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Sec 3 – JC 2 Math Tuition

You No Longer Have To Risk Money On Ineffective Math Tuition

See Up To 5 Grades Jump With Unlimited 24/7 Consultations, While Enjoying 100% Money-Back Guarantee On Your Tuition Fee!

Hi parents (and students),

There is no other way to put it.

You want your child to get an A or at least improve his/her Math grade.

But the real question here is, out of the thousands of tuition centres and teachers out there, which one can REALLY help you achieve it? 

I mean, nobody wants to sacrifice money and time on tuition – only to realise the tuition centre or teacher gives empty promises.

And that is why at AO Studies, I, Chu Wei, will not be giving you any ‘sales talk’ or ‘empty promises’.

Instead, I will be giving you something even better:

“If for whatever reason, you're still not happy after attending all our sessions (in your tuition package), I will refund you 100% of the tuition fee. No questions asked. (excluding $80 material fees)

“If for whatever reason, you’re still not happy after turning up for ALL our tuition sessions (in your tuition package), I will refund you 100% of the tuition fee, guaranteed.”


Well, you probably already know that the best way to convince you is to show you, not to tell you.

And the only way for me to show you, is for you and the child to attend all the sessions (1 session is not going to make a difference) and experience the results for yourself.

But more importantly, instead of doing 'sales talk', I prefer to focus my energy on truly delivering up to 5 grades improvement for you (my true calling is a teacher).

Now, if that sounds fair to you, I invite you to read on:

See How 300+ Students Achieved Up To 5 Grades Jump - Since 2003

How I Helped My Students Achieve Up To 5 Grades Jump (Since 2003)

It’s Not About Memorising Formulas Or Just Getting The Correct Answers. It's The Thinking.

Two students could have the same teacher, the same practice, memorise the same formulas, and even get the same answers.

Yet, one eventually scores A and the other scores C during the exam.


The difference lies in ‘The Thinking’.

Without the correct thinking, students get penalised for the wrong working and cannot adapt when questions are twisted during the exam.

I do this by following through your child's unique thought process, going through each and every step in the working (even if I have to OT), and finding out the exact error (a.k.a Aha! Moment) in his/her thinking.  

For example, I will stay back till 10pm with the student to go through every single step of the working if need be (class ends 8.30pm). 

If not enough, come back the following days, and I will give your child free consultations until he/she achieves clarity.

Focused Practising, Instead Of Blind Drilling

Over the past 18 years as a tuition teacher, I’ve seen countless students do tons of textbooks and workbooks, only to score the same grade…

The reason is either because students are doing the easy questions to feel good about themselves, or they simply do the practice mindlessly.

So, what happens is they are not challenged to solve higher-order questions and practise the wrong things unknowingly.    

Wouldn't you agree that it's a waste of time?

At AO Studies, I spent the last 18 years (since 2003) consolidating the essence of Math into just a few in-house worksheets. These are questions that really challenge your child's thinking and expose where the fundamental weaknesses are, so we can start working on them together.  

For instance, there was this one student who got zero mark for graph questions ALL THE TIME (even when his answers seem correct). Until I pointed out that he kept drawing a crooked line for graph questions! (score 1 mark then get penalised by 1 mark)

Pushing You To The Limits – So You Can Be Confident

Look, I understand not everyone enjoys Math, especially if you have been failing it.

So, I realised that my job as a teacher is not only to teach the right thing, but also to make you believe in yourself. 

Too many students give up on themselves when they actually do have the ability to solve seemingly complex math problems.

Over at AO Studies, we incentivise our students to participate during class with rewards like $2, $5 and vouchers!

We also have a lounge that is open to all AO Studies students daily. Free food, free refreshments, free air-con. And yes, I will also be there daily should they ever need help in clarifying any school or tuition questions.

Don’t Take My Word For It, 

Hear From More AO Studies Students

More Reasons To Choose AO Studies

100% Money-Back Guarantee On Your Tuition Fee

Nothing speaks better than experiencing the results for yourself.

We want to show you that our math tuition can indeed deliver.

 And yes, at ZERO-RISK to you. After the tuition package, if you want a 100% refund, we will be more than happy to do it.

No Part-Timers, Just One Teacher

With >18 Years Of Experience

It’s no secret that some tuition centres hire part-timers with little to no experience.

At AO Studies, rest assured that I, Chu Wei will be personally responsible for your child’s progress. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s more than 18 years’ experience with multiple certifications (as shown below).

