees the happiness of everyone in the company while providing a sense of ownership. 

Of course, existing space studies will be done simultaneously to identify solutions to cut cost, maximise space & efficency, and boost employee’s comfort & health.

Phase 2: Design (Fail-proof & Customisable)

Who say design has to be stressful and complex?

Here, we translate the insights from Phase 1 into simple-to-understand test-fit layouts.

Yes, you get to see your future office with your very own eyes and modify the 3D layout in real-time.

This is made possible with a combination of 3D sketch modelling and 360° virtual reality software.

More importantly, any possible design errors may be eliminated beforehand.

Phase 3: Develop (Feel The Difference For Yourself)

Next, we bring the design to life using a more powerful high-res 3D model while testing out the colours, materials, and furniture variations.

Even better? A physical prototype will also be made and exhibited in a roadshow where it’s possible for you to experience the design before finalising.

We also have an option for staff to vote, which further promotes employee’s retention.

Phase 4: Deliver (Construction Begins)

How would you like to have 24/7 immediate access to all latest drawings, minutes and project-related files?

With our cloud-sharing database, you will soon see how our comprehensive documentation drawings ensures every centrimetre is designed with functionality and ergonomics in mind.

On top of detailed planning, ongoing site checks and defect tracking by our directors guarantee quality control.

Yes, you will always stay updated with us and gain access to our years of experience, even after project completion.

Oh before we forget, after project completion, every staff in the new office will receive a welcome kit. (one of the many talking points about your success for years to come)

More Work We Have Done


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Even More Reasons To Choose Wolf Studio

On Time, On Budget

Many clients asked how we run the project so smoothly despite the limited budget and tight deadline.

Well, Wolf Studio has a self-developed cloud database called SpaceWolf to optimise our project schedule, lock-in the budget, extract key briefing information, and launch online surveys.

Combined with quick-fill forms and proven project templates housed within ProjectWolf (another database), rest assure that your process will be quick and efficient.

Professional Experience You Can Rely On

It’s no secret that experience is the key to running a well-managed design project. 

Our Wolf Studio team alone has completed more than 60 projects at 100% completion rate over the last 3 years!

But if you look deeper, you’ll see that on average, each individual within the team has designed over 6 million sq. ft. of office space, and completed over 500 projects over the last 10 years. This includes extensive experience in working with MNCs and high-profile projects.      

In fact, you can be assured of zero business disruptions and no complaints from landlords and neighbours alike.

Value Engineering A Sustainable Workplace

Think it is beyond your budget? Think again.

With our value engineering design technique, you can expect to save 35% on the final construction cost.

But that’s not all.

We take Environmental Health & Safety and all other relevant Statutory Acts, Regulations, Ordinances and Bye-laws pertaining to Site Safety very seriously. Thereby building a workplace that is safe, healthy and environmentally green (reduce energy & resource consumption).

Whether you’re looking to fulfill WELL building standards, Activity Based Design (ABD) principles or LEED Gold certified, we’ve got you covered.

Accountable & Responsive To You

We understand the need to be reachable from procurement to project completion as stacks are high.

As such, our directors are directly in charge of every project and conduct regular client, staff, and management reviews to keep everything on track.

Having a Business Continuity Plan and emergency checklist ensure that we always have the resource and procedure to tackle any unforeseenable change, such as the COVID-19.

How Would You Like To Add A…

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About Wolf Studio


I am Brandon and this is Chrisandra.

We are the founders of Wolf Studio.

Now, maybe you’re wondering, how does Wolf Studio came to be and how does it affect me?

Simple enough, the story actually begins with a book I read, Simon Sinek’s START WITH WHY.

A quote especially resonated with me,

“A company, indeed any organization, must work actively to remind everyone WHY the company exists. WHY it was founded in the first place. What it believes. They need to hold everyone in the company accountable to the values and guiding principles.”

Unfortunately, you may learn that our industry can be quite robotic.

Where designers simply finish an order and move on.

This shouldn’t be the case.

That’s why Chrisandra and me set out on a journey to form our ‘wolf pack’.

A pack where everyone work as a team, is truly passionate about design, and take up an active role in the client’s project.

As a result, we are able to commit a 100% in each and every project, never giving up till the project is done.

In fact, you may find that our proven ‘Four Ds’ Framework is a product of our genuine passion to deliver the best result with a good attitude.

Dedicated To Design & Service Excellence

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How much does it cost to work with Wolf Studio?

Seems like Wolf Studio works with a lot of MNCs, do you help small companies as well?

How different is Wolf Studio compared to other global and multinational design firms?

How do I know if Wolf Studio is still going to be around?

Do you offer any post-COVID design or measures?

What’s Next: Schedule Your Free Benchmarking Session

As you can see, with our proven Four Ds Framework and dedicated team, you can be assured that your project WILL definitely be completed (100% completion rate since we started Wolf Studio).

With our help, every single oversight like:

  • Over-budget
  • Behind timeline
  • Poor design proposal and project management, frown upon by the company’s management
  • Eventual failure to match company culture, retain talent, and improve productivity
  • Design error after project completion

will be snuffed out before it affects the entire project down the road.

But before you leave and compare us with all the other design firms out there, it’s important to understand the current industrial standards, critical insights and potential complications that come with a commercial design project. 

And that is what your FREE BENCHMARKING SESSION is for – knowledge that will help you make an easier and more well-informed decision for your company

Yes. Even if we’re not a good fit, you’ll at least walk away with >75 years of combined insights and advice.

So be sure to claim your free benchmarking session with us.

See you soon!

Founder/Director, Wolf Studio

Breakdown of What You’ll Get from Your Benchmarking Session

  • Tell-tale signs of an effective/problematic design team that you can spot yourself
  • Hard-to-uncover insights that only an experienced designer will know
  • Why some designs fail to achieve productivity or build company culture (and how to avoid them)
  • Current trends within the design space and how to not lose out
  • Save days of researching as we share with you the various offers that’s already out there (and what are some important criteria for consideration)
  • Complete step-by-step breakdown what will happen within your design project, from start to finish without being an expert
  • Gain exclusive access into our past works, team profile and financial responsibility towards you (we’ll send the pdf to you via email after you send in the form)

Save days of researching and potentially months of stress from project complications in just ONE session.

Walk away with >75 years of combined insights and advice even if we’re not a good fit.

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