Unlimited 24/7 Consultations

Free of Charge

You heard right.

Your child can come back every single day at the tuition centre (my centre’s address is below), and even WhatsApp me directly for anything Math related anytime.

I’ve even set up a free lounge with free-flow food, drinks and air-con. Then there is, of course, my availability there!

On-site or Online Tuition,

As & When You Like It

Cannot make it because of COVID-19 or any other disruptions? No worries, you can attend LIVE lessons via Zoom as well.

Now, that doesn’t mean you get to slack, as I always call out my online students to show their working before the class moves on.

A Sneak Peek Into Your Class

See My Credentials From NTU & Harvard

Just In Case You Missed Out On This Irresistible Guarantee

I truly mean what I say that:

“If for whatever reason, you're still not happy after attending all our sessions (in your tuition package), I will refund you 100% of the tuition fee. No questions asked. (excluding $80 material fees)”

All I ask from you is this:

Choose and register for a tuition package below by paying a modest upfront fee (don’t worry, your money will still be there and available for a 100% refund).

Attend ALL THE LESSONS in the tuition package. 

In other words, even if you think we are not a good fit, you or your child will at least walk away with a full tuition package – completely at no cost to you, should you go for a 100% refund later on.

If this sounds fair to you, feel free to register for a package below now.

We Are 5⭐/5⭐ On 47 Google Reviews!

charlotte lobe
charlotte lobe
When I joined Athletic Chambers in April 2023, my level of fitness was at ground zero, my energy levels were very low, and I did not feel too good about myself. I was not even sure if I would stay beyond three months. I had planned to stay until my 50th birthday, and then my personal trainer, Elfi, happened. What an amazing person Elfi is! He explains each exercise in so much detail and also how it will benefit your body. Elfi has the best customer care ever. He reminds you about your next appointment without putting any pressure on you or making you feel obliged to show up. But, believe me, you will show up. If he could get me out of bed three times a week, including on Sunday mornings, he is a special species, and his patience knows no border. Athletic Chambers has become my family, my home away from home. Andrew is my defacto trainer and is always there to cheer me up and congratulate me every time he notices progress in my journey. The gym facilities are amazing. The team always goes for the state of the art equipment and always introduces new toys (equipment) once in a while to make your journey unpredictable. This is exciting. You will never know what you will find in the gym on your next training session. The environment is electrifying. Athletic Chambers is also blessed with friendly staff and a super clean and comfortable gym for everyone, from beginners to professional athletes. I will recommend Athletic Chambers to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle and live a more fulfilling life!
D Lim
D Lim
Trained with Emmanuel who was patient and understanding, and offered good advice to achieve my goals. Cool and chill guy to have as your PT. Gym also has a friendly and down-to-earth vibe - which is wonderful if you are just starting on your fitness journey. Highly recommended, just make sure you don't lose your gains to the good food in the area.
thani v
thani v
Athletic chamber was a fantastic place for me to start working out. Their trainers are very friendly and knowledgable. My trainer Eman, was very chill and always made sure that my goals and objectives were clear and ensured that the training plan was tailored to help achieve my goals! Will definitely recommend and go for their initial consultation to get a clearer picture!
Samuel Leong (lawlzlolx)
Samuel Leong (lawlzlolx)
Viviyan has helped me achieve the goals that I had issues reaching for the longest time. As a PT not only does he help me with my physical needs but also my mental health and my life outside the gym. One of the traits that I really appreciate about Viviyan is that he’s able to guide me on how to mentally prepare myself to do the exercises that we planned to do in or out of the gym. I have some chronic injuries that he always checks up on with me to make sure I am in top condition before any workout. I believe that Viviyan is very all rounded and able to adapt on the fly with regards to how I am as a client. After starting with Viviyan I’ve been happier, my functional movements are better and generally my mental health has improved so much.
Ruth Ong
Ruth Ong
I highly recommend Andrew as a personal trainer, especially for recovering from surgery. I underwent a knee surgery in Mar 2023. From pre-op to post-op, Andrew has been with me, guiding me throughout the recovery process. He's: * A Pro: Andrew provided expert advice on strengthening the targeted muscles needed for a smooth recovery. Whenever I experience pain in any specific muscle group, he will help to relieve the strain via sports massage or teach me some simple stretching poses that I can do at home. * A Listener: He took the time to understand my specific needs and goals, customizing my training plan to match my progress. I’m happy to be able to jog now and maybe play abit of basketball later on. * The Motivator: Andrew knew how to push me without overwhelming me. He created challenging yet achievable routines, helping me to reach my targets without pressure. Being encouraging and humorous, he makes every session a fun one. * A Great Teacher: I've learned so much from Andrew about proper form, exercise variations, and how to listen to my body. This knowledge will be invaluable as I continue my fitness journey. Thanks to Andrew, I'm stronger and more confident to do sports again.
Bastiaan van Opstal
Bastiaan van Opstal
Started personal training with Donny here, superb experience and great progress so far! Excellent expertise paired with great knowledge and customization. He is also very patient and understanding for personal needs and scheduling, along with a great personality. Gym in general has a great vibe and community, owner Andrew and his team make it a great atmosphere. Gym is well-equipped and maintained, always clean and safe! They even have professional physiotherapists and sports massage options, which I haven’t tried yet. All in all a great place to start your personal fitness journey with great people!
Grace Leung
Grace Leung
I've been training with Andrew for years! At the very very start in my not so fit stages, it wasn't exactly something I looked forward to but Andrew has always been very very encouraging. He would always push me to do more than I think I can. I've seen a lot a lot of progress and I really don't think I could have done it without Andrew and coming to Athletic Chamber!
Dee Pasamonte
Dee Pasamonte
My PT and part owner Andrew has helped me a lot with my fitness journey. I highly recommend Athletic Chamber.
Been training with Emmanuel for the past few months and seeing progress in my fitness journey. He is detailed, careful and customises each session to work on different muscles. Thank you!
Shu Shien Lee
Shu Shien Lee
I always looked forward to working out at Athletic Chamber - cosy space with clean and up-to-date equipment, and not to mention the most genuine and encouraging trainers! My PT sessions with Andrew were always enjoyable, with the right dose of challenge to help me meet my goals surely and safely. 10/10 would recommend.

Our Students Are From:

About AO Studies

Our Principal, also our Math Tutor, Chu Wei is a full time tutor with 14 years of experience, specialising in Math from Secondary to JC level. A hardworking and dedicated teacher, Chu Wei inspires his students to do the same and his class has consistently produced stellar results over the years (100% Distinction in Double Math for Class of 2014, 2015 and 2017). Through rigorous drilling and practice and challenging questions, he constantly challenges his students to overachieve and strive for excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really benefit from your teaching process effectively?

The beauty of our teaching process is you doesn’t have to re-learn a new method.

Instead, I focus on providing practical customised support, refining your child’s fundamental weakness at a personal level, and reinforcing his/her foundation with PROVEN, LEGITIMATE school methods which complement the current MOE syllabus.

How fast can I see improvement in my results?

Some of my students take only a short period between Prelim to National Exams to see results.

How big is the size of the class?

Group lessons are capped at a maximum of 12.

Are your fees expensive?

Our tuition fees are highly affordable and competitive compared to other tuition centres.

But you will probably agree with me that if the tuition doesn’t deliver results, it really doesn’t matter how cheap the tuition fee is.

What is included in the fees?

The fees include all on-site/online lessons, physical and e-learning materials, free lounge and any other free consultations/perks from AO Studies.

How is your class conducted?

For our On-site/Online Full option, your child has the flexibility of attending physical classes, or online LIVE Zoom classes. Lessons will be conducted using our in-house materials.

Nearing exam period, your child can book an extra slot to do a mock exam as well. Teachers will then mark the paper individually.

Can we request for a refund if we do not wish to carry on?

This is a No-Risk Investment to you.  

“If for whatever reason, you’re still not happy after turning up for ALL our tuition lessons (in your tuition package), I will refund you 100% of the tuition fee, guaranteed.”

In other words, there is absolutely no risk on your part to see the results we’ve been delivering!

A No-Risk Investment In Your Child's Future

As you can see, AO Studies has the resources, track record and experience to help your child achieve up to 5 grades jump. 

But more importantly, this is a No-Risk Investment to you.  

“If for whatever reason, you're still not happy after attending all our sessions (in your tuition package), I will refund you 100% of the tuition fee. No questions asked. (excluding $80 material fees)

Yes, I am taking on ALL THE FINANCIAL RISKS AND RESPONSIBILITY to uphold my side of the deal.

Slots are highly limited due to small class size. So feel free to register for your class below and I will confirm the date and timing with you:


420 North Bridge Rd, #06-10/11/12,

Singapore 188